Choosing Family Leisure Patio Furniture

Family Leisure in Indianapolis, Indiana sells patio furniture, tanning beds, pool tables, outdoor rooms, pools, and grills so families can have plenty of outdoor entertainment and playtime. In addition, they provide swimming pool supplies and provide patio furniture installation.

Relax in style with our extensive collection of outdoor wicker patio furniture. Browse from traditional to contemporary designs crafted in materials ranging from cast aluminum to all-weather synthetic wicker for the perfect way to unwind on a relaxing outdoor setting.

Chaise Lounges

For those who like to relax with a book or refreshing drink in their hands, the chaise lounge is an ideal way to do just that. Configured like a chair with soft padding for leg support and recline capability, chaise lounges can serve both as standalone furniture pieces as well as adding extra seating capacity to sectionals and couches to accommodate family and guests.

A chaise lounge can also make for an eye-catching feature in your backyard, providing the perfect spot to lounge around in the sunshine or sip an iced beverage. Once solely associated with resorts, chaise lounges have now become part of outdoor living spaces across America.

Chaise lounges not only offer comfort and aesthetic appeal, they are also easy to keep clean. Their fabric has been treated to resist stains, corrosion, and salt spray – making them ideal for poolside areas. Furthermore, their ergonomic back rest ensures you can sit in an ergonomically correct position to increase comfort and reduce fatigue.

Family Leisure offers an impressive selection of outdoor chaise lounges in a wide variety of styles and materials, such as cast aluminum, extruded aluminum, wood and wicker with various finishes to fit your aesthetic. Popular choices such as Hanamint’s Stratford Chaise with its decorative foliates and revival knees crafted in powder-coated aluminum as well as the Teak SunDaze Chaise from Royal Teak with grade A teak construction featuring no maintenance sling are among our bestsellers.

If you’re in search of more luxury, Cast Classics’ Shambala Wicker Chaise may be for you; its all-weather wicker construction features tailored cushions in any color you desire and features tailored arms to add extra support and style. Family Leisure has chaises to meet every need and budget!

Outdoor Sectionals

Family Leisure’s selection of spacious outdoor sectionals makes for the ideal solution to seating guests comfortably on large patios, providing them with ample seating and relaxation space. Choose between sofas with chairs or loveseats for classic design or chaise lounges for relaxing views – there’s even L-shaped sectionals designed to fit snugly into corners while saving on visual space!

Lounges and sectionals come in an array of styles, materials and colors – from weather-resistant fabrics such as Sunbrella that resist fading to neutral to deep sea blue hues – making them suitable for every family with active kids or pets. You’ll even be sure to find something neutral to deep sea blue for every taste and need!

Teak furniture remains a timeless classic that never goes out of style. Constructed of dense lumber that can withstand even harsh weather and sudden downpours, its dense build ensures it can withstand sudden showers without disintegrating. Furthermore, teak is sustainably harvested only from responsibly managed forests certified through Forest Stewardship Council certification programs.

Shape of sofa or sectional is also important in creating the desired atmosphere in your patio. A sofa with arms looks more formal, making large patios feel even larger; but for an informal space where conversations flow easily without restrictions from armrests, opt for one without armrests instead.

Sectionals provide more seats per square foot than traditional sofas do, making them the perfect solution for smaller patios as they feature a center couch with two or more seats on either side that save visual space. U-shaped designs may be better suited to accommodating more people without feeling cramped.

Modular and expandable outdoor sectionals give you the flexibility to change up the layout as time goes on, adding new pieces at will. They may feature removable cushions that are easy to wash and replace, or may feature fully upholstered frames for an elegant appearance. There are even corner and armless sectionals designed to fit tighter spaces.

Woven Outdoor Patio Furniture

Wicker and rattan are timeless materials for creating inviting outdoor lounge and dining areas, lending warmth and character. You can create many looks using woven patio furniture sets from modern to tropical vibes. Be sure to pair the right set for your patio decor and protect it with an appropriate cover to guard against rain or wind!

Woven patio furniture uses both natural and synthetic materials, with synthetic wicker made up of man-made fibers to mimic natural rattan, while natural wicker is formed from bamboo stems or other grasses and then shaped and woven to form pieces of furniture. Woven furniture’s popularity stems from its versatility and ageless aesthetic; it can fit seamlessly into almost any restaurant design from traditional to contemporary, as it fits right in.

Woven rattan patio furniture is durable and easy to care for. A damp cloth will quickly wipe away dirt and dust particles, while mild soap solution and sponge washing is usually sufficient for more stubborn spots. If there are any stubborn stains to be scrubbed away with an extra soft brush can also work wonders! After you’ve finished cleaning your wicker chairs and tables, keep them protected with a breathable furniture cover to prolong their longevity.

With long workweeks and limited downtime, finding a peaceful space to unwind and relax is essential. Family Leisure’s selection of wicker and rattan outdoor patio furniture makes creating that relaxing oasis easy – from sectionals for backyard gatherings to chaise lounges to fit any corner or space of any size, we have what you need no matter your needs and budget!

Wicker Patio Furniture

Wicker furniture provides an timeless and versatile aesthetic for family leisure patio setup. Crafted from rattan, bamboo or synthetic fibers woven together to form its shape and size; often coupled with wooden or metal frames wicker furniture makes your backyard seem more inviting for relaxation and comfort.

When shopping for wicker furniture, be sure to inspect its materials and craftsmanship closely. High-quality sets feature durable aluminum frames designed to prevent drooping that lower-quality frames may experience; ask the sales associate lifting up one chair from underneath it to show the support system beneath its seat for you; any visible gaps may signal that another set would be better.

Quality wicker furniture is easy to care for, requiring minimal upkeep and resistance against sun fading. Regular cleaning requires wiping it down with mild soap and water; for a deeper clean use a soft bristled brush with nonabrasive cleaner to reach into hidden crevices.

If your space is filled with plants and shrubs, natural wicker finishes can add an inviting aesthetic while at the same time matching its surrounding environment. This woven texture pairs well with other material finishes like metal and teak to achieve an upscale appearance. For modern or contemporary patio designs, pairing natural wicker with dark hues and sleek lines creates an impressive curated aesthetic.

Wicker furniture can help create intimate gathering places and cozy seating arrangements on larger patio layouts, providing space for relaxation. Place a metal dining or conversation set in one area of your yard, then add a wicker daybed to create a reading nook at the other end.

While most wicker furniture is intended for indoor or outdoor spaces, you can still incorporate it into a covered patio layout by selecting an appropriate set. Just ensure it can withstand humidity and moisture conditions as well as weather-proofing requirements; durability can also be enhanced by adding waterproof/stain-resistant cushion fabric that increases longevity of use.