Choosing Outdoor Patio Furniture For Small Spaces

outdoor patio furniture for small spaces

No matter the size or layout of your patio or deck, creating an inviting entertaining space requires selecting furniture carefully. Here are a few simple guidelines that will help you select attractive patio chairs and tables for small spaces.

Begin by accurately measuring your outdoor area. Accurate measurements provide clarity around which types of patio furniture work best in that space.

Size and Scale

Selecting outdoor patio furniture that best meets the needs of small spaces requires choosing pieces that suit your space’s usage pattern. For instance, if your space will host family dinners then dining sets may be suitable; but if it will serve more as an oasis for relaxation alone then rocking chairs and Adirondack chairs might make the perfect accompaniments. Once you know how you will use it it’s time to start shopping for the pieces needed!

When shopping for patio furniture to fit a small space, look for multifunctional pieces. They can be reconfigured and adjusted according to the needs of your guests for increased entertaining flexibility; plus these types of pieces tend to be more affordable than furniture that serves only one function.

For optimal space savings, select furniture with sleek designs. Lighter-colored pieces such as stackable or foldable chairs can also help make a small space seem larger, while bulky chairs and tables may take up too much room. Stackable or foldable chairs and ottomans may also come in handy – stacking or collapsible ottomans may even help. Whenever possible, avoid large, cumbersome furniture like tables.

As seating solutions, opt for a small sofa that seats two people or an armchair with slim arms and back – these chairs often tend to be lighter visually and won’t block your view of your garden. A sofa with a pedestal base takes up less floor space while still allowing chairs to fit underneath it.

If you plan to host guests for outdoor dining or parties, select a table that can expand to accommodate more. Many outdoor furniture vendors now provide tables with expandable tops to easily accommodate additional diners or partygoers. Many outdoor tables feature built-in fire pits to provide warmth and comfort after dark, making these the ideal tables for entertaining in small space patios. Color selection should also be carefully considered when purchasing patio furniture for small spaces. Too much color can become overwhelming in such spaces while too little could leave them feeling incomplete and empty. To create a cohesive design, opt for neutral colors such as white, tan or gray for your cushions and other accent pieces – these will serve as the ideal background to showcase all of the other accents and accessories without overpowering a smaller space.

Multi-functional Pieces

When space is at a premium, multi-functional pieces should take priority. From seating solutions that double as storage solutions to tables that transform into ottomans – there are numerous ways to bring functionality and style into outdoor spaces without compromising floor plan efficiency. An adaptable seating solution such as this would make an excellent addition to any patio, porch or balcony space.

To determine which seating to add to a small outdoor space, it’s important to understand its primary function. Is your outdoor area used primarily for hosting dinner parties and other special events, or do you prefer reading in the sun? Once you understand its primary use, take measurements and map its layout onto grid paper – this will enable you to see exactly how much seating can fit while maintaining an appropriate ratio between people and furniture.

As well as seating, dining tables and chairs are integral components of outdoor spaces. When working in tight quarters, slim-profiled tables will help save on floor area. A backless bench provides ideal seating solutions that can easily tuck away into tight spots like balconies and front porches.

Always include some decorative accents in your patio design to bring out its best features. Plants, sculptures and other decorations add color and personality while simultaneously keeping the area uncluttered visually.

As part of your outdoor patio furniture selection, it is essential to take into account the dimensions of your space when selecting furniture for it. A mix and match approach offers plenty of choices that can suit any taste; from quality pieces from various styles that create an eclectic aesthetic to mixing pieces together in unexpected combinations that bring character into any small patio area. Although mixing may require additional time and effort to coordinate beautifully together, when done right the end result will surely justify all that extra work!


As important as functionality is in designing patio furniture for small spaces, aesthetics also play a vital role. Selecting pieces that blend in seamlessly with your decor will help to create a cozy environment and ensure that any new pieces will fit without overcrowding the area. Therefore, taking accurate measurements before beginning to shop will help guarantee that the new outdoor furniture you purchase fits in seamlessly and won’t overcrowd it.

Small-space outdoor furniture can make a terrific addition to your balcony, porch or deck. By selecting the appropriate pieces for your balcony or porch/patio space, you can transform your patio into an enjoyable gathering spot for friends and family alike. Consider installing a fire pit in order to add drama while providing warmth in winter weather conditions.

Other great ideas for small-space outdoor furniture include sofas and chairs that fold or stack to save valuable space when not being used. Also consider selecting outdoor furniture made with high-performance fabrics like Sunbrella; such fabrics will withstand weather elements while remaining fade resistant ensuring your patio furniture looks brand new for years.

Color choice should also be carefully considered when choosing outdoor patio furniture for small spaces. Color can evoke different emotions and can dramatically affect our moods, so it is essential to think through what kind of atmosphere you wish to create in your backyard retreat. A neutral color palette may create a relaxing ambiance while brighter shades may stimulate our senses.

If your budget is limited, consider mixing and matching patio furniture to achieve the look that best suits you. A set in one style and color may look elegant but may limit your creativity. Also try adding accent pieces like large planters, sculptured artwork or eye-catching outdoor rugs that make an impactful statement and enhance the design of your patio design.

Mix & Match

When shopping for patio furniture to fill a small space, look beyond set offerings. Mixing and matching individual pieces can create a personalized space and add personal flair to your patio – be it cozy reading nook or comfortable seating area – the right pieces can make all the difference.

Start by drawing out a floor plan of your outdoor space on grid paper. By doing this, you can identify which ratios work best in your space and estimate the approximate size of outdoor furniture set you need – for instance, 36-inches to 2-feet of clearance between chairs and tables should allow for movement – you should also account for decor items like greenery and extra tabletop decor that may need to be added later on.

With this information in hand, it’s easier than ever to select furniture styles that will best complement your outdoor space. If extra seating is required, consider small lounge chairs and benches which take up minimal room. Or create an exciting atmosphere with a fun bar table – typically rectangular in shape with attached stools so as to easily seat two people without taking up additional square footage.

Other furniture options for small spaces include nesting pieces that fold down or expand. Dining sets and chairs with folding legs, daybeds and hammocks that double as seating or cozy spots to relax can all make great additions. Ottomans are an especially useful piece in these situations as they can function as seats, footrests or side tables – some even come equipped with lids to hide any additional patio accessories!

Finding furniture to fit a small patio space may seem daunting at first, but with some creativity you can design an appealing and practical outdoor living area to match your lifestyle. Our expert designer is available 24/7 should you require help designing your dream outdoor oasis – simply fill out this request form and one of our designers will contact you shortly afterward!

For modern patio decor, this collection provides stylish sofas and chairs that add an upscale aesthetic. If you prefer something with more of an organic or relaxed aesthetic, rattan options may provide just the solution.