Blue and White Patio Furniture

blue and white patio furniture

Add some blue and white to your patio furniture layout for a classic seating arrangement that exudes style. Combine navy or white sofas with off-white chairs and side tables for an elegant yet cozy seating arrangement.

Blue and white make for an aesthetically pleasing combination, from sophisticated and upscale events to relaxed backyard relaxation sessions. Their color combination will bring life and energy to your backyard layout!


A sofa is the centerpiece of any patio seating area. Select a white couch frame with blue cushions for an airy, classic aesthetic. Complete the arrangement by including cream-colored coffee tables and side chairs as well as adding white and blue throw pillows as accents of color and finally adding an outdoor rug in blue and white to bring together this ensemble.

For a more contemporary aesthetic, consider opting for a modular sofa such as Burrow’s Nomad sofa – featuring separate modules that can be configured into different configurations to meet your space’s specific requirements. Plus, it comes complete with chaise and sleep kit to offer maximum functionality! Available in various colors to ensure there is something suitable to your taste in terms of color scheme!

White furniture may be timeless and classic, but maintaining it can sometimes be tricky. It reveals dirt and dust more readily than other colors do if you have children or pets in the household, leaving yellow-tinged dust residue behind on its surface. Plus, body sweat stains, food spills and accidental markings can leave their mark; using protective covers may help shield against this so your white couch looks its best for years.

If you prefer a more subtle aesthetic for your patio decor, choose gray or beige sofas as they will pair nicely with many colors and palettes – providing more decorating opportunities! Blue and white accessories can still serve as accents on these seating areas without becoming the focus.

If you need multiple seats for guests, a blue and white sectional sofa may be just what’s needed. These L-shaped seats provide seating for multiple individuals at once – perfect for large patios. Combine with an L-shaped coffee table for an expansive seating area on your patio!

If you’re hosting parties, why not add blue and white outdoor ottomans as part of your setup? These versatile seats can double as cocktail tables or placemats, providing extra seating space and storage capacity for guests. Pair these ottomans with blue and white outdoor side tables to form a cohesive seating arrangement.


Patio couch sectionals make creating a comfortable seating area for entertaining guests simple. Select from an extensive range of sizes, shapes and upholstery textures to meet the needs of your setup. Blue and white outdoor sectionals work well in various design styles including traditional, transitional and contemporary settings. Lighter fabrics help reflect sunlight to keep the space cool; darker hues hