Choosing Outside Patio Furniture For Your Backyard Oasis

Selecting outdoor patio furniture that best meets your space’s climate and usage plans can transform a backyard into an enjoyable outdoor living area. But selecting the most suitable furniture requires taking several factors into account – including your local climate and usage patterns.

Wicker outdoor furniture tends to be the least costly option; just be sure to select HDPE instead of PVC synthetics as an economical solution. Aluminum patio furniture may also provide affordable solutions.


Teak outdoor furniture offers classic style in any backyard oasis. Crafted from tropical hardwood harvested from Tectona Grandis trees native to South and Southeast Asia, its grains hold powerful natural oils that repel water. Teak furniture stands the test of time.

Teak wood’s inherent resistance to moisture, fungi, mildew and termites makes it highly durable over its lifespan. Cleaning it requires only minimal upkeep – simply wiped down with damp cloth after any food, chemical or oil spills occur to avoid staining; you can also use a stiff bristled brush with care following its natural grain for more detailed cleaning.

Teak furniture makes an exquisite statement in an organic-style backyard oasis when combined with colorful cushions in hues such as beiges, browns and greens. A timeless choice for loungers by the pool, tables for gathering around and benches where you can read quietly; teak also pairs beautifully with other materials like rattan and cast aluminum furniture!

Keep this in mind when shopping for teak patio furniture: not all pieces are created equal. When searching, look for pieces crafted with quality mortise and tenon joinery made of genuine, kiln-dried teak rather than recycled timber; high-quality pieces will have even coloring throughout – such as rich honey-brown.

Genuine teak boasts timeless beauty that transcends trends. Its warm golden-brown hues and silky smooth surface lend it an elegant aesthetic that fits well with both contemporary and traditional outdoor furniture styles.

As for environmental concerns, purchasing genuine teak furniture is a fantastic way to combat deforestation. Many carpenters and furniture makers reuse old teak wood in the craft of new pieces – an eco-friendlier alternative than cutting down more trees for this same purpose. Furthermore, this repurposed wood often represents better value than buying brand new pieces made of other wood species.

Synthetic Resin

Resin is a chemical organic compound composed primarily of carbon, hydrogen and small amounts of oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur that acts as a bonding agent in plastic. Resin not only bonds its own structures tightly and securely but can also adhere to other materials tightly and firmly – most popular resin types being polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene; others often used to make outdoor furniture include polypropylene and phenolic.

Resins can be created using different chemical processes. Some resins, like nylon, are created through addition polymerization – producing larger molecules while simultaneously releasing water or methanol as byproducts – while epoxy and phenolic resins require condensation polymerization using catalysts like ziegler-natta or zirconium catalysts to link smaller molecules without producing byproducts.

Thermoplastic resins soften and melt when heated, making it easy to reshape or form new shapes once they cool – perfect for manufacturing plastic patio furniture. Meanwhile, thermosetting resins become fusible upon heating, making it suitable for crafting products like wood, glass and fiberglass-reinforced plastic (GRP).

PURPLAN GmbH plans, designs and builds plants to produce various synthetic resin types. As a family-run medium-sized company headquartered in Wallenhorst in Lower Saxony with additional locations in Dresden/Saxony and Wuppertal/NRW; their plants range from binder, dispersion and polyester resin plants as well as reaction vessels suitable for various applications.

If you are shopping for resin patio furniture, be sure to read and follow its manufacturer’s care instructions carefully. Most manufacturers recommend wearing gloves when handling raw or hardening resins; should any contact between raw resins and your skin occur, flush with soapy water repeatedly while avoiding rubbing of any exposed areas; baby wipes or exfoliant can help remove any remaining residue; plastic apron can protect clothing from spilled resin stains while an immediate medical response should any skin or eye irritation occur, contact poison control center or emergency services; in extreme cases requiring medical intervention immediately or call emergency services directly for immediate help if any skin/eye irritation arises or an allergic reaction occurs – for extreme cases use extreme measures!


Aluminum outdoor patio furniture is an economical, lightweight choice that’s increasingly popular with homeowners. Unlike materials like teak that may crack under heavy use or during hot weather, aluminum’s versatility allows it to last through years of wear without succumbing to wear and tear; additionally, its corrosion and rustproof properties make it an excellent long-term investment option for any patio setting.

Aluminum furniture is easy to maintain and clean, requiring only periodic washing with mild soap and water for its upkeep. Its stylish yet unassuming design make it suitable for nearly any backyard decor scheme, while various frame designs provide the flexibility necessary for matching individual spaces’ aesthetic.

Aluminum furniture is both long-lasting and cost-effective; not only is it resistant to rusting but its maintenance is minimal compared with other types of patio furniture – making it the ideal budget option for those just beginning their outdoor furnishing journeys.

Wrought iron patio furniture requires minimal upkeep, however periodic wiping with diluted soap to remove dirt and debris may be required to keep it looking its best. Because this material retains heat easily, it should be covered or moved during extreme weather conditions for best results.

Wrought iron is one of the most recycled metals on Earth and is widely used to manufacture pop cans and beer bottles – thus making it an environmentally sustainable furniture option.

Purchase of patio furniture can be an essential investment, and it is crucial that you assess its build quality and warranty terms thoroughly. A comprehensive warranty should cover damages from natural disasters or accidents so you can feel assured in its longevity.


According to your specific needs, outdoor patio furniture can come with various features. Some pieces are intended to seat multiple people at once while others provide single seating spaces. You could also consider investing in tables with ample storage capacity so you have somewhere secure to put all of your personal items and drinks.

Plastic outdoor furniture comes in an array of colors, making it easy to select furniture to complement the style of your backyard. Choose sets with wood-like textures or bright, eye-catching hues; plus, the textured surfaces add depth to your deck or backyard space.

Plastic furniture offers many advantages when it comes to sun exposure, including resistance from fading. This gives plastic an edge over other forms of patio furniture which require ongoing repainting or staining, saving time, money, and helping reduce waste in landfills. Plastic is also great for the environment because it can be recycled – saving both you and the planet money and helping reduce landfill waste!

Plastic outdoor furniture tends to be much cheaper than its alternatives on this list, making it an excellent option for those on a limited budget. You could purchase an entire set of patio furniture at once for the same cost of one made of another material.

Durability of patio furniture can save money over time, too. While initial investments may cost more, durable outdoor pieces often outlive other forms, reducing your need to buy new pieces as often and making it an economical decision for most homeowners.

When purchasing plastic outdoor furniture, look for high-quality materials like HDPE rattan that emulates the natural look of wood for optimal results. Aluminum frames coated with tough powder coatings may also help ensure beautiful yet long-term use – creating relaxing spaces where people can truly enjoy being outside! These pieces can help create relaxing and inviting outdoor environments to help ensure you can make the most out of outdoor living spaces.