Choosing Patio Furniture Near Me

patio furniture near me

No matter if you are decorating a small patio or a spacious backyard, having the appropriate furniture pieces can make all of the difference in making the space enjoyable and functional. When making decisions for outdoor furniture purchases, be mindful of layout and durability when making purchases to get maximum enjoyment out of each item purchased.

Wrought iron furniture stands out among outdoor furnishings for its craftsmanship, featuring flowing lines and elegant curves. However, due to moisture exposure it will rust over time so look for models with protective coatings such as powder-coat finishes.


Teak patio furniture boasts an enduring aesthetic that won’t go out of style anytime soon. Ideal for any climate and surface conditions, teak’s high rubber and oil content makes an impervious surface that withstands even the harshest elements – not to mention how its golden hue gradually fades over time to a silvery gray tone that only gets better with age! Additionally, there’s no additional finish or treatment necessary to keep this material looking its best!

Teak outdoor furniture sets feature pieces designed to help you relax, lounge, dine and entertain with family or friends. Choose from sofas and sectionals which can seat multiple people simultaneously or opt for a single couch with matching chairs for more intimate gatherings. Add a chaise lounge to your garden area or pool deck for the perfect place to read or sip cocktails in comfort – the elegant aesthetic and long-term durability make teak an excellent material option.

Solid teak dining tables make an elegant centerpiece in any backyard, perfect for casual dinner parties and get-togethers with close friends. Select rectangular or oval tables paired with matching chairs in complementary colors for an inviting design; add colorful seat cushions in your favorite hues to complete the look. Teak benches also add elegance and are versatile seating solutions suitable for decks or gardens along the coastline – Williams Sonoma’s marine-grade wood bench features an eye-catching lattice pattern which will surely become the focal point of your porch or garden!

As indoor/outdoor living becomes ever more popular, having the right patio furniture for your home is becoming ever more essential. Teak makes an excellent choice for transitional spaces where you’ll be taking in fresh air, stunning views, and enjoying time spent with loved ones. Thanks to its heirloom-quality nature, teak stands the test of time in any household; making this wood an invaluable investment that you’ll be able to find at outdoor stores across your region; tables, chairs and more can all be found under its shade!

Cast Aluminum

Aluminum patio furniture has long been a go-to material, for good reason. Not only is it durable and long-lasting; its variety of shapes and designs makes it easier than ever to find something that complements your outdoor space. At Hauser’s Patio we carry cast aluminum styles from top brands ranging from dining sets, lounge chairs, serving carts and even serving carts; each piece boasts its own distinctive design as well as durable powder coated finishes baked on for durability – some even feature hand applied antique finishes for even more character and beauty in your backyard.

Although some may believe cast aluminum patio furniture to be more costly than extruded aluminum, we’ve discovered the exact opposite to be true. Since solid cast aluminum weighs more than extruded aluminum, making it more sturdy and stable when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Plus, cast aluminum is much easier to maintain compared to other forms of metal patio furniture – simply hose down or wipe with soft cloth will often suffice when it comes to cleaning it; any noticeable scratches should simply require touch up paint for repair.

Cast aluminum furniture sets offer great versatility when it comes to colors. Thanks to advances in powder coating technology, there is now almost limitless variety when it comes to hues, textures and finishes – meaning there should be something that matches any color scheme or aesthetic you can think of in terms of patio furniture sets! Plus if ever desired you can simply change out cushions and slings for something completely new for an entirely different aesthetic in seconds!

With aluminum outdoor furniture sets from Tropitone featuring graceful waving lines or the bold curves of Telescope Butterfly lounge chairs available in Portland area, there are aluminum sets sure to meet any aesthetic. Our high-quality cast aluminum furniture will endure Maine weather as you put it through its paces!

Weather Resistant Materials

When living in areas with heavy rainfall and snowfall, selecting outdoor furniture made from weatherproof materials is of utmost importance. There is an assortment of weather resistant options available that can meet both budget and aesthetic preferences; these materials can generally be divided into one of several distinct categories depending on how they handle moisture.

Teak patio furniture is an ideal option for humid climates due to its naturally mildew-resistant qualities due to natural oils present within its wood, as well as low porosity. Acacia and pine wood also stand up well against outdoor elements.

Aluminum stands up well against moisture. Although some might worry that aluminum may rust under harsh weather conditions, this usually isn’t an issue if your frames come with powder coating or are protected with special resin coating that repels moisture and helps protect from corrosion. Additionally, many manufacturers add an anticorrosion resin coating which further reduces risk.

Wrought iron furniture has long been an icon of outdoor patio decor. While older pieces require additional care due to their dense construction, modern pieces often combine metals that make them lighter and easier to maneuver.

If you live in a humid environment, consider choosing furniture made of woven materials like rattan. Rattan furniture is constructed to withstand both humidity and aridity like teak furniture does, making it suitable for many climates. Synthetic resin wicker may also be appropriate as many versions feature UV and water-repellent treatments to protect it against environmental factors.

Moisture can be the primary threat to patio furniture if left unprotected, particularly wood which expands during hot temperatures and contracts during cooler temperatures. To keep moisture at bay and to extend its life expectancy, always clean and oil your furniture regularly according to its material type. Also apply furniture oil directly onto surfaces to maintain flexibility and avoid cracking in cold climates.


Cushions add the perfect finishing touch to the perfect patio experience. Soft yet supportive cushions on your chairs and sofas allow you to rest back, relax, and take in all that your backyard offers – sunshine, fresh air, company of friends and family alike! Additionally, cushions add color and pattern that enhance your backyard view.

If you’re shopping for outdoor furniture, pairing chairs and loveseats with cushions made of the same fabric is ideal. This ensures that their colors and patterns harmonize with one another for an inviting space. Or mix-and-match your outdoor pillows and cushions for a different aesthetic altogether!

Your choice of material for cushions makes a significant impactful statement about how well they will weather the elements. Some fabrics are specially treated to prevent fading, mildew and mold growth so they maintain their good looks even with repeated exposure to sunlight and rain. Choose from smooth flat-weaves to tweed-like sailcloth materials; many come equipped with UV stabilizers to maintain vibrant hues throughout each season.

For optimal longevity in cushions, select seat foam wrapped with waterproof material. This keeps moisture at bay and provides a smooth sitting surface. Some manufacturers also include stainless steel spring cartridges within polyester fiber filled cushions to add resilience and comfort.

Installing removable cushion covers makes cleaning your cushion fabric simple. Simply take off the cover, wash it in cold water with mild detergent, press it flat on a surface, lean against a wall to dry – this method will keep your cushions looking brand new season after season!