Composite Patio Furniture – Durability and Green-ness

composite patio furniture

Poly lumber furniture stands up well against weather elements like heat and humidity; unlike wood which can warp under direct sunlight and become mouldy when damp. Poly lumber furniture also won’t splinter. Plus it cleans easily using just water or mild cleanser!

Yardbird employs recycled plastic waste and intercepted ocean trash to create its environmentally-friendly outdoor chairs, sofa sets and dining tables.


Considerations should be given when purchasing outdoor furniture, including its materials’ durability and whether or not its parts can withstand all forms of weather conditions. Also important are factors like maintenance needs throughout the year and cost.

Recycled plastic furniture for outdoor use is an economical and long-term choice, made of recycled polyethylene or polypropylene to resist fading and won’t crack or peel over time. Cleaning it with soap and water should do just the trick to keep your outdoor furniture looking brand new! Additionally, recycled plastic furniture is lightweight; many options can even be stacked easily to save space on patios.

Wood-plastic composite, commonly referred to as “polywood,” is another popular option for outdoor furniture that stands up well to moisture and harsh sunlight exposure. Constructed using natural wood fibers combined with thermoplastic resin such as HDPE (high-density polyethylene) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride), polywood is very strong while remaining moisture and UV radiation-proof; moldable into various shapes to fit your outdoor living area perfectly.

Polywood furniture may have a reputation for being delicate, but in reality it is quite sturdy and long-term durable. Perfect for families with young children or pets as it won’t easily be damaged by food spills, polywood furniture requires little more than soapy water to clean it thoroughly.

Concrete outdoor furniture can be found both in minimalist modern environments as a sturdy base for glass top dining or lounge tables, as well as more traditionally rustic environments as an accent material. Concrete is an extremely resilient material; when reinforced with fiberglass or synthetic fiber reinforcement it becomes even more resistant to fading, cracking, and rot.

Stainless steel outdoor furniture can be an exquisite and luxurious choice, yet its durability may be limited. To increase its longevity and protect it from scratches, dent, or rust damage, look for furniture coated in epoxy or powder coating – these finishes should help your metal patio set remain scratch-resistant, dent-proof, rust proof. However, to maximize protection in inclement weather it would still be wise to cover up your stainless steel patio set to prevent potential damages to its structure.

Weather Resistance

When purchasing outdoor furniture for your home, it’s essential to consider the weather conditions in your region. Different materials work better in certain climates; wood may not work in coastal homes with high humidity as moisture can damage them and lead to rot; on the contrary, teak patio chairs offer great resilience against humidity as they keep their shape better than their wooden counterparts.

Phat Tommy’s all-weather poly lumber furniture is made of thick, recycled and eco-friendly plastic that can withstand hot summers and icy winters without cracking under pressure. Additionally, its weather resistance makes it an excellent choice for coastal regions as its strong winds don’t threaten its integrity.

An all-weather outdoor furniture set offers numerous advantages over its counterparts. It can resist sun, rain, sleet, snow, salt spray, chlorine mildew and many other environmental contaminants without needing costly upkeep or power washering – even without damaging its finish! Furthermore, maintenance requirements are low: clean with soap and water only, or use your power washer without fear of ruining its finish!

All-weather furniture is an excellent investment for years to come, thanks to its durability and ease of maintenance. Furthermore, there is a range of colors and styles to suit every taste – so whether it’s modern, contemporary, or classic styles you prefer you’ll surely find what you’re searching for when shopping poly patio furniture!

All-weather plastic furniture is an ideal addition to any home and backyard, providing stylish, durable, easy to care for seating that won’t cost a fortune to maintain. Plus, its eco-friendliness makes it more eco-friendly than other forms of outdoor seating due to being created from recycled materials. When selecting plastic furniture designed to mimic wood grain appearance you can achieve natural aesthetic without stain or paint applications required – not to mention it doesn’t attract insects like traditional wooden patio furniture does while remaining safe thanks to no toxic chemicals being contained within its construction as it doesn’t attract insects while being resistant against rain, wind and saltwater conditions!


Luxury patio furniture requires materials that will retain their integrity through various seasons, climate changes, and daily usage. Though many outdoor materials possess this capability, each material offers distinct strengths and weaknesses.

Outdoor furniture that’s truly designed for use outdoors should be constructed of eco-friendly, easy to maintain materials that can be cleaned efficiently. Many luxury outdoor furniture brands have adopted sustainable manufacturing processes by using biodegradable or recyclable materials certified by environmental organizations as part of their production process.

Recycled plastic is used to craft outdoor furniture such as chairs and tables, often known as polywood. This material offers an alternative to traditional wood, as its color remains true throughout, it won’t crack or peel, doesn’t absorb moisture, resist mold/fungus/stain growth and corrosion protection – making it the perfect material to withstand adverse weather conditions.

Synthetic all-weather wicker furniture makes an excellent addition to luxury outdoor seating arrangements. When constructed over an aluminum frame, this synthetic material is extremely strong and fade-proof while remaining light enough to easily move from place to place. In comparison to natural wicker, synthetic all-weather wicker is nonporous, chemical resistant, puncture resistant and capable of withstanding even harsh sunlight exposure.

Luxury outdoor furniture can also be made from recycled aluminum, steel and salvaged plastics. Emeco’s lightweight 111 Navy Chair was inspired by an aluminum chair used on naval warships in 1944; aluminum may not be as strong as steel but can still be formed into various shapes while remaining light-weight.

Recycled plastics can also be found in cushion and sling seating for luxury patio furniture, including chairs and sofas with padding made from recycled plastics. Padded outdoor chairs and sofas are an essential component of modern backyard lounges; cushioning options vary considerably between brands. While luxury brands opt for high-density foam (such as Polywood’s HDPE) for optimal results, some manufacturers use compressed polyester fiberfill which may retain its shape over time but requires frequent reshaping after each wash cycle.


Composite patio furniture comes in various styles and colors. Constructed of recycled plastic lumber, its raw material is injected into the frame or woven together to form one solid piece. Unlike wooden outdoor furniture, composite will not crack or warp and won’t absorb moisture to become moldy over time – plus its weight means it won’t blow away with the wind like traditional wooden options! When selecting recycled plastic furniture brands (think Band-Aids and Kleenex!), ensure you pick quality brands such as these to protect their name (such as Band-Aids or Kleenex!). However, trademarked names will ensure their name remains protected so as not to damage their brand name (think Band-Aids or Kleenex!). When selecting recycled plastic lumber brands make sure you choose quality brands produced by trusted companies with such trademarked names protected as there are numerous companies producing similar recycled plastic lumber options; many companies produced this type of lumber). For this type of furniture it won’t crack warp crack warp crack warp warp warp crack warp crack warp warp warp warp or warp or moisture absorption prevent mildew mold resistance is resistant against mildew mold growth from mildew mold growth! Furthermore durable, heavy and will resist milde mold growth like traditional wooden outdoor furniture can evenwithstand winds blow away like traditional wooden outdoor furniture (think Band-Aids and Kleenex brand names trademarking the names so to protect their own furniture brands for example when choosing brand recycled lumber companies produce various recycled plastic lumber products to protect its own name for example Band-Aids warp or warp, absorb moisture absorption either, absorb moisture absorption resistance; resistance, absorbs milde mold growth! As it will also resist milde mold growth as well. -IIt resist milde mold resistance makes traditional wooden will blow away like traditional wooden outdoor furniture will remain heavy as traditional wooden outdoor furniture doesn’t blow away like wooden outdoor furniture). So choose quality over traditional wooden outdoor furniture). It won’t blow away in wind!). Kleenen brand trademarkes to keep from blow away). It resist milde/ mold and resist milde mold resistance). &m, etc). It doesnt absorb moisture-res resist milde as it doesn’t blow away in wind when wind too). Its will wear-not blow away due to moisture resistance! & mould resistance!/m mold. It’s durable heavy blow ;

Wicker furniture is a classic outdoor seating and dining option, adaptable to most environments. Manufacturers of wicker outdoor furniture have developed an array of pieces ranging from small accent chairs to full lounge and dining sets crafted out of this durable yet lightweight material. Perfect for napping on sunny afternoons, weekend coffee breaks or hosting visits from family and friends, wicker makes an impressive outdoor statement!

Concrete composite is a sturdy yet timeless material used for building bases for glass top dining and lounge tables as well as sturdy tabletop surfaces atop metal frames. Fibers are sometimes added to make it lighter yet still maintain strength and portability.

Teak wood furniture is an iconic outdoor option that remains relevant today, fitting seamlessly into almost any setting. This durable yet beautiful material can be left to weather naturally into its charming silver gray color or treated with oil or preservatives to maintain its rich colors and textures over time. Care is relatively straightforward as well; teak won’t rot or corrode over time.

Composite furniture can add an exotic, resort-like atmosphere to any backyard setting. Tropitone’s collection was specifically created to evoke that relaxing poolside getaway vibe with bright colors and bold lines that can turn any backyard into an oasis.