Coastal Patio Furniture Brings a Relaxed, Seaside Atmosphere to Your Home

No matter where your home lies along the coast or beyond, coastal patio furniture adds an air of relaxation and exuberance to any outdoor space. Typically featuring natural materials that reflect ocean colors, coastal patio furniture creates an authentic seaside aesthetic in any outdoor space.

Choose furniture designed to withstand coastal environments when choosing furniture, such as aluminum and cast aluminum furniture that resists rusting, while teak has natural oils which protect from moisture intrusion.


Materials used in patio furniture construction are crucial in any outdoor setting, but especially so in coastal environments. Salty sea air and humidity can wreak havoc on even well-made furniture if it’s not constructed from weather-resistant, long-term durable materials that won’t need much upkeep over time. By choosing durable weatherproof materials that require less upkeep than others, choosing durable patio furnishings will last years with minimum upkeep requirements.

There are various materials used in coastal patio furniture, each offering their own advantages and disadvantages. Wood is an inviting material that adds classic charm, but moisture may damage its surfaces; therefore it should never come directly into contact with water sources. Metal furniture can make for an excellent addition to marine environments; just be sure that any pieces purchased will withstand corrosion from salty air and humid conditions. Wrought iron furniture may be an attractive option, but must be treated regularly with rust inhibitors to maintain its condition and may need repainting periodically. Aluminum furniture offers superior corrosion resistance against salty sea air and humidity conditions. Teak is another durable choice which resists weather damage for decades of exposure to humidity, salty air, and sunlight.

Synthetic wicker furniture can also make an excellent coastal addition, though to get maximum performance it must be constructed using polyethylene or HDPE instead of PVC which degrades over time. Look for pieces with UV protection to withstand sunlight damage.

When purchasing coastal patio furniture, it can often be easier to opt for an entire set of matching pieces rather than purchasing individual pieces individually. That way, you can ensure all the pieces match in terms of size and style; this is especially helpful if you’re furnishing an existing deck or patio, providing it with a seamless look ready to host entertaining events and provide relaxation spaces with family and friends.

Once you’ve selected furniture for your coastal patio, there are a few additional touches you can add to increase its comfort and aesthetic appeal. Throw pillows and table lamps can make the area cozier; an outdoor rug adds color and can unify the ensemble of seating pieces.


Cushions on wicker furniture are an integral component of both its aesthetic and comfort, so choosing fabric that can resist sun damage and fade as well as salt water or coastal elements like mildew can make all the difference in terms of aesthetic and functionality. Some fabric types even act as waterproof covers for your piece!

Consider your outdoor space when selecting fabric for your cushion, whether matching its colors or creating a striking contrast. Also take thickness into account; thicker cushions provide more support and may even decrease thickness by featuring tufting or buttons – however these details add an aesthetic element while potentially decreasing thickness.

Foam or padding is another essential part of a comfortable and attractive patio chair. Choose a high-quality outdoor-grade foam to prevent moisture seepage into the cushion that could eventually cause it to swell or harden over time, keeping you sitting comfortably outdoors all year round. Similarly, look for waterproof padding materials which prevent excess sweating that would lead to soggy cushions over time.

Choose a chair cushion featuring Dacron wrap layer to add extra comfort to your seating experience, with this material providing better wear, softness, appearance and wrinkle control. Furthermore, this layer is attached and sandwiched between solid urethane foam core for additional support and stability.

If you already own a set of wicker furniture, enhancing it with replacement cushions is an easy and affordable way to update your seating options. Customize thickness, style and fabric as per your liking for a fresh new look that complements both existing furniture and the outdoor environment. If unsure which fabric or cushion color best matches up with existing items or the outdoor environment – consult sales staff from patio furniture stores in San Francisco who can offer recommendations based on style preferences and expected usage as well as show samples of different fabrics that could best meet needs – they could show samples that can help determine which is right.

Seating Options

Coastal living brings tranquil vibes and natural elements into your home, so selecting seating that echoes this theme is essential. From lounge chairs and sofas to tables and tables there are various seating solutions available that will both look stylish and be comfortable at once – adding seating to a coastal patio is both stylish and practical!

Woven furniture is an ideal option for coastal dining spaces, offering natural textures combined with lightweight aesthetic. Wicker also stands up well against moisture and salty air exposure, making it one of the more durable materials on offer. Wood is another popular outdoor seating choice that creates an earthier aesthetic in your coastal home, perfect for creating more natural vibes in any outdoor seating arrangement from traditional to vintage-inspired looks.

Metal outdoor furniture makes an excellent coastal seating solution, as its durable metal frames are coated to protect them against rust and corrosion. Furthermore, many pieces feature coastal styling in their design by including soft curves or tailored details to perfectly complement your beach house.

For an alternative seating solution, try a reclining chair or chaise lounge. Perfect for relaxing on coastal decks and patios while working on your tan while taking in the scenery, some even come equipped with handy side tables to store drinks or snacks!

If you’re planning a backyard barbecue or dinner party, add a dining table. Since coastal climates tend to be windy, make sure the table you select can withstand its elements – coastal-style dining tables often feature classic woods like teak or eucalyptus for lasting aesthetic.

As much as the waves and seagulls make the beach experience unforgettable, once the sun has set you’ll want to continue enjoying its natural surroundings into the night. A fire pit table makes an excellent way to do just that without producing smoke or soot and is simple to set up and clean up after each use.

Coastal Style

Coastal patio furniture brings both style and comfort to any oceanfront home. These pieces often take into account that coastal climates can be windy, and damage unprotected furnishings. Aluminum and wicker are popular choices as lightweight yet sturdy materials that can withstand salty, humid weather and corrosion caused by seawater spray or sand exposure. Furthermore, both provide designs to meet any coastal aesthetic. Wood, including teak and cedar planks, offers another durable yet inviting choice that offers warmth. Marine grade teak can withstand coastal environments while some pieces come equipped with fade-resistant upholstery fabrics for additional sun protection.

Finding the ideal outdoor furniture for a beach house can be challenging, with numerous choices to select from. But finding what works takes time and requires careful consideration – coastal homes require durable materials that withstand direct contact with salt water, humidity and strong winds without being damaged or being blown away by strong gusts.

Coastline style can be defined in various ways; generally speaking it encompasses natural and nautical themes. Some people incorporate elements like driftwood or bleached wood finishes into their furniture pieces to evoke beach life; whereas others choose vibrant hues like turquoise or coral to complete this aesthetic.

No matter where you reside, creating a seaside oasis is easy with the appropriate outdoor furniture for coastal houses. From classic wicker sets and simple wooden benches, to elaborate pieces like an ornate bird feeder or bath, Cottage & Bungalow’s carefully curated selection of coastal outdoor furniture has everything needed to turn any patio into a relaxing yet stylish oasis. No matter your gardening goals are – Cottage & Bungalow has all of the lawn tools, pest solutions, power equipment and outdoor furniture necessary to achieve them successfully!