Colorful Patio Furniture Trends in 2023

Pale hues such as white and gray allow chairs and tables with intricate details to stand out against their background, providing an eye-catching yet non-obtrusive contrast.

Neutral hues offer an effortless connection between your home’s interior and exterior spaces, and make an easy transition for dirt to adhere to lighter tones – for best results, consider durable wicker furniture in lighter tones instead of lighter hues.

Warm Yellow and White

Warm yellows in this welcoming patio set offer an inviting space for relaxation. Pair sofa and arm chairs with an area rug in similar tones for an easy-to-spot base; then add accent pillows and planters featuring vibrant blue or yellow hues for added flair.

Sunflower by Sherwin-Williams pairs nicely with crisp cool white, as seen here on the doors and trim. This hue makes for a relaxing patio without feeling stark; perfect for people who shy away from bold color choices! For something brighter yet similar try Cheerful from Sherwin-Williams; its undertone is similar with more vibrancy!

This patio dining set boasts an industrial aesthetic with its metal frame, yet the vibrant yellow upholstery adds an inviting, relaxed vibe to the room and pairs beautifully with the reddish-brown wood table and surrounding greenery. These colors create an exciting visual contrast and keep this area from feeling heavy or too dark.

At a backyard poolside setting, loungers upholstered with the same yellow fabric as the patio set provide an inviting and comfortable seating option. Their hue also blends seamlessly into their surroundings for an immersive swimming area experience.

On a porch, a classic wood-frame swing chair clad with vibrant yellow fabric enhances the azure blues of nearby foliage and skies while drawing attention to this flower garden’s lush greenery.

Rather than investing in yellow upholstery on your patio furniture, try painting it a warm neutral tone like Sherwin-Williams Sandstone as an easy and cost-effective solution that looks beautiful with any decor style. The Sandstone shade from Sherwin-Williams provides just this opportunity!

An inviting spa blue and sunshine yellow color combination makes for an inviting patio. By matching the hues on your furniture to those of the flowers in your garden, you’ll create an eye-catching yet serene retreat. Extend this color theme even further inside by painting indoor/outdoor stools in this hue or placing yellow and blue planters outside for some added flare!

Chill Blues

Vibrant blue is an iconic patio furniture hue, offering versatility and calming properties. When selecting an emerald green conversation set and palm frond rug or dark blue sectional, vibrant hues pair beautifully with rich browns to create a balanced aesthetic. Bright oranges and yellows also work beautifully in tropical decor settings while cool purple hues bring relaxation and restful sleep to any outdoor lounge space.

If you enjoy hosting parties, consider selecting chic teak bar tables and stools with deep brown finishes for an elegant appearance. Or perhaps a natural wood or wicker bar set adorned with rich coffee-colored finishes would provide the perfect focal point.

Jungle-Like Foliage

Jungle garden styles feature foliage as the star attraction. Instead of flowers, this style showcases large bold leaf shapes and exotic colours; evergreen shrubs provide framework for this look while perennials provide seasonal color with flashes of blooms punctuated by evergreen branches. A pond or water feature would further lend itself to creating this immersive feel and making your outdoor space the ideal spot to unwind and unwind.

To achieve a jungle effect in your garden, dense planting is key and using plants with different foliage is ideal. Start by adding tall varieties as canopies to form an overhead shaded canopy; beneath that place shade-loving varieties below that make for the ultimate jungle effect! Closely spacing plants mimics nature as you imitate its natural growth into an evergreen forest!

Tropical plants make the ideal additions to a jungle garden, thanks to their wide, lush leaves that create the illusion of rainforest foliage. Banana (Musa spp), Elephant’s Ear (Colocasia spp), and Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae) plants are among those best suited to achieve such effects when planted together in groups or clusters to form dense planting schemes with diverse planting schemes.

Jungle gardens are also great spaces to use tropical plants such as bamboo (Fargesia rufa), Rodgersia elegans and Japanese Forest grass (Hakonechloa macra). All three feature stunning architectural leaves that complement dark-leaved plants in any planting scheme based on this theme.

Nandina domestica ‘Golden Glow’ can be grown either clumped at the base of bamboos or as part of a mixed planting with other taller plants, and needs moist conditions with adequate organic matter and regular watering to establish itself quickly.

Tree Ferns (Dicksonia antartica) and Fig Trees (Ficus carica) can also be grown successfully in a jungle garden, both providing excellent shade-loving options. Both thrive when planted among other shade-loving foliage plants such as Colocasia Pink China or Tetrapanax Rex; later of which will even offer tasty autumn berries! Besides providing ground cover benefits.

Relaxing Purples

No matter the tone you prefer for outdoor living spaces, vibrant blues remain an outstanding trend in 2023 patio furniture color trends, offering versatility and soothing qualities to outdoor areas. When combined with neutral accents like beige or gray throw pillows they create a balanced look while soft pink hues provide romantic charm for your outdoor entertainment areas.

Sunny orange patio furniture color trends add warmth and energy to any outdoor space. To incorporate these vibrant hues, try adding an orange dining table or chairs, as well as an orange patterned rug to your design scheme.

With these tips in mind, selecting the appropriate colors for patio furniture may seem a daunting task; but with our help you’re on the path towards creating an enticing and welcoming backyard retreat. So get shopping Purple Leaf today – they offer an impressive selection of dining tables, chairs, sofas, recliners and more to help get you started on creating your beautiful oasis in your own backyard!