Blue Patio Furniture

blue patio furniture

Design an inviting patio or porch space in any shade of blue using durable furniture made from poly lumber, which stands up against weather elements without needing too much maintenance. Made of this resilient material, poly lumber resists rot, rust, splinters, mildew and more!

Gather for backyard barbeques or tea in the garden with a blue bistro set, featuring dining chairs and tables in every shade of blue, as well as an umbrella to complete the look.

Sectional or Sofa

Depending on your guests or family gatherings, sectionals offer convenient patio furniture solutions that are easily movable around. Constructed of several sections linked together by tool-free clips or screws, starting with 10-seaters can expand as needed; some sections even feature reversible chaise extensions for more lounging space while others have wide arms to encourage perching. Some brands like Sabai even create custom sofas using recycled or repurposed materials in production for sustainable manufacturing processes.

Sofas featuring reversible back cushions that flip forward can reveal extra storage spaces in the sofa itself or underneath its seat, making it easy to keep clean or switch out covers for a fresher look. Some brands, like Lovesac, even offer over 250 covers that allow you to switch up your color scheme without breaking your budget entirely.

An outdoor sectional or sofa is an excellent way to create an inviting spot to unwind at the end of each day, whether that means relaxing with a book or binging Netflix shows. Add an elegant foundation with beachy, nautical, or bohemian styles of rug that perfectly compliment your blue furniture and decor.

Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs are essential additions to any patio or porch, offering soothing rocking movements to relax you into restful naps. This blue outdoor rocking chair features a simple design that complements any aesthetic; with its curved silhouette and bold hue it provides the ideal spot for reading a book or enjoying sunset viewing with cocktails in hand.

This rocking chair boasts an authentic rustic appearance thanks to its weathered finish. Crafted of mahogany wood and protected with an eco-friendly water base finish for added resistance against outdoor elements, its mahogany frame has an individually selected foam seat cushion which offers both comfort and support – available with blue and green hues that match its colors of natural mahogany wood grain.


Inspired by rustic barn homes, this rocking chair embodies rustic beauty with its stylish yet welcoming X-back design and weathered gray finish. Additionally, its unique cushion color of blue spruce brings together shades of both green and blue that perfectly adorn its weathered gray frame.

This reclaimed-look chair takes the traditional rocker in an innovative direction with its unique shape, which features a slight slope in the back for added comfort and sturdy beechwood construction for durability. Furthermore, this space-saving folding feature adds another convenient feature.

Outdoor Umbrella

An outdoor umbrella can help you make the most of the beauty and warmth of summer days. From freestanding patio umbrellas that provide shade over an entire lounge area to table umbrellas that pair beautifully with dining sets or other tables, ensuring your new umbrella includes a stand or base that keeps it upright and stable is key in order to avoid it blowing away in a gust of wind.

Summer’s allure means protecting our skin from UV rays can be dangerously tempting, so this market umbrella provides essential UV ray protection with its 9′ polyester canopy designed to deflect them. Easy crank lift operation opens and tilts it while push-button tilt allows positioning to provide optimal sunlight coverage. A vented top panel helps air flow during hot weather while an aluminum pole finished in black complements with powder-coated steel ribs endure all elements.

Create an oasis in your backyard with this cantilever umbrella designed to withstand wind and rain. Boasting durable olefin fabric that resists fade and mildew, it makes an excellent addition to outdoor living spaces with contemporary design aesthetics. A rustproof aluminum frame and fiberglass ribs support its weight without compromising style while an easily operated crank lift lets you open or close its canopy easily.

Outdoor Bench

Enhancing a garden, yard or patio with an outdoor bench provides more seating for family and guests while adding the color blue into an outdoor design scheme. There is a wide range of styles and materials available so take note of where it will be placed when selecting one for optimal selection.

Wood benches offer a natural ambience and come in various tones. Teak is known to last, while acacia resists water damage and weathers into an elegant drift gray finish over time. Both these materials are eco-friendly and lightweight for easy transport. You could also choose metal benches for an upbeat contemporary aesthetic; metal is durable enough to withstand rain, humidity, snowfall, extreme temperatures as well as snow ice formation and extreme temperature swings while you might even find wrought iron options perfect for rustic designs.

An outdoor storage bench serves dual-purpose by providing seating while offering plenty of room to store toys, gardening tools and other items underneath its seat. Select from backless or curved styles; backless benches allow access from all sides while curved ones fit neatly in corners. Glider or rocking benches offer another great way to enjoy nature and tranquil conversations with loved ones.

Outdoor Rug

An outdoor rug adds warmth and coziness to your patio furniture while protecting it from dirt and debris that might accumulate, helping protect wood or stone patios that cost hundreds of dollars to construct.

When purchasing outdoor rugs, look for durable materials that can withstand rain, sunlight, and family activities. Synthetic fiber rugs such as polypropylene (often designed to resemble sisal) and polyester are popular choices, being both soft and weatherproof woven together for durability and weatherproofing. Nylon and polyester options may also be considered viable choices which often feature added weatherproofing features woven together with olefin fibers for additional strength and weatherproofing capabilities.

Select a style that compliments your overall decor, but make sure the color and texture is appropriate for outdoor use. Natural fibers such as wool may not hold up against weather elements and could even attract mold and mildew growth.

When selecting a size for an outdoor rug, keep this in mind when selecting a size: the front legs of any chairs should rest squarely on the carpet and not extend off of it. Scattered seating groups is another good way to create an asymmetrical layout and vary seating groupings. When using your outdoor rug during Summer for added brightness or storage in winter garage, make sure that it gets regularly swept and washed using gentle soap/water solutions, before being dried thoroughly before being put away.

Side Table

An outdoor blue side table can easily hold stacks of books, coffee mugs and flower-filled vases. Reviving mid-century modern design, it features walnut and brass on its rounded top and tripod-inspired frame for optimal stability. Add one to complement your patio furniture or add something truly blue into your interior design scheme.

Bring new life to your blue patio furniture with an easy and inexpensive DIY project. Refinish wood pieces you already own or paint over existing ones to give it an updated look, this easy upgrade gives your patio a whole new feel – with just some sanding, painting and new upholstery required for this stunning patio refreshment!

No patio is complete without a drink station, whether that means an actual bar or simply a built-in corner piece. These practical pieces come in all sorts of styles – contemporary decor would favor open front cabinets with glass doors while rustic decor may prefer old-fashioned wooden bars.

An umbrella shade can make an effective addition to your blue patio furniture, especially when its color matches that of your seat cushions and table chairs. In this stunning setup, a harmonious color palette has been achieved by matching cream umbrella canvas to both chair and cushion colors.