Buying a Farmhouse in Jaipur

Rugs are the ultimate style weapon; they set themes, unify furniture pieces and define spaces in open-concept living areas.

At Burke Decor, we carry Jaipur Living rugs and fabric accents to add texture and warmth to any space in your home. Choose from classic baroque designs or trendy modern patterns – there is a variety of choices!


Nand Kishore Chaudhary founded Jaipur Rugs in 1978 to revolutionize the carpet industry by working directly with artisans. His goal was to show people the beauty of handmade goods while bringing it directly into homes worldwide. Today, Jaipur Living continues his legacy and now employs over 40,000 artisans – 70% women – across 700 villages in India who receive fair and sustainable wages along with access to education, health care services, as well as other benefits such as community development projects such as school renovations or clean water initiatives.

Handwoven by artisans with an uncomplicated yet passionate work ethic, their pieces reflect beauty in each piece they produce and carry centuries-old traditions that they are immensely proud to uphold. Their process begins by selecting yarn that best represents their design and dyeing it using either Swiss chrome chemical-free dyes or natural vegetable/plant extract dyes for coloring. Once dyeing is completed, artisans start weaving; knots are tied by wrapping yarn around two neighboring warp straps until all knots have been tied on a given rug – after this step washing, stretching carving binding edges may also be required to prevent fraying.

Jaipur Living not only offers their artisans a livable income, but they also offer training programs designed to expand their skills and increase productivity. These training sessions are led by Bunkar Sakhi artisans – or “weaver’s companions”. Their purpose is to help other weavers hone their craft while solving production floor issues efficiently; Bunkar Sakhi are responsible for guaranteeing top-quality production while handling any potential issues which may arise.

Burke Decor’s Jaipur Living line of rugs and textile accents from Burke Decor are designed to satisfy traditional as well as contemporary tastes, featuring scrolling baroque designs for formal living spaces or abstract paint stroke patterns to give an abstract touch. Whatever style is preferred in your home, Jaipur Living has something suitable.

The boutique-like collection from this company draws its inspiration from global culture and indigenous crafts while remaining grounded in current fashion trends and lifestyle preferences. Their appreciation of handmade craftsmanship is enhanced by innovative construction techniques which has led to one of America’s fastest-growing home furnishing companies.


From ornate baroque designs suitable for traditional living rooms, to modern abstract art rugs that pair beautifully with contemporary furniture and decor, Burke Decor is proud to offer an expansive selection of Jaipur products. These fabric accent pieces add soft texture and warmth to any space, and make wonderful presents for newly homeowners. Choose woven wool rugs for dining rooms and plush silk area rugs for bedrooms; then complete the look by adding throw blankets or poufs as finishing touches.

Jaipur Rugs Foundation helps support artisans with livable wages and access to healthcare as well as leadership development opportunities. In addition, this brand collaborates with various social enterprises in helping them expand and flourish.

Jaipur Living’s philanthropic programs enable their talented artisans to be equipped with all of the tools necessary for them to create exquisite designs, while remaining true to contemporary trends in luxury interior design – creating collections which are both beautiful and meaningful.

Jaipur Living proudly displays the Nest Ethical Handcraft Seal, awarded to companies that meet stringent worker protection and production standards. Their dedication to ethical production can be seen in their work with independent artisans operating out of their own homes or small workshops rather than large factories.

As a result, the company can deliver the same high quality craftsmanship found in global factories at a fraction of their costs. Furthermore, they lead the industry when it comes to supporting independent artisans and supporting local economies.

Jaipur Brand offers several sustainability initiatives designed to reduce waste, as well as support its people who work for them. One such initiative, Freedom Manchaha, allows inmates at Rajasthan jails to find healing and purpose by designing their own rugs which then become part of Jaipur’s Designer Edit collection and display both creativity as well as their commitment to sustainable practices.


Farmhouse purchases in Jaipur can be an excellent investment; however, it’s essential that you understand all the complexities involved before making your decision. Consider both long-term benefits of having a farm as well as potential appreciation potential; by following these tips for purchasing farmhouse living space.

Farmhouses in Jaipur can make the perfect addition to your family’s lifestyle. Offering tranquil environments for relaxation and a sense of peace, farmhouses can also help promote healthful living habits such as stress management and nutrition and exercise regiments. Many people also find living in one helps manage stress levels as they experience healthier diet and physical fitness plans.

Cost of living in Jaipur depends heavily on individual preferences and spending habits, with on average an individual spending anywhere from Rs 15,000-20,000 monthly on groceries and household products, such as fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy products. Transportation costs and utilities will also need to be covered.

Jaipur Living is an international lifestyle brand with a passion for people, product and design. Blending time-honored techniques with current trends to produce handmade rugs and home accessories with its products; its goal is to connect its customers directly with artisans that craft its items.

Philosophy at Jaipur Rugs Foundation centers around unconditioned love, providing employment to over 40,000 weavers located across 600 villages in India. Through various social initiatives and the Jaipur Rugs Foundation, livable wages, education, healthcare access, and opportunities for personal growth are offered to these weavers.

The company’s dedication to sustainability can be found throughout its supply chain. Products made of sustainable natural materials like wool, silk and cotton make these durable yet breathable natural fibers the ideal choice for homes with children and pets. Furthermore, its rugs are hand-knotted by skilled artisans; this process ensures high-quality rugs made with sustainable practices in mind.

Jaipur Living has long been recognized for their commitment to interior designers. Recently, they expanded their Designer Edit program with an exclusive selection of products only available through Interior Design partners – to protect the value of partnership relationships while giving interior designers an unforgettable client experience.


Jaipur Living’s unique artisan-to-customer model stems from its founder Nand Kishore Chaudhary’s desire for his business to serve a greater cause beyond financial profits. This system connects rug artisans who work from their homes directly with end customers who live nearby – providing more accessible handmade rugs while unleashing creativity across castes, religions and social statuses.

Products of this company seamlessly combine indoor and outdoor spaces, creating living areas that feel cozy “at home.” Their designs utilize color, texture, sustainability and traditional artisan crafts to produce textiles, pillows and poufs that provide an inviting look – creating living areas with maximum living areas while still feeling homey and cozy.

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