Comfort, Style and Relaxation With Family Leisure Patio Furniture

family leisure patio furniture

Family Leisure provides an extensive selection of patio furniture designed to offer comfort, style and relaxation. We take great pride in offering a superior warranty to ensure longevity of our pieces – choose from chaise lounges by the swimming pool or nestle away in quiet corners for optimal relaxation.

Chaise Lounges

Chaise lounges add the perfect finishing touch to any poolside area, providing your family with an inviting spot where they can unwind & unwind comfortably. Chaise lounges differ from sofas by being more reclined – half sitting, half lying down. Chaise lounges make great spots to read in comfort, have brunch with friends or just laze around and soak up some sun.

Woodard offers the Cayman Isle Sling Chaise for contemporary appeal and comfortable lounging experience in any outdoor environment. Crafted of durable yet easy-care fabric, this modern chaise offers contemporary flair while being easy on your wallet! Stylish frame and cushioning come together in harmony for an aesthetically pleasing appearance ideal for swimming pool areas or backyard lounge spaces alike.

Jensen Leisure provides traditional-inspired chaise lounge sets and arrangements in their Opal & Topaz collections for outdoor seating arrangements that feature large pillow seating with stout tables for enjoying SoCal lifestyle. Additionally, dining chairs & benches complete the collection for optimal entertainment purposes.

Jensen Leisure offers the Topaz collection as a modern take on outdoor chaise seating, perfect for relaxing after an afternoon swim in your backyard pool. These chairs are stackable for easy storage when not in use.

Your backyard oasis should feature chaise lounges in fabrics to complement its decor, from button tufted styles upholstered in neutral hues such as gray to sleek accent tables with sleek accent tables and colorful patterned rugs – you are sure to find one or more that match perfectly! For contemporary homes, opt for button tufted styles upholstered in gray tones; when decorating with contemporary furniture choose button tufted styles featuring button tufting. For maximum impact pair these chairs with sleek accent tables and colorful patterned rugs to complete this vibrant space.

If the Aviano chaise lounge from Tommy Bahama catches your eye but you’re unsure how it would fit into your patio design, don’t be intimidated; its versatile sling fabric gives you plenty of options to mix-and-match it with pieces from this collection until it becomes the ideal addition for your backyard retreat. Additionally, consider purchasing matching sectionals to create roomy seating arrangements your family will enjoy for years.

Outdoor Sectionals

Host an outdoor barbeque or spend a leisurely evening alone? Patio sectionals provide the perfect way to unwind. Their versatile modular design enables you to quickly reconfigure them to suit the socializing needs of the moment, from creating cozy conversation nooks or spacious lounge areas suitable for all of your family and friends – or just yourself!

Before choosing between an outdoor sectional and patio couch, take into account your budget, style preferences, patio dimensions and how many people need seating. Based on these answers you may discover which is more suited to your home and patio layout – possibly sofa or sectional!

Outdoor sectionals are built to withstand the elements, so look for features such as rust-free frames and weather-proof cushions that can withstand dirt, spills and UV rays from the sun without showing signs of wear or deterioration. For optimal results, choose cushions made with fade-resistant fabric that’s easy to maintain.

Not only can the fabric used to cover your outdoor furniture’s cushions add functionality, but it can also set the style of your space. Open-weave wicker lends itself well to tropical or coastal decor while linen has classic or contemporary appeal and pairs beautifully with any theme. Teak offers long-term sustainability while also creating a sophisticated ambience perfect for relaxing entertaining guests on patios.

Add some flair to your patio by accessorizing with decorative outdoor throw blankets or rugs that complement or match your new sectional. If your seating arrangement is located in direct sunlight, consider investing in a matching Sunbrella patio umbrella to provide additional shade from the elements.


Wicker patio furniture adds an exquisite and stylish element to any outdoor space, enhancing it with intricate weaving patterns that add beauty. Available in various colors and styles, its durability makes wicker an excellent addition for backyard designs.

Wicker patio sets make an excellent addition to any home, whether for relaxing purposes or dining purposes. Many wicker sets include everything needed to create a cozy outdoor seating area: loveseat, two chairs and coffee table. Furthermore, being lightweight enough, these pieces of patio furniture can easily be moved around whenever necessary or desired; simply switch the configuration whenever desired!

When shopping for a wicker patio set, be sure to select one made from high-quality materials. Aluminum frames provide maximum resistance against rust and corrosion; furthermore, its tight weave should produce an attractive smooth surface finish while being weather-resistant enough to withstand adverse conditions.

Natural rattan should never be left outdoors, but synthetic wicker makes an excellent alternative. Unlike its real world counterpart, synthetic wicker furniture will less likely warp or crack as you use it outdoors – and also looks more realistic! Be sure to purchase from a reputable retailer so that it will stand the test of time!

Wicker furniture can also be easier to maintain. While bird droppings, dust, and debris may accumulate over time, a quick spray with your garden hose should keep it looking brand new! Additionally, keeping extra cushions and pillows on hand so that any worn ones can easily be changed out when necessary is also advantageous.

Wicker furniture is highly adaptable, making it suitable for a range of decor styles and aesthetics. To create a tropical-inspired oasis, pair wicker patio furniture with geometric-patterned outdoor rugs and scatter colorful flowering plants around the yard. Or go more classic: use wicker lounge chairs as centerpieces around a fire table and accessorize with simple outdoor fabrics for an enduring traditional aesthetic.


Aluminum patio furniture is lightweight and rust-proof, making it easy to move around a home’s outdoor area. Plus, its variety of designs matches virtually every decor theme from traditional to modern! For best results when selecting this type of furniture it is crucial to choose a high-quality brand with powder coated finishes baked on for durability that also protects against the elements – perfect for humid and coastal climates!

Aluminum’s versatility as a material allows it to be formed into different shapes and styles, providing plenty of options for those seeking something other than traditional aesthetics. Dining sets and chairs made out of aluminum can come with sleek contemporary designs for an eye-catching modern touch to any outdoor space, while thick gauge extruded aluminum can also be shaped into more classic frames for more classic appearances.

Aluminum furniture may be lightweight but it’s not storm-proof, meaning if customers live in areas with strong winds they should either store their aluminum furniture away from potential danger or invest in ways to secure it against it from being blown away, such as using tethers or anchors to hold down its position and prevent its movement.

Aluminum furniture frames tend to be sturdy enough for daily use, but it’s essential that cushions and slings be fade-resistant or waterproof for the best experience. A faded sling may become discolored over time, while cushions which absorb moisture could lead to mold or mildew growth if left exposed for too long.

One disadvantage of aluminum furniture is its lower strength or density compared to steel, which could pose problems if set up on uneven surfaces. However, this is merely an minor drawback and easily remedied by altering furniture placement or adding supports underneath it – the benefits far outweigh its minor drawbacks and finding furniture suitable to your needs and lifestyle is the main focus.