Coastal Patio Furniture

coastal patio furniture

Home furnishings in coastal environments must withstand salty air and high winds, so look for outdoor pieces resistant to corrosion, fading, and mildew build up.

Mix-and-match patio sets provide flexibility of style and individual expression. Teak furniture features classic aesthetic that will withstand weather while providing an inviting ambiance.


Cushions are an integral component of any outdoor furniture set, providing both comfort and style while adding color and contrast. When shopping for coastal patio furniture, however, it is vital to select cushion material that can withstand saltwater breezes and high humidity levels present in coastal environments.

Cotton canvas patio furniture cushions are an affordable and classic choice, yet susceptible to fading and mildew when exposed to elements. For something more durable, consider solution-dyed acrylic cushions which resist both staining and mildew growth and offer easy cleaning capabilities – making it an excellent option in coastal climates.

Cushion fabrics are certainly important when purchasing coastal furniture, but it’s equally essential to take into account the frame materials of each piece you consider. Aluminum and wicker pieces offer durability with little maintenance required, yet may not withstand saltwater environments or humid climates well. Wooden furniture adds warmth and inviting ambience; Cedar and teak species in particular have proven resistant to moisture retention as well as being rot-proof options.

If you’re shopping for coastal patio furniture, be sure to browse the Breezesta Coastal collection of premium recycled poly. With multiple color choices perfect for beach-themed spaces and luxuriously comfortable backs and seats for relaxing reclines, every piece in our Coastal collection provides maximum satisfaction when paired with high-quality foam fill and Sunbrella Acrylic Cotton fabrics for optimal results.


When purchasing furniture for your coastal home, it is important to take both style and durability into account. Due to harsh environmental conditions such as salt air and humidity, furniture may quickly deteriorate if made from inferior materials. When shopping for coastal patio furniture, choose pieces constructed of metal or aluminum pieces, synthetic wicker, or hardwood like teak that will withstand weather challenges over time.

Wood outdoor wooden furniture adds timeless style and resilience to coastal homes, outlasting fabrics when it comes to water damage, rusting and warping. Teak and cedar wood species naturally resist water, with added protection available through natural oil coatings that help repel it further while prolonging its beauty. For optimal outdoor wooden furniture enjoyment choose teak or cedar for its water resistance properties – further prolong its longevity!

Teak wood does not require regular refinishing to maintain its beauty; over time it naturally oxidizes into a silvery-gray hue and becomes more resistant to moisture than most wood types. Due to its dense and strong construction, teak patio furniture makes an excellent choice for coastal patio settings where climate conditions and humidity levels vary considerably.

Synthetic wicker furniture is another ideal choice for coastal homes, and more durable than its rattan counterpart. Woven from synthetic fibers woven together tightly, synthetic wicker offers strong yet comfortable seating designed to withstand humidity found at beachfront properties. When selecting synthetic wicker for your home, look for products using all-weather resin that is resistant to UV light fading while not rusting or correriding under exposure to salt air and humidity.

To achieve a modern and contemporary beach look, select furniture made of wrought iron or aluminum that won’t rust in salty air, humid conditions and intense sun exposure. These pieces come in various colors and styles to fit in with existing decor pieces; plastic offers lightweight sophistication that looks like wood while not degrading as quickly in sunlight exposure.

Metal & Aluminum

For coastal environments, selecting furniture must withstand salty sea air and humidity. Thankfully, there are numerous stylish yet sturdy options that fit the bill; aluminum is typically chosen as it resists corrosion better than steel and wrought iron furniture; for even greater protection look for powder-coated aluminum furniture which will prevent rust and moisture damage to frames and materials.

Stainless steel can also be used to craft metal frame chairs and tables, with careful attention paid to its chromium content; certain grades can corrode more quickly than others. Along with being durable, its sleek lustrous appearance makes stainless steel an excellent choice for modern industrial designs; however it weighs more than aluminum and cannot be manipulated as easily to produce intricate ornate designs.

Teak furniture is another favorite among coastal furniture enthusiasts. Made of tropical hardwood, teak is highly resistant to moisture and rot damage; however, maintenance must still be performed regularly to keep it looking its best. Eucalyptus and Acadia trees also make highly durable outdoor furnishings.

While purchasing an entire furniture set may be tempting, individual pieces are also an effective way to add character and flair to your outdoor living area. Patio umbrellas, pillows and rugs can help unify the design of your outdoor design scheme.

Buying coastal patio furniture sets is a convenient and cost-effective way of getting everything you need in one go and ensures they will all match in terms of style and scale. Although purchasing one may cost more upfront, in the long run you’ll only need to replace one or two pieces at a time as opposed to having to replace an entire ensemble at once.


Wicker furniture offers timeless style to complement either the rustic farmhouse feel or coastal cottage aesthetic, lending itself to both. Woven strands come in various sizes, materials and colors from traditional rattan weaves to treated synthetic weaves, adding handmade flair. Choose a dining table or sofa lounge set constructed with wicker for an authentic handmade flair and then accent with pillows in bold blue or turquoise tones for a nautical theme or muted neutrals to achieve natural seaside aesthetic.

Wicker furniture tends to feature lighter frames than pieces with solid frames, making them easier to transport and transport more frequently. Aluminum frames may help protect them against salty air or harsh sunlight exposure and ensure corrosion doesn’t occur quickly or repeatedly. Many wicker seating sets include cushions that can be stored away when not needed and come in an assortment of fabric choices that make for convenient removal for storage when not required – providing the ideal foundation for an outdoor living room space!

If selecting a natural rattan or bamboo wicker piece, be sure to inspect its strands for signs of damage or wear and tear. Look for tight, well-woven strands with plenty of texture and natural variation; large gaps or smooth, shiny strands could indicate low-quality materials; for synthetic options look for outdoor wickers made with high density polyethylene resin or another weatherproof resin material.

Wicker furniture is a classic coastal choice, popular among beach homes and condos alike. The soft yet lightweight material creates an airy ambience in any outdoor living space while durable construction and comfortable cushions ensure guests will love lounging around your backyard. A wicker dining table and chairs make a stylish statement while comfy wicker sectionals provide convenient spots to unwind after a busy day on the deck. When choosing quality brand wicker furnishings to purchase for your patio space or deck area. To maximize value for your money invest in furniture from reliable manufacturers that stand behind their products with warranties or replacement parts so that you get maximum return for your investment.