Choosing a Wood Patio Furniture Set

wood patio furniture set

If your front porch is lacking furniture, now may be the time for an update with new wood patio furniture sets ranging from rattan to teak options to bring new life and warmth into the space.

Classic Ipe is a durable wood that stands up well to outdoor elements. Patio Productions carries a selection of Ipe frames made from this exceptional material.

1. Teak

Teak wood furniture sets are among the most durable in use today, featuring its unparalleled beauty and blend-ability with various designs. Its golden hues and tight grain patterns add a distinctive elegance that many find desirable. Even in rainy environments, teak stands up well against water damage; and when exposed to UV rays from direct sunlight it won’t warp or crack from exposure – an added benefit.

Teak furniture offers many advantages, not the least being its insulating properties, keeping the room cooler during summer and warmer in winter. Furthermore, this material resists fungal attacks while being able to absorb and retain moisture without compromise to its integrity or strength. Furthermore, teak’s dense construction makes it a strong and long-term patio furniture option.

Though more costly than some wood options, teak’s long-term durability makes it an excellent investment. Proper care of a teak set should ensure it will stand the test of time and its sustainability ensures eco-friendliness when selecting patio furniture from this material.

Other woods that make great outdoor furniture choices include eucalyptus and cypress. Eucalyptus provides a similar aesthetic as teak at a lower cost and without using fossil fuels or minerals for production, while Cypress stands out due to its natural resistance against rot, insects, moderate climate conditions and need for regular refinishing compared to its peers – giving your patio set a beautiful, natural finish while remaining affordable and sustainably-sourced.

2. Ipe

Ipe wood is an extremely dense tropical hardwood with a deep chocolate brown hue. Naturally resistant to rot, insects and weathering damage, ipe wood has an extended life expectancy while developing its signature patina over time. Unfortunately, however, due to its weight it requires two people for moving it.

Ipe wood comes from South America’s Amazon rainforest, and has ideal growing conditions suited to growing Ipe trees that can then be made into beautiful patio furniture. With dense and durable grain patterns as well as its natural oils that resist rot, insects, and water damage damage – Ipe is ideal for growing into beautiful outdoor furniture!

Ipe has many advantages that set it apart from teak, including being easily cut or sanded without losing its natural texture, providing infinite design possibilities and styles and finishes to choose from. Furthermore, harvesting it is eco-friendly yet relatively costlier compared to teak.

Jensen’s Ipe outdoor furniture features a hand finish as smooth as glass, made possible through cross-grain sanding which prevents the lifting of surface micro-fibers over time and helps preserve its smooth feel as the wood weathers outdoors. Paired with premium marine grade Sunbrella fabrics to complete its sophisticated aesthetic and last a lifetime. Enjoy outdoor relaxation at its best – choose swivel or rocking chairs and tables tailored specifically to your space before selecting cushions from our vast collection of designer fabric colors available here at Jensen!

3. Pine

Wood has long been a classic material for outdoor furniture. Be it teak or pine, its timeless aesthetics and durability with proper care make wood the go-to choice for patio furnishings. However, not all wood species are created equally and this can have a huge effect on its lifespan and your patio furniture’s longevity.

Cypress, teak and eucalyptus woods tend to be among the most durable options; however, pine can hold up well if properly maintained. When selecting the appropriate wood, make sure you understand its capabilities as well as its performance in your local climate.

As different wood species absorb moisture differently, and can lead to rot, mildew and mold growth if left untreated, it’s crucial that furniture sets come equipped with protective coatings to ward off environmental elements like rain and wind damage. You could also opt for more natural decay-resistant options like cedar or redwood which have more of an antimicrobial component built right in.

Pine wood is soft and therefore easier to work with, which makes it great for beginners or budget-minded shoppers looking for patio furniture options. Pine holds glue well and can easily be sanded down to remove risk of splinters; however, it may become susceptible to dry cracking and swelling over time.

Tortuga Outdoor’s Sea Pines resin wicker collection provides high-quality yet economical wood patio furniture sets at an exceptional value. Available in various colors and designs to fit any outdoor aesthetic – Mojave, Java and Tortoise flat weaves can be combined with our selection of 6″ thick outdoor cushions for an effortless outdoor aesthetic!

4. Aluminum

Your choice of patio furniture ultimately depends on personal taste and the aesthetics of your outdoor space. If natural wooden textures like teak are appealing to you, wooden chairs, sofa frames or tables could add warmth and depth to your backyard scene. Alternatively, aluminum or stainless steel pieces offer sleek minimalist looks with clean lines; or mix and match various materials for an eclectic effect in your backyard patio.

Aluminum furniture offers several distinct advantages when exposed to moisture over time, including its resistance against rusting. Furthermore, its sturdy construction and low center of gravity makes it suitable for homes with children or pets as it won’t crack easily under heavy use.

However, aluminum furniture does have its own set of disadvantages to consider as well. One is its susceptibility to scratches and dents if not maintained properly; though this shouldn’t be a major concern for most homeowners or when used frequently or in areas prone to high winds.

Before purchasing outdoor furniture such as an aluminum patio set, teak, IPE or metal furniture for your backyard retreat, always conduct thorough research. By understanding both its positives and negatives aspects you can make an informed decision for what suits your backyard best. By following a few easy guidelines you can keep your outdoor furniture looking good while lasting for many years ahead.

5. Steel

Metal furniture may be an ideal option for homeowners who don’t wish to devote too much time or energy maintaining wood furniture, with stainless steel furniture being strong, durable, easy to maintain, resistant to weathering and suitable for harsh sun exposure. Although metal may need to be repainted from time to time.

Wrought iron is another solid choice in metal furniture. This classic style can withstand harsh elements while fitting into various aesthetics, being sturdy enough to withstand windy areas without bending or sagging. Unfortunately, however, bare wrought iron can rust easily so for optimal use a protective material should be applied beforehand.

For something more contemporary, metal patio furniture sets offer endless design possibilities and versatility. From casual bistro tables to modern grey sectionals, these pieces can help transform your patio into the ideal social gathering place.

The best wood patio furniture sets are constructed from premium-grade wood that can withstand the elements. Quality wooden furniture should typically be dried to 10% moisture prior to being constructed for maximum durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. Regular polishing should also help protect it against fungi or parasites that might damage its surface or structure, providing long-lasting beauty with more comfortable outdoor experiences than some alternative materials may allow for.