Choosing the Best Quality Patio Furniture

No matter if you’re hosting large parties or enjoying quiet time alone, patio furniture makes a difference. When searching for pieces made with durable performance fabrics that can withstand sun exposure, be sure to purchase pieces made by high-quality manufacturers.

Fluctuating temperatures can cause wood to expand and contract, warping and cracking your patio furniture. Here are some tips from designers for selecting quality patio furniture.


Teak patio furniture is an exquisite outdoor piece designed to last. Made of high-quality wood with natural resistance against insects and decay, teak can keep its condition without needing staining or treating treatments – giving it timeless beauty for any Calgary backyard.

Teak patio furniture offers some of the finest quality wooden patio options available, making an investment that will look good for generations. Though more costly than other materials, teak furniture is considered sustainable due to its slow-growing hardwood construction that contains natural oils that keep it healthy and resistant to the elements.

Teak furniture pieces range from sofas and tables to benches that complement either contemporary or traditional aesthetics and can be combined with outdoor pieces for use in any outdoor space. Their sleek lines and subtle textures create a refined appearance, and its light scent fills your outdoor area with fresh aroma.

The Kettal Group provides an expansive collection of high-end teak patio furniture. Their collections showcase designs by internationally acclaimed architects such as Jasper Morrison and Patricia Urquiola. In addition, the company invests heavily in researching innovative materials to use for its patio furnishings; extensive research has resulted in fabrics and ropes which resist sun and water damage over time.

If you want to add a luxurious feel to your backyard, teak lounge chairs and sectionals could be just what’s needed to add some sophistication and relaxation. Perfect for lounging around in the sunshine and breeze in your yard, the clean lines and chunky proportions will elevate the ambiance and give the illusion that this area is an elegant retreat.

Teak lounge chairs and sectionals can create the ideal setting for conversation or intimate seating arrangements, or they can serve as social gathering spots around a table or bar. Their minimalist designs include clean lines and natural textures for maximum comfort, with multiple color and material choices available so that each piece fits in seamlessly with its surrounding environment.


Ipe is a dense hardwood material known by its Brazilian walnut moniker. With natural weather resistance and insect and rot resistance properties, many consider Ipe an ideal material to use for creating the backyard oasis they envision. When properly maintained it can last decades outdoors while developing an exquisite brown patina over time.

Though more costly than some materials, IPE is an investment worth making for furniture you will enjoy for years. Selecting appropriate types, materials and styles of patio furniture is crucial in creating a comfortable outdoor retreat perfect for both entertaining and solo relaxation.

Exteta’s luxury patio furniture designs strive to be “ingenious, modular and convivial”. This philosophy can be seen throughout every piece they design: dynamic coffee tables with raiseable trays for laptop use to flexible seating that fits into any backyard space seamlessly. They use pleasant materials in subtle hues for an inviting outdoor room experience.

Royal Botania’s luxurious furniture brand takes great pride in paying meticulous attention to every detail, offering sophisticated woven sunlounges and stainless steel dining tables that adorn villa terraces and hotel poolside areas from Abu Dhabi to Geneva. Their focus on design, comfort, functionality, sustainability and environmental responsibility combine beautifully in their stunning outdoor furniture pieces, which utilize both classic woods such as teak as well as innovative thermo-coated aluminum surfaces with Dekton surfaces that mimic natural stone textures.

Jensen Outdoor’s Ipe patio furniture is handcrafted using FSC-Certified wood and Woven Viro Fiber to craft timeless pieces made to stand the test of time. Their wood patio furniture is both rot and insect resistant for minimal upkeep requirements; while its durable woven fabric seats can be outfitted with Sunbrella cushions to complete its timeless elegance.

Reclaimed teak outdoor furniture from companies like Restoration Hardware and Williams Sonoma Home offers another eco-friendly and stylish solution to furnishing your backyard. Their recycled furniture can be sanded and oiled to achieve an antique appearance, and painted or stained to suit any decor style ranging from rustic to contemporary.


Aluminum outdoor furniture has become increasingly popular due to its versatility. Available in an array of frame designs and colors, aluminum furniture can match virtually any existing patio decor perfectly. Plus, its metal surface can be customized further through staining, painting or powder coating options to give your patio an individual look that lasts over time without losing its aesthetic appeal. Compared with other forms of outdoor furniture, aluminum’s durability means it will maintain its appearance even under heavy use over time without losing its shine!

Aluminum patio furniture stands up well to weather elements like rain and UV rays. Furthermore, its rustproof coating makes it suitable for coastal regions that often experience salty air. Furthermore, aluminum is less vulnerable to hailstorm damage or extreme cold than other materials like wicker resin and wood furniture.

When purchasing an aluminum patio set, it’s essential to assess its build quality and warranty terms. Aim for companies offering long-term warranties to guarantee your furniture can withstand even challenging weather conditions; additionally, seek companies offering money-back guarantees so any pieces not up to your satisfaction can be returned easily.

Aluminum furniture may be more costly than other patio sets, but its investment will prove worthwhile for years. Aluminum’s strength makes it long-term reliable while its style makes it stylish and comfortable – many opt to add cushions and other soft seating accessories so they can relax in comfort for extended periods of time.

Aluminum patio furniture is both sturdy and lightweight, making it easy to move around or rearrange as desired. Furthermore, its light construction makes it easier to take care of than other forms of outdoor furniture; wind or strong sunlight won’t damage its structural integrity either! Aluminum can sometimes retain heat but covering it with cushions or canopies can help mitigate this problem.


Metal materials used in outdoor patio furniture must be strong enough to withstand changes in temperature and weather. While stainless steel, aluminum, and wrought iron all offer suitable outdoor use options, each has their own strengths and weaknesses when choosing metal patio pieces for the outdoors. When purchasing metal patio pieces it is important to consider design quality assurance, cost/maintenance considerations when identifying pieces suitable for their use.

Stainless steel patio furniture is an increasingly popular choice due to its durability and ease of maintenance. Not only is it rustproof, so that its modern aesthetic won’t be affected by exposure to weather elements; but its resistance against dent damage makes it perfect for areas with heavy traffic such as high schools. Although more costly than other metal options such as wrought iron, stainless steel furniture tends to last longer without needing as much upkeep to retain its aesthetic.

Wrought iron patio furniture features a classic and elegant style that’s ideal for many settings. However, coastal locations due to moisture exposure or salt air may prove problematic as its susceptibility is increased by this material’s susceptibility. Wrought iron can also be difficult to repair – therefore making traditional garden patios or urban patios the most suitable environments where wind and rain cannot harm it as much.

Aluminum can be an economical alternative to wrought iron and works particularly well for contemporary designs that feature curvier lines or swirlier patterns. Unfortunately, however, aluminum is susceptible to corrosion if left exposed to the elements; therefore it is essential that you check manufacturer warranties as well as inquire about welding techniques and galvanizing processes used before purchasing this material.

Wicker offers another viable option as it is lighter than steel and can be moved by one person alone. Wicker can withstand changing weather conditions as well as insects damage; however, its fibers may be susceptible to mold growth if left uncovered for too long without being regularly cleaned up – for these reasons wicker works best in spaces not frequently inhabited by large groups of people.