Choosing Patio Furniture For Small Patio Spaces

patio furniture for small patio

When furnishing a small patio, measuring your space accurately is key to selecting appropriate furniture pieces. Multifunctional options like chair-table combos and ottomans that double as side tables can add seating without overcrowding the area.

Accessories that serve multiple functions – such as mirrors that double as plant stands – are an absolute must in smaller spaces.


An outdoor sofa is an integral component of any seating area, but choosing one for small spaces requires careful consideration. A slim design that takes up less space will enhance its visual appeal; many designs also come in multiple colors to help coordinate with side tables or chairs easily. You may also consider sectional sofas with an elongated shape featuring chaise lounge attachments on either end for greater seating capacity without taking away from more comfortable chairs or seats.

Consider your style preferences when selecting an upholstery material and color when purchasing either a sofa or sectional. Patio sofas tend to work best for classic-inspired spaces while sectionals offer modern and contemporary looks.

If you have the space, add accent chairs or loveseats to your seating arrangement for added dimension and relaxation on warm afternoons. Or if you prefer more traditional seating solutions, add a loveseat instead; these cozy seats make perfect places for cozying up with a good book or drinking your morning java!

Your seating selection will have an impactful effect on how to arrange other pieces in your patio furniture set. A sofa may pair nicely with either a standard coffee table or one with additional storage capabilities such as a console table; or there may even be sofa sets that include benches or ottomans to provide even more seating options.

Additionally, when designing your patio you must also decide if and how you’ll incorporate a dining table. For easy outdoor dining and entertaining, opt for one that accommodates four people or choose an intimate bistro table that seats only two to three chairs for more intimate conversations and drinks.

Stackable chairs are an ideal solution for small patios as they take up less floor space when not in use. Select chairs with low backs and shallow depth for increased floor clearance. For even greater space-saving seating solutions, round tables provide space-efficient solutions; choosing them allows chairs to slide under them easily when seating solutions become necessary. You could even consider looking into tables with pedestal bases that allow easy sliding chairs under their surface.

Dining Chairs

Dining chairs add comfort to any outdoor meal experience and provide you with an opportunity to savor every bite outdoors. There is a wide variety of styles available so it shouldn’t be hard to find something suitable; whether your preference lies with natural wood tones or sleek metal finishes there’s sure to be a patio chair that matches. Some chairs fold away for easy storage while others provide additional relaxation through swiveling or rocking options for maximum relaxation time during leisurely mealtime outdoors.

Standard patio sets generally consist of a table and two to eight dining chairs. Three-piece bistro sets are ideal for smaller patios; five and seven piece dining sets make ideal choices for medium sized decks and poolside areas. If entertaining on an ongoing basis is something you do often, investing in a nine piece dining set that can accommodate most families could also be worthwhile.

To ensure you purchase enough outdoor dining chairs, measure the height of your table. This ensures your chair fits comfortably around it without hitting against other tables or chairs behind it, and also accounts for arm and leg space needed when sitting – no one likes feeling cramped when eating or sipping a cup of coffee!

Select durable materials when selecting chairs, particularly if they will be frequently used or you live in an area with frequent extreme weather. Teak, acacia, and other weather-treated woods offer long-term use with little worry from inclement conditions; cast or wrought aluminum and all-weather wicker are other excellent choices that withstand inclement conditions well; Sunbrella fabric cushions make excellent additions.

Purchase of patio chairs can save money. Many retailers provide bundles that are suitable for most patio setups; such sets often consist of a table with four to six dining chairs and patio pillows bundled together, saving the cost of purchasing them separately. Furthermore, some retailers even offer free furniture delivery – further reducing overall purchase prices.


No matter the size or layout of your outdoor space, you can still create a welcoming entertaining area. By selecting multifunctional furniture with various seating options and mixing and matching different chairs, lounges, sofas and tables to maximize space while still creating an aesthetic design aesthetic unique to your home, an inviting and welcoming entertaining area will emerge.

Benches are essential pieces for any patio, and especially helpful in tight spaces. Their slender, sleek appearance allows them to fit well on narrow porches and balconies where other furniture may not. Wood garden benches with classic styles are easily found and come in various finishes; metal park benches with heavy-duty designs are another popular choice and ideal for high foot traffic patios.

Tree benches (known as “tree huggers”) offer another style of patio bench to sit and observe all aspects of your backyard from one location. Backless benches offer accessibility from all directions while some also come equipped with storage spaces underneath for pool toys, gardening tools or other gear. Finally, rocking or glider benches add a relaxing feeling while giving you the perfect seat from which to admire blooming flowers in your yard or gaze upon an endless sky filled with stars.

One other seating solution ideal for smaller patios is a reclining chaise lounge, which allows you to kick back and relax comfortably in an inverted position. East Oak’s Outdoor Chaise Lounge or an Amish wood chaise by Foothills Amish Furniture will both offer lightweight yet durable options that can withstand the elements year after year.

Add an elegant and formal touch to your patio by including a pedestal table in your design scheme. This type of table features more traditional aesthetics than its counterparts and can easily pair up with dining chairs for an inviting gathering spot.


Use storage solutions to keep your patio neat and organized. Choose furniture with built-in storage features, like tables and chairs that fold away or benches with hidden compartments, as well as extra containers such as buckets or baskets to adorn the outdoor decor. Buckets may be suspended from hooks, placed beneath tables or chairs or attached to porch eaves to provide off-the-ground storage of toys, tools and other supplies; alternatively they could even be painted with labels on them to help children quickly locate their belongings during clean up time! For an organized look, paint labels onto each bucket to help children quickly locate their toys during cleanup time!

One effective solution for keeping your patio tidy is using a large deck box. Ranging in capacity from 100-149 gallons, these storage bins offer enough room to store large umbrella canopies, full sets of furniture cushions and deflated loungers, pool toys or grilling accessories – in various rectangle, square and oval styles!

An effective solution for keeping your patio tidy is using furniture covers. These tarps are specifically tailored to fit snugly over chairs and tables, blocking direct sunlight that reaches them, thus helping prevent mold, mildew and fading caused by summer sunshine.

If you don’t want to invest in a patio cover, try creating one yourself from a wooden spool or other piece of furniture. Patio covers can make great additions to patio furniture that you use for dining and relaxing, especially as dining tables tend to get used quite regularly during warm seasons. Storage will be easy – plus your chairs, tables and other pieces will remain protected from inclement weather conditions!

Proper storage of patio furniture is key to prolonging its life and enjoying it for many seasons to come. By following these simple tips, you can keep your patio looking brand new while all of your favorite pieces remain ready for action come next season.