Choosing Replacement Cushions For Your Patio Furniture

Outdoor cushions can add a fresh new look to a patio furniture set, instantly rejuvenating it for everyday enjoyment in your backyard lounge area. Choose from an array of stylish fabrics available for wicker loveseats, benches and dining chairs in order to elevate your backyard lounge area.

Choose from durable polyester options in neutral hues to complement the furniture in your space and landscape, or upgrade to premium fade-resistant Sunbrella performance fabric that transforms your backyard into an inviting open-air retreat.


Spinn polyester fabric is an economical yet long-lasting material commonly used for patio furniture cushions, offering similar comfort as cotton-based materials while remaining fade-resistant. Many brands offer replacement cushion sets with both seat and back cushions to give old chairs new life!

Acrylic fabric provides another great choice for outdoor replacement cushions, being acid and sunlight-resistant while still being easy to care for – ideal for families with small children. When cleaning acrylic fabric, use regular household cleaners but be mindful not to oversaturate it! As with all fabric purchases, be sure to consult the manufacturer’s instructions prior to using.

Olefin and vinyl fabrics offer another option for outdoor fabrics. Olefin is long-wearing and water-repellant, making it suitable for people living in rainy areas; additionally it dries quickly if mildew and mold build-up become an issue. Vinyl can also be beneficial in damp climates due to being easy to maintain; cleaning it requires no air drying while still remaining comfortable as other options.

Though outdoor cushions are designed to withstand various climate conditions, it’s wise to store them away during winter in a dry place in order to avoid damage due to extreme cold temperatures or snowfall. Furthermore, make sure the storage location allows your cushions enough airflow so they can breathe freely.

Outdoor cushions add plush comfort and customizable style to your patio furniture, turning a dull space into an inviting outdoor living area. However, choosing the appropriate fabric is critical in maintaining their appearance over time – by understanding its pros and cons you can select an ideal fabric option that matches both your lifestyle and needs. Hauser’s Patio provides high-quality replacement cushions designed specifically to fit patio furniture perfectly; our knowledgeable team is on hand to assist in measuring them for an exact fit!


Sunbrella fabrics provide unsurpassed quality, comfort, and durability to your patio furniture. Their performance fabric designs resist fading while standing up against mildew and mold growth; cleaning is easy too and colors will remain true over time due to being dyed all-the-way through unlike traditional fabrics which only dye certain surfaces of their yarns – not to mention being water resistant so liquid spillages dry quickly after rain or other liquid spillages occur! Sunbrella also boasts superior fadeproof properties; their fadeproof performance designs resist fading while standing up against mildew growth – while water resistant designs give patio furniture protection against mildew growth by staying outsmartin mold growth on patio furniture compared to traditional designs of similar patio furniture fabrics from Sunbrella fabric designs! Water proof fade proof fabric designs designed by Sunbrella fabric designs (unlike other traditional fabric coating only coating only coating yarn), while remaining water resistant dries quickly after spillages occur compared to traditional fabric surfaces only coating the yarn surface drenching through dyed throughout fabric can fade quickly after liquid spillages occur on patio furniture covered in patio furniture that would normally soak through. Water proof as well as fade proof fabric is water resistant as water resistance thus rendering this durable while water-repellant fabric as it quickly drying after spillages like rainwater-repellant surfaces drenching over spillages such as well. Water-repellant surfaces due to dyed yarn being dyed through; making it water resistant so liquid spillages occur fast after rainstorms leave you when wet surfaces have surface. Sunbrella fabrics. Durable, fade proof fabrics like this durable water resistant dries up after spillages occur after rainstorm or liquid spillages spillages leave it quickly drying rapidly after any liquid spillages happen fast for fast drying after rain drain or liquid spillages occur-fast after any liquid leakages in which just leaves you more quickly after rain spillages occur dries quickly after wetted onto fabrics do dry quickly after you spills are water resistant that could leave.

Choose from an array of colors and designs to complement your decor, such as solid shades that blend in seamlessly with surrounding wicker furniture and patterned styles in white or navy hues for a contemporary aesthetic. Sunbrella outdoor cushions also resist stains and repel odors that could otherwise lead to unpleasant odors; some upholstery fabrics have also been certified by GREENGUARD Gold or OEKO-TEX as low chemical emitters to promote indoor air quality.

