Choosing Uttermost Lighting for Your Home

Uttermost provides a selection of decor items such as table lamps and rugs at our La-Z-Boy Ottawa & Kingston stores. Their pieces are known for incorporating original styles with high-quality materials to provide you with timeless pieces for any space in your home.

Bob and Belle Cooper established the company in 1975. It has its headquarters in Rocky Mount, Virginia as well as a factory in China and an advanced West Coast distribution center.

Floor lamps

Floor lamps are an easy and stylish way to bring vertical style and function into any room, be it brightening dark corners, lighting a sitting area or providing illumination in an office. Choose from an extensive variety of styles and designs until you find one that best complements your decor. Choose a shade that complements the decor and furniture in your space, such as choosing a metal floor lamp with an eye-catching design for modern or contemporary spaces, while traditional settings could benefit from selecting wood or brass lamps instead. Size should also be taken into account when selecting a lamp for any space, from large rooms to small. A smaller lamp might get lost among large furnishings while larger lights might overshadow nearby furnishings. Delightfull has an amazing range of adjustable floor lights in all sizes to meet this need!

Floor lamps not only serve as versatile lighting sources, but can also add visual interest and sculptural beauty to your decor. Pairing floor lamps with table lamps, chandeliers and sconces will create an eye-catching ensemble in any room; and can even help showcase artwork or decorative features within it.

There are various styles of floor lamps to choose from, such as arc, torchiere and reading lamps. Each variety offers its own set of advantages; ambient or task lighting may be provided as needed by different models, while others serve more decorative purposes such as those resembling dragonflies or steampunk-inspired machines can make great conversation pieces.

No matter your style, there is a floor lamp out there perfect for you. From materials and designs to shapes that match any aesthetic preference, there’s sure to be one perfect for you in our extensive selection. Using multiple floor lamps together in one room creates a cohesive aesthetic while their portability makes them an excellent solution for busy homes and offices. Plus, unlike ceiling-mounted fixtures they don’t require professional installation services saving both time and money; Plus if redecorating comes along they can easily be swapped out if need be!

Table lamps

Table lamps are an integral component of room ambiance, playing a vital part in creating the desired ambience for any room. From reading or relaxing at home to working at your computer or simply adding an elegant decorative touch – table lamps offer ample light sources that are great sources of illumination in all these activities and more! Unlike floor or chandelier lights, table lamps can easily fit into most spaces as accent lighting.

Though table lamps can make an elegant and useful addition to any room, they should only be used as part of an overall lighting strategy. By themselves, table lamps may lead to overuse and flickering due to either loose bulbs or ones nearing their expiry dates – if your lamp is experiencing this issue, try tightening and replacing the bulbs as needed.

Finding the ideal table lamp for your space begins by finding one with a style that complements both your furniture and overall decor. The base should complement its lamp shade; you have your pick between wood, metal, ceramic or glass bases. Lampshades should fit seamlessly with their bases – making sure that a larger shade doesn’t overwhelm its proportions and diminish its visual appeal.

Other considerations when purchasing table lamps include their usage and care requirements. You should keep the lamp base clean to prevent overheating or damage to its shade/liner, while most lamps feature screw-in light bulbs which can be replaced as needed – be they LED, full spectrum, or LED full spectrum bulbs – however it is important to select an appropriate wattage level as higher wattages will heat up more quickly and may damage its socket or liner.

Nightstand lamps provide a comfortable way to read or relax before bed. A pair of table lamps makes a beautiful accent in any living room sofa or sideboard and can even come equipped with dimmable switches for additional control. If your surface area allows, create table lamp displays using vignettes with personal keepsakes in each nook – truly personal table lamps make life better!


Chandeliers are among the most opulent of lighting fixtures, adding an air of royalty to any space they adorn. While they make for ideal focal points in dining rooms and foyers, chandeliers also make an elegant statement in bedrooms or any room with high ceilings. There are numerous styles available so finding one to match your decor shouldn’t be hard! These elegant light fixtures have a long and storied history as candleholders before becoming extravagant works of art known by other names like candelabra lamps or even girandoles/candelabra lamps during these centuries-long displays of wealth or status.

Modern chandeliers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, featuring elements like wrought iron, wood, glass and crystal. Their versatility means they can match almost any decorative style imaginable – from romantic Rococo revival to Art Deco minimalism or Tiffany elegance – making the design process both easy and exciting! Plus, chandeliers can be as elaborate or minimal as desired.

chandeliers offer many practical advantages beyond their aesthetic appeal, such as motion sensors that turn on lights when someone enters a room – great for people who tend to forget or conserve energy! Additionally, chandeliers can be equipped with dimmers so you can control how much light is seen within each room.

Chandeliers come in various styles and shapes, and it is important to select one with proportionate proportions to your space. A smaller chandelier might look out of place in a larger area while over-sized ones will fill up too much of the room. You should also take into consideration which bulbs will provide maximum energy savings.

Chandeliers tend to take up more ceiling space than table or floor lamps, which may pose problems in smaller homes where space is at a premium. However, there are ways of mitigating this loss through pendant lamps or wall sconces which may help save some precious real estate.

Wall sconces

Wall sconces are among the most beloved forms of lighting, and it’s easy to understand why. These versatile fixtures can illuminate entryways, highlight artwork in dining rooms or bedrooms and even help create an intimate ambience in bedrooms. Plus, their minimalistic design makes them less intrusive than floor or table lamps – which makes them the ideal solution for rooms where children or pets might accidentally knock one over!

Sconces can provide both ambient and task lighting, making them a useful focal point in bedrooms or dining rooms. Sconces with dimmers are particularly helpful in creating different moods or scenes in these environments; dimmers also make for great options when decorating bathrooms as dim lighting can create an intimate, relaxing setting while highlighting artwork or vanity mirrors.

As you explore this collection, you’ll discover an array of stylish sconces with various finishes to match the decor in your home – polished nickel, brass and oil-rubbed bronze are available if that suits better; or try more neutral matte white or black options instead – some even feature matching candle shades to complete the look!

When selecting sconces, it’s essential to think about how much light is necessary. Adjustable arm sconces offer greater control, helping direct their light exactly where needed. Furthermore, this type of wall-mounted fixture uses less electricity to illuminate an area than traditional table or floor lamps do.

Shade design plays a pivotal role in sconce design. Some designs omit a shade altogether while others use glass or metal shades to reflect and amplify light, or fabric shades which offer more cozy comfort in various colors.

Plug-in wall sconces are among the easiest lighting fixtures to install, as they mount like picture frames and feature an electrical cord equipped with an outlet plug that you can easily run to an outlet nearby. They’re an excellent solution if your current electrical wiring doesn’t support multiple sconces well; however, for your safety’s sake you should always hire an electrician when adding new lighting – this helps avoid potential accidents!