Choosing the Right Patio Furniture Fabric for Your Outdoor Furniture

patio furniture fabric

Selecting the ideal patio furniture fabric for your outdoor furniture is essential in maintaining its beauty and enduring use. Different fabrics have different properties that suit different climates or personal preferences, and must also meet applicable safety regulations.

Olefin synthetic fiber makes an excellent choice for rainy environments as it dries quickly and is resistant to mildew, making this synthetic material simple to care for and clean up after.


Acrylic fabric makes an excellent addition to outdoor furniture because it’s soft, comfortable, and easy to care for. Mold and mildew resistance is another perk if children or animals will be using your furniture regularly. Acrylic’s wide color range ranges from traditional solids to bold patterns – and you may even find textile blends featuring both polyester and acrylic for additional durability and comfort.

Spun polyester upholstery fabric comes in various colors and patterns, making it a good choice for patio furniture as it’s both affordable and can withstand prolonged sun exposure. Overexposure could result in faded fabric over time; to preserve its color for the longest possible use, move furniture into shaded areas when possible or cover it with UV spray protection sprays when possible.

Olefin fabric offers another excellent fabric option. Crafted of synthetic fiber with a wool-like feel and built to withstand rainstorms, this quick-drying synthetic will not succumb to mildew growth if your area experiences frequent rainfall. Plus, cleaning it is much simpler with bleach as any household cleaner works effectively against mildew growth!

Solution-dyed acrylic cushions are one of the most sought-after choices when shopping for outdoor cushions, as this process ensures all fibers are saturated with color before weaving the fabrics, helping prevent fade. Sunbrella fabrics – which we offer at Neighbor’s Home as outdoor cushions – are made with solution-dyed acrylic material, making it thicker and heavier than other forms of upholstery, less likely to blow away on windy days and storms, heat sensitive so should always be line dried or stored in fabric chests to protect it against high temperatures.

Spun Polyester

Spun polyester fabric can add vibrant patterns and textures to outdoor cushions with ease. This all-weather material comes in an array of nautical stripes, tropical blossoms and botanical leaves; solid hues such as ivory, beige or oatmeal provide more classic looks. However, if your outdoor furniture is constantly exposed to direct sunlight then other materials may provide better UV damage resistance than spun polyester does.

Spun polyester all-weather fabric is created by weaving yarn made of normal polyester fibers into fabric that can withstand daily wear and tear, such as patio accent pillows in areas with minimal sun exposure or protecting it with UV spray or covering when not in use. As with acrylic linen, spun polyester offers a smooth yet firm fabric at a reasonable cost that’s also relatively inexpensive to produce, though its absorbency may not wick away rainwater and sweat as efficiently. However, due to being flammable it should never be placed near open flames or heat sources when in use!

Olefin fabric may not breathe as freely, but its durability makes up for that in many other aspects. It resists mildew growth and is easy to clean – perfect for people who tend to spill or splash their outdoor cushion covers! However, like its polyester counterparts, olefin may have plastic-like characteristics so it should only be used in areas without direct sunlight.

Woven olefin fabric is solution dyed before manufacturers weave it into cushion fabric, guaranteeing its color will withstand frequent washings and the elements. This durable fabric exhibits excellent abrasion resistance and displays exceptional dimensional stability even in high-pressure applications like sling furniture. Furthermore, its mold, mildew and bacteria resistance means you don’t have to worry about washing off or fading with time – Microban technology infused directly into its fabric ensures its protection will stand the test of time!

Sling Chairs

Sling chairs patio furniture is a type of woven outdoor seating that combines durable, long-wearing sling fabric with a lightweight aluminum frame for optimal durability and easy maintenance, creating a beautiful modern aesthetic and stackability for storage purposes. Ideal for poolside seating or smaller outdoor dining spaces. And with no regular upkeep necessary they make an excellent commercial option!

Sling chairs are both sturdy and comfortable, offering multiple color choices to complement the decor of your home. Sling fabric also allows air to circulate through its mesh material for maximum ventilation in hot environments, making these chairs an excellent choice.

Sling furniture’s main advantage lies in its speed of drying time; water passes directly through its mesh material and doesn’t accumulate, unlike with other forms like wicker or iron furniture. Plus, sling furniture is very tough and resilient if tensioned correctly; it can withstand heavy use as well as weather changes!

Most sling chairs feature a powder coated finish to resist corrosion, extending their longevity for many years to come. In fact, some manufacturers such as Harmonia Living have been making these durable chairs for over a decade, earning high praise from customers due to their teak and woven varieties that stand the test of time and quality construction.

Sling chairs feature durable cast aluminum frames that will not rust or corrode over time, and typically media blasted to prevent chipping and scratches that might arise in normal use. Most also come equipped with non-marking nylon glides that protect flooring surfaces.

Patio Furniture Supplies offers replacement sling material in several color choices and it is simple and straightforward to replace any worn out or torn sections with ease. Sunbrella Sling, Textilene, and Phifertex Plus vinyl mesh fabrics provide long-term seating comfort; Phifertex Plus features Microban antimicrobial protection to safeguard against chlorine exposure and mildew growth for added peace of mind.


When selecting outdoor cushions, select fabric that can withstand all forms of weather conditions. Frontgate outdoor fabrics like Sunbrella are specifically made to withstand rain and sunshine alike; alternatively you may also find fade-resistant options from other manufacturers.

Foam patio furniture cushions should utilize marine-grade foam that drains quickly and resists mildew growth for optimal comfort. Furthermore, fabric covers and filling should allow airflow within the cushion for maximum air circulation and ventilation.

Olefin fabric is an excellent choice for outdoor fabrics as it is water resistant and draws away moisture quickly from cushions, less likely to pill than acrylic or polyester-blends, and dries faster as well. When cleaning olefin, follow manufacturer care instructions; generally speaking it’s best to line dry without heat but you may tumble dry it with gentle or no heat instead. When ironing, always iron at a low temperature possible to ensure best results.

Many outdoor fabrics feature UV protection to extend their longevity over time and keep furniture looking its best over time, slowing the natural fading process due to sunlight exposure. When selecting fabric with this property, be sure to purchase extra UV protection for pillows and throws.

Cleaning and maintaining outdoor furniture properly is also key in avoiding mildew or mould issues. When it comes to cushions, shake off as much excess moisture as possible before letting them air dry fully before returning them for use. If they have removable covers or liners, machine washing with cold or warm water and mild laundry detergent should work; you can either line dry them or allow them to air dry depending on fabric care instructions.

If your cushions aren’t being regularly used, it is a smart move to store them in plastic storage bags with ventilation holes for air circulation, which will prevent mold and mildew growth in a damp environment. When keeping cushions for extended periods of time in storage be sure to store them somewhere cool and dark.