Choosing Deck and Patio Furniture

No matter if your deck serves as a quiet reading spot or lively social hub, its furniture and accessories should be easy to maintain. Avoid choosing fragile plastic or metal pieces that could rust and scratch easily.

Natural woods such as teak, redwood and cedar resist splintering, rotting and insect damage; similarly treated rattan and wicker with resin finishes provides long-term durability.


No matter if you’re hosting dinner parties or simply lounging around the pool with family and friends, having enough seating on your deck is key. Outdoor furniture options come in various styles, materials, and prices; from all-weather couches to splurge-worthy lounge chairs; finding furniture that meets both your needs and budget will ensure optimal patio furniture experience.

The classic dining table and chair set is an ideal solution for most outdoor settings. To customize your deck furniture to the space and achieve greater seating options, add in some swivel rocking chairs or more modern bench styles such as adding more seating without compromising its design goals. If your deck is larger than average, create two distinct sitting areas to meet different functions; perhaps creating an intimate spot to chat or lounging on one half, while leaving another half open for lounging on the other. Tie all of this together by providing one central coffee or side table that holds glasses, mugs, and reading material – creating two distinct sitting areas can create two distinct functions while making sure both parts can co-exist together while serving both purposes!

Outdoor decor shouldn’t be taken lightly; investing in quality furniture that will stand up to the elements is crucial. Flimsy plastic chairs and tables won’t withstand weathering and could damage your deck, so opt for organic wood pieces treated to resist weathering as well as outdoor fabrics specifically made for that use. If you have DIY skills, try revamping existing wooden furniture with new cushions and fresh paint.

When choosing seating for a poolside deck, select lounge chairs that are water-resistant and durable against chemicals and UV exposure. A hammock or outdoor daybed are also great ways to take in some sun while napping or taking in some restorative sunbathing time. And don’t forget throw pillows for added color, texture and pattern!

Addition of a deck is an incredible way to take in breathtaking city or ocean views and increase the resale value of your home. Selecting appropriate deck furniture will make entertaining or relaxing easier while taking in this incredible city or ocean panorama. When searching for patio furniture, focus on durability, aesthetic and functionality – look for all-weather finishes or items with cracked casters or poor welding as these are key indicators of quality furniture.


Your deck is the ideal spot for social gatherings with family and friends, where meals can be shared and beautiful surroundings enjoyed. Great deck dining furniture is essential when creating outdoor living space; whether that means morning coffee with the paper, or hosting guests for dinner and drinks in the evening.

When shopping for patio table and chairs, there is an impressive variety of choices available to you. Choose between classic bistro sets that seat two, elegant wrought iron dining tables that will bring elegance to your backyard, or simple plastic sets which require less maintenance and can even fold flat for easy storage. Wrought iron tables are highly durable while being easy to maintain and clean up after.

When choosing a table, take into account how many people need seating and overall space needs. If you have a larger patio or outdoor living area, a larger table that can seat more people would be necessary; such as the Farmhouse Trestle Dining Table with Side Chairs which comfortably seats eight.

if you’re in search of something casual yet still elegant, an outdoor wicker or rattan dining set might be just what you’re after. Although natural materials like rattan and wicker provide ample comfort, their upkeep requires regular care – an easier alternative may be synthetic options designed to look and feel just like their counterparts but require less upkeep.

Cape Cod Dining Collection features East Coast charm with an unforgettable finish, while our Yacht Club Collection gives the feeling of being on the water. Monterey Bay pieces have simple, rounded edges inspired by California’s salt-soaked coastline – no matter your style of decor P.C. Richard & Son has something perfect to complete your outdoor room.


Many outdoor furnishings come equipped with storage solutions to keep your deck organized and decluttered, such as chairs and tables with hidden shelves, benches that double as storage, planters that store extra supplies and planter boxes that serve double duty. Many storage solutions also add visual interest by matching in with existing furniture or featuring eye-catching materials.

Patio storage benches combine function and style to offer convenient outdoor cushion storage solutions for cushions, pillows and throws. Many models feature cushion compartments hidden underneath the seat that offer discreet yet stylish storage of additional cushions or pillows and throws. Made of materials ranging from natural woods, plastic resins that mimic woven rattan/wicker finishes and metal, patio storage benches offer attractive seating arrangements while keeping your cushion collection secure and safe.

Hanging storage solutions offer another effective and stylish solution to freeing up space on your deck while adding an appealing and contemporary aesthetic. Perfect for storing outdoor cushions, blankets, and board games; hanging solutions come in various materials depending on your preferences and budget – for traditional aesthetics consider natural wood such as teak or cedar; alternatively synthetic materials like rattan and wicker may work too!

DIY or ready-made shelves provide another cost-effective storage solution for your deck, providing custom dimensions and designs tailored specifically to you and secured securely onto the deck for safety and stability. Alternatively, skirting provides a seamless and visually appealing approach.

Deck boxes provide a secure and efficient means of storing patio accessories such as furniture covers, sports equipment and seating cushions safely and conveniently. Available in different styles such as trunk-shaped designs or simple boxes with wheels for easier transport, watertight storage containers are designed with moisture barrier properties to ward off moisture intrusion while protecting cushions against pests and moisture intrusion.


Lighting can transform a deck or patio into an inviting nighttime living space, from deck edging ideas that help define its boundaries to uplighting that draws attention to water fountains or statues. Lanterns or string lights overhead add soft glow while lighting an outdoor fireplace can serve as an inviting focal point.

Materials and styles of deck furniture can also affect what kind of lighting is required for an evening atmosphere. Natural woods like cedar, redwood and teak tend to be stronger and require regular staining and preservative treatments; on the other hand, lightweight rattan and wicker is easier to care for and often made from recycled materials to reduce waste.

Choose a deck lighting style that complements the overall aesthetic of your yard and house to achieve a cohesive design theme. For example, if your deck overlooks mountain or ocean views, incorporating earth-tone furniture lighting to complement the landscape while emphasizing night views; alternatively if your deck is part of a modern home with glass floors and walls then match its illumination style for an integrated look.

To reduce costs associated with deck lighting, opt for low-wattage bulbs with warm, inviting ambiance rather than bright daylight bulbs – this helps conserve energy and decrease electric bill impacts. For an eye-catching effect, hang multiple strings of lights overhead for an eye-catching canopy over your deck.

Install a ceiling fan equipped with its own built-in light to increase visibility on cool summer nights and circulate air for comfort. Just be sure to purchase one specifically designed for outdoor use, including weatherproof components and GFCI circuitry to provide safety and reliability. Also take care to place lighting so as to avoid harsh illumination that detracts from the overall ambience of your backyard retreat.