Sunbrella cushions bring color and style to any patio set, turning any space into an inviting gathering spot for friends and family. Their high-performance fabric can stand up against sun and rain while their comfortable foam filler keeps you cozy all year round.

Begin your custom cushion project by carefully taking measurements of the shapes and dimensions of existing cushions (see How to Measure for a Custom Cushion). Select from Sunbrella fabrics offered at FoamOrder that suit the texture, style and durability requirements that best meet your needs. Customize reversible and non-slip seat or back cushions to perfectly complement your furniture using sewing patterns, sewn-in tie systems and high-quality fill materials that provide soft resilience for our cushions. When completed, we will deliver these custom cushions right to your doorstep for enjoyment of cozy new outdoor spaces! Don’t forget adding accessories like Sunbrella umbrellas or curtains for complete outdoor rooms!


Nothing beats relaxing in your favorite outdoor chair to read or check email, with only one thing standing between you and enjoying this peaceful moment: Wet Butt Syndrome! Unfortunately, your morning cup of coffee soaked through to your cushions leaving them damp – effectively rendering any enjoyment from patio furniture impossible until they dry completely out.

If this sounds familiar, you might have fallen prey to poorly made patio furniture cushions. Luckily, this issue can easily be remedied by purchasing replacement cushions made with water-resistant and durable materials such as polyurethane foam backing that’s covered by tailored performance fabric that offers protection from dew drops, raindrops and UV rays. The best outdoor cushions should include polyurethane foam backing backed by expert tailoring which resists dewdrops, rain, UV radiation exposure as well as any dewdrops from falling.

Polypropylene, commonly referred to as PP or propylene resin, is an indispensable plastic family that can be molded and extruded for many applications that demand toughness, flexibility, and lightweight properties. Unique among plastics is its ability to bend without cracking when repeatedly bent – this creates a molecular structure which makes the material resilient and lasting over time.

PP is widely utilized in the automotive industry for bumpers, dashboard components and door panels. Consumer goods have also taken to using it due to its affordability and durability; its stiffness, chemical resistance and versatility making it ideal for storage containers, toys, kitchenware and garden furniture products.

Additionally, PP can be decorated using various printing and painting techniques; however, its surface must first be properly prepared in order to maximize adhesion and prevent paint or ink from flaking off or peeling off prematurely. Furthermore, its less sensitive to sunlight than some thermoplastics which makes it less popular as an outdoor material; however with proper additives it can become equally weatherproof as other plastic types.


Fabric can make or break patio cushions. Unfortunately, many cushions are constructed from poor-quality fabrics that do not withstand outdoor conditions or easy cleaning; additionally, some cheap fabrics may cause unpleasant odors that require frequent replacement. If this sounds familiar to you, upgrading with Sunbrella fabrics could be the answer to replacing them less frequently!

Sunbrella fabrics are crafted from solution-dyed acrylic yarns that provide resistance against harsh UV rays and environmental factors that cause fading, making them an excellent investment for wicker furniture. Available in an array of colors and designs to complement existing home decor or add something new, these durable fabrics make a wise addition to your wicker furniture purchase.

Solution-dyed acrylic stands apart from other outdoor cushion materials because its colors are infused into its fibers, meaning no fade-away of its hue even with repeated cleanings and exposure to sunlight. As such, solution-dyed acrylic fabric makes an excellent choice for cushions that will experience frequent usage as it also resists mildew growth, tough stains and soil buildup.

Spun polyester patio cushions are popular because it’s soft to the touch and inexpensive, yet versatile enough for all budgets. Unfortunately, however, this fabric tends to stretch easily in hot temperatures, lint and pet hair can collect on it, and it is highly flammable so should be kept away from open flames such as fire pits.

Sunbrella fabric cushions offer many advantages, not the least being its breathability and innovative technology’s ability to repel germs, mold and mildew that cause unpleasant odors. Open-cell cushions also facilitate fast drainage of water which reduces moisture build-up over time.

Prior to purchasing replacement cushions for your wicker furniture, be sure to take measurements of both chairs and sofas, and order fabric swatches of those you like. This will enable you to make an informed decision, ensuring that the cushions fit as expected onto chairs, sofas or chaise lounges.