Coastal Patio Furniture

Coastline environments can be particularly hostile for outdoor furniture. Salty air not only makes chairs and sofas unpleasant to sit in, but it can also damage surfaces over time.

In order to minimize damage from corrosion caused by salty sea air, opt for furniture made of strong yet weatherproof materials like aluminum and cast aluminum; both of which are waterproof. Teak and resin wicker may also provide enough resilience in all climate conditions.

Metal and Aluminum

When purchasing coastal patio furniture sets, it’s essential that the material chosen can withstand salty air and humid climates in your area. Metal and aluminum are both excellent choices that resist corrosion while remaining non-rusting when exposed to ocean spray or rainwater.

These resilient materials are lightweight yet easy to rearrange or store, making them the ideal choice for beach house living. In addition, these protective fabrics offer superior moisture management as well as UV ray protection in coastal regions.

Stainless steel outdoor furniture makes an excellent addition to any garden, as its sleek appearance and nonrusting properties will stand the test of time with proper maintenance. Welding can be more challenging than aluminum; as such it may not be suitable for creating intricate frames. Furthermore, stainless steel tends to be more costly but its sturdy nature means it should last years with proper care and upkeep.

Aluminium is an economical and versatile choice for outdoor furniture, as its malleability enables it to mimic other materials such as wrought iron and teak wood. Furthermore, it can be coated with UV-resistant paints to protect it from fading in sunlight. There are two primary forms of aluminum used in outdoor furniture – tubular and cast. Tubular aluminum chairs and tables often fold for easier transportation and lighter cushions can support them more than cast aluminum sets can – while cast aluminum offers greater support – ideal for coastal furniture sets that need greater stability due to heavier cushions being supported on its more substantial construction.

These aluminum varieties are weather-resistant, rustproof, and easy to maintain. When purchasing powder-coated sets they will also remain fade-resistant over time – applied under high heat so as to never erode or chip with continued use or exposure to elements.

Those living in areas susceptible to coastal storms should invest in metal or aluminum patio sets to help mitigate against heavy winds and blowing debris, while also anchoring them to the ground to prevent them from being dislodged and destroyed during a storm. Tether or anchor furniture securely so it does not become loose during a storm and risk becoming damaged during its passage.


Teak furniture brings classic sophistication to any outdoor setting. Crafted of naturally beautiful grooved and textural surfaces infused with moisture-resistant oils for extra weather resistance, teak is a fantastic choice for coastal environments prone to salt water exposure, wind gusts and humidity – not to mention its long lifespan compared to wood furniture options like cedar or pine patio sets.

Make the most out of outdoor entertaining or dining space with Royal Teak P128 Coastal Deep Seating 7-Piece Patio Conversation Set featuring Seating, Rectangular Coffee Table, Square Side Tables & Sunbrella Cushions to create a relaxing lounge or dining experience. Made of solid teak frames with mortise and tenon joints for stability; stylish chairs feature stylish slatted wood designs to complete its beachy aesthetic; while outdoor-rated cushions add comfort.

At Coastal Spa & Patio, our collection of coastal patio furniture will transform your backyard into your own little slice of paradise. Find outdoor chairs, sofas, loveseats and benches in soothing sandy neutrals as well as blue, green and grey hues for that vacation-like vibe. Additionally, find durable lounge and dining sets designed to withstand oceanside conditions like salt water spraying on surfaces as well as humidity from rising tides – these will all help make for an idyllic outdoor living space!


If your coastal home sits in a windy location, lounge and dining furniture that can withstand strong breezes is essential. Also essential is selecting materials like aluminum and stainless steel frames which will protect from corrosion of salt air while cushioning it with long-wearing fabrics that keep it looking its best for years.

Wicker furniture offers a warm and welcoming aesthetic that works beautifully in coastal home design. This type of outdoor furniture often showcases natural elements with soothing hues of blue, green, and grey for an inviting coastal aesthetic. Wicker is a durable material that stands up well against harsh coastal environments such as sun exposure, sand erosion, and waves – the perfect match!

When searching for coastal patio wicker furniture, it is essential that high-quality pieces that are constructed from weather-resistant synthetic resin are selected. PVC plastic wicker can quickly become brittle and crack under pressure from sand, salt air, and moisture; look instead for resin wicker which has been hand woven around aluminum or stainless steel frames with UV protection to avoid fabric fading over time.

Enhance the beauty of your coastal wicker furniture with matching throw pillows and tablecloths for an seamless appearance in your exterior living space. Their textured patterns will further highlight its colors while adding movement in your backyard, reflecting its seaside atmosphere.

Wicker coastal patio furniture may be the go-to choice for beach house designs, but other seating options exist that can work just as effectively in coastal environments. Metal and aluminum chairs are lightweight yet sturdy enough to withstand coastal winds without succumbing to corrosion over time – plus these styles of outdoor furniture come in an array of styles that match virtually every decor in any home!

Alternative Seating Materials

If you plan on spending much time outside, having durable and comfortable coastal patio furniture is essential. When selecting material types that resist moisture and salty air as well as corrosion elements like rust and mildew is ideal; other materials can even be treated to increase their waterproof qualities to make them even better suited to coastal locations.

Stainless steel, wrought iron and aluminum patio furniture make excellent options for coastal patio spaces. Each material offers distinct benefits and styles; consider which will best complement your outdoor space and decor – for instance wrought iron may offer more traditional aesthetics while powder-coated metal furniture offers greater durability in harsher climate conditions.

Wooden furniture can withstand the rigors of coastal environments thanks to dense hardwoods like teak, eucalyptus and acacia that resist damage from moisture and humidity. Softer woods such as pine may rot or succumb to mildew quickly. Wicker is another popular choice as its distinctive texture and strong build make it suitable for coastal patio furniture sets.

Wicker comes in both natural and synthetic materials, with synthetic varieties often being more durable and easier to maintain than their natural counterparts. Furthermore, synthetic options come with many more colors and styles compared to their natural counterparts – perfect for creating stylish seaside retreats without breaking your budget!

Plastic and polyethylene materials have become increasingly popular for outdoor furniture due to their durability and affordability. They can withstand all weather conditions including high temperatures and UV rays as well as being treated with water-repellant finishes to enhance saltwater resistance.

Another great choice for patio and deck furniture is composite decking and patio furniture made of synthetic resins combined with wood chips, with certain manufacturers using additives such as colorants, couplers and lubricants to both improve its appearance and ensure its durability.