Choose Summer Classics Patio Furniture for Style and Durability

summer classics patio furniture

Outdoor furniture adds aesthetic and comfort to the areas around your home that you care most about. From adding sophistication to your pool deck to providing a spot for guests to unwind and gather, outdoor furniture offers aesthetic and comfort for areas you care most about.

Summer Classics’ designers are inspired to craft sophisticated products by blending traditional craftsmanship with innovative use of diverse materials. Holloway Company stocks many beautiful pieces by Summer Classics including resin wicker, cast aluminum, wrought iron and teak furniture.


Aluminum patio furniture is a timeless and versatile classic that suits multiple styles perfectly, while remaining highly durable against weather elements and regular usage. When shopping for aluminum outdoor furniture sets, be sure to evaluate any warranty terms as this indicates how confident a manufacturer is about the build quality of their product(s).

When purchasing aluminum furniture, it is essential to pay close attention to its frame design. Depending on the style of your outdoor space, it may be beneficial to opt for sets featuring creative curved frames for an eye-catching contemporary appearance; alternatively, select something more rustic woodsy like something with traditional frames for more rustic appearances.

As part of your aluminum patio furniture selection process, weight should also be an important factor. When searching for sets to purchase, it’s essential that they are light enough for one person to lift without becoming cumbersome or uncomfortable, so that rearranging or cleaning can occur more efficiently. Furthermore, the frame must remain strong so it does not bend over time and break apart into pieces that cannot be moved easily around your patio or garden.

Finally, when selecting aluminum outdoor furniture in your region, you should also take the climate conditions into account. If there is high wind in your region, steel patio furniture might be better as aluminum furniture may become airborne during a strong windy storm than its aluminum counterpart would. While aluminum patio furniture is strong and stable, its lightweight nature could leave it exposed during an onslaught.

Aluminum outdoor furniture is extremely easy to keep looking its best thanks to its durability. Simply use mild soap and water for daily maintenance to clean away dirt, stains, and dust build-up. Abrasive cleaners may damage its finish; in such instances it’s best to simply gently rub affected areas with soft cloth or sponge for removal of stubborn spots and grime.


Wicker furniture is one of the most durable outdoor materials. While cheaper patio sets may quickly become covered in dust and dings, wicker stands up against all elements with ease and can look brand new with just a quick spray from the garden hose. Furthermore, its wide array of design styles makes it suitable for any lifestyle or taste preference.

When choosing a wicker patio set, look for high-quality pieces manufactured by trusted manufacturers with tight weave that’s free from large gaps; avoid pieces with loose or sloppy weaving that will unravel over time. Also consider investing in quality aluminum frames instead of steel ones to prevent further corrosion issues.

Wicker furniture has become increasingly popular for sunrooms and enclosed back porches due to its ability to keep out pollen, bugs, and other critters. Utilizing chairs or loveseats made from wicker can add warmth and charm while offering guests an inviting spot where they can read or entertain guests.

Wicker furniture can easily adapt to any decor. From pairing it with teak and other wood pieces for a traditional and rustic aesthetic to creating more contemporary coastal styles in decks or sunrooms. Wicker also looks good when accented by colorful cushions that draw upon nature as inspiration.

Wicker furniture’s lightweight nature also allows it to be easily moved around your backyard or balcony for a fresh new look, letting you enjoy it more frequently and changing its layout at will.

When purchasing wicker furniture, always look for all-weather woven materials and high-quality cushions that won’t fade with use. When searching for companies specializing exclusively in wicker furniture like Harmonia Living which only makes lounge and dining sets, use higher quality synthetic wicker than other companies and thicker gauged frames, while employing an intricate weaving technique which produces smooth curves instead of flat or straight surfaces for comfort and durability. Sunbrella fabric cushions offer extra weather resistance against fading as well.


Teak timber is widely considered one of the most durable outdoor furniture materials, featuring tight wood graining and abundant natural oils that protect it against weather elements such as rain and desert sun. Furthermore, this natural oil repels moisture – protecting it from fungus infestation as well as insect pests! Teak can be left natural or painted/stained/waxed depending on your style of patio furniture as well as personal aesthetic preferences – plus cut to form tables benches and seating arrangements of various shapes!

Teak furniture is easy to care for. As it weathers naturally over time, its honey hue may fade to silvery grey; but regular cleaning and application of protecter/sealer will quickly restore it back to its original honey hue. Proper care of teak will extend its lifetime of service – making it an invaluable investment piece for summer classics patio furniture collections.

Teak wood’s beautiful lustrous finish makes it the ideal material to pair with wicker chairs and sofas for creating a balanced and cohesive look in any patio lounge area.

When purchasing teak furniture, it is crucial that you opt for high quality pieces that will stand the test of time. Avoid lower grades of teak made from outer sections or sapwood of timber that has very low oil content and faded colors; choose premium pieces from brands who use ethically sourced and sustainable teak and offer extensive testing and warranty processes to guarantee they last over time.

Are You Searching for Modern or Traditional Teak Outdoor Furniture Sets? Teak outdoor furniture sets offer timeless beauty in your garden oasis, providing relaxation from start to finish. Natural beauty of Teak can complement other patio pieces while its durability allows you to experience nature for years and years to come!

Harmonia Living and Lloyd Flanders offer high-quality teak furniture at an affordable price point. Meanwhile, Mamagreen and Gloster use traditional teak as an aesthetic element in their contemporary patio collections, mixing materials and textures in order to showcase its durability.

Other Materials

Summer Classics’ commitment to producing luxury patio furniture goes well beyond fabric choices; each piece from their collection of outdoor pieces has been built with weather and wear-and-tear in mind, constructed to withstand daily use around pool decks.

Summer Classics recognizes that sophistication and longevity should go hand-in-hand, which is why its commitment to durable construction begins from its very inception – adhering to strict manufacturing standards such as mortise and tenon joints for teak furniture pieces as well as baked-on powder coat finishes that are 10x thicker than wet paint finishes for cast aluminum furniture pieces.

Summer Classics’ designers use cutting-edge materials and manufacturing techniques to craft innovative patio furniture pieces that will radically change how you view patio seating. Their cutting edge designs range from metal that emulates wood grain to polymers that mimic concrete textures – and creative combinations of materials – all to give pieces that stand the test of time such beauty that is so hard-wearing.

Not long ago, outdoor furniture meant a basic chair and table set purchased at your local hardware store. When CEO Bew White III graduated with his textile engineering degree from Auburn University in 1973, the term “outdoor room” hadn’t even been coined yet and weatherproof furniture usually consisted of plastic umbrella bases.

Now, Summer Classics provides modern high-quality resin wicker furniture sets complemented with durable fabrics in 140 options – as well as multiple frame colors and customizable accessories – designed to bring outdoor spaces to life.

Aldik Home offers stunning Summer Classics patio furniture. When visiting Aldik Home to make your purchase, bring pictures of your backyard so we can work with you to design a set that makes it the envy of the neighborhood! We look forward to working with you soon and look forward to our partnership!