Bohemian Patio Furniture

Fill your outdoor space with bohemian patio furniture that exudes freedom of spirit. From eclectic planting and recycled decor, to macrame plant hangers – this style celebrates nature’s artful expression while embodying personal expression.

Add pattern textiles over teak wood furnishings to define seating areas and create an inviting place for contemplation. Accent this aesthetic with throw pillows featuring warm sunset hues or organic line-drawn patterns for an added pop.


Bohemian patio furniture lends itself to an array of vibrant colors, from deep jewel tones to bright, sunny hues – the possibilities are limitless! Mix these vibrant shades with earthy tones for an airy yet luxurious aesthetic; choose wicker furniture for a more relaxed aesthetic while Eastern details like tassels or faux fur add character and character; adding some cacti or succulents can help bring the outdoors in too!

Bohemian aesthetics encourage lounging and relaxing, so offering various low seating options such as lounge chairs with waterfall backs and contoured seats, tufted daybeds and plush rounded sectionals is key for creating this casual setting. Teak wood benches that serve as platforms to place towels and beverages add to this atmosphere of lounging around and lounging around comfortably.

Outdoor rugs are an integral component of bohemian patio furniture, serving as the backdrop for vibrant patterns to emerge on its surface. Pillows with bold or subtle patterns should also be added on top to increase visual interest of the space further. Choose a rug with vibrant hues as well as subtle tones – don’t shy away from selecting multiple hues in one rug pattern!

Vintage and global decor are integral parts of the bohemian design ethos, so searching thrift shops and flea markets for unique finds is an excellent way to add personality and charm to your outdoor space. Crafting personal artisanal touches allows you to express yourself while adding personal touches of your own like making macrame planters is a straightforward DIY project that instantly boosts its visual appeal.

Bohemian patios provide an ideal space for creativity and self-expression, easily turning any backyard into a vibrant oasis. A combination of vibrant textiles, eclectic plantings, recycled decor and teak wood furniture creates an artistic space that celebrates individuality while offering comfort – creating an eye-catching blend of textures and styles sure to draw visitors in your garden!


No matter your style preferences – from earthy rusticity to vibrant boho chic – we offer plenty of styles that are sure to meet them! Mixing prints, textiles and textures define this eclectic aesthetic so don’t be shy about trying on different pieces!

Our wide range of bohemian patio furniture includes everything from hammocks and rattan chairs to lounge beds and tropical-patterned pillows – ideal pieces to bring an relaxed yet colorful aesthetic into any outdoor space! These pieces bring life, character, color, pattern and personality to any garden or backyard space.

Add some rustic or Eastern details to your backyard for a bohemian aesthetic, like wooden table bases, rustic chair legs, raffia weaves and hangings, metal candle holders and Moroccan lanterns for an upbeat ambience in your garden. Natural elements such as greenery and cacti can further create this vibe!

At Patio Living Direct we also have an assortment of stylish umbrellas to complement the bohemian feel of patio furniture. This black woven umbrella, for instance, boasts powder-coated aluminum hardware and features fun black tassels dangling from its canopy – the perfect addition for creating a relaxed yet entertaining setting while you entertain friends or relax with family! Feature it over dining tables, lounge chairs or pools and create your own bohemian backyard retreat! It is the ideal way to set a relaxing ambience when entertaining others or relaxing alone! This umbrella makes an excellent choice when creating laid-back environments while entertaining and relaxing with friends or family – great choices to use over dining tables, lounge chairs or pools when creating bohemian backyard retreats!


To create a bohemian backyard oasis, choosing furniture made from natural or eco-friendly materials is key. When shopping for patio furniture, keep these aspects in mind when making your selection; teak wood and wicker both provide durability against weather elements while teak can also withstand rain and hail storms without suffering significant damage. Furthermore, take into consideration any maintenance needs when making this decision; keeping rain off or hail out might require protecting it with special covers for optimal performance.

People often use bohemian patio furniture to evoke a relaxed and earthy aesthetic. A set of hammocks or rattan furnishings can help create an environment conducive to relaxing with family members or friends; plus adding tropical-patterned pillows can add an additional bohemian element.

As much as some homeowners prefer a uniform patio furniture set, others appreciate the unique aesthetic created by combining different materials together. Mixing wicker and rattan with iron pieces, for example, can create an intriguing layered effect. Some manufacturers even provide multiple frame colors, seating capacities and design styles so you can find just the right mix-and-match outdoor furniture set for your yard.

One of the most sought-after pieces for bohemian patio furniture is woven rattan. As an extremely flexible material, woven rattan can be fashioned into various shapes and sizes with ease, from tight coiling rattan weaves to open basket designs – providing endless design choices so you can find one to meet both your budget and style preferences.

Synthetic rattan furniture is another eco-friendly choice for bohemian-inspired outdoor patio seating, made from recycled plastics. Available in natural colors and seating capacities, synthetic rattan offers all of the comfort associated with its wooden counterpart while being simple to maintain with mild detergent and water for cleaning purposes.


Bohemian style furniture adds vibrancy and excitement to any backyard, without taking much planning or time. Mix patterns, fabrics, textures and colors effortlessly for an eclectic yet inviting aesthetic – make your wanderlust soul proud by shopping individual pieces or full sets of bohemian patio furniture today and take advantage of your Badass Patio rewards to save on future purchases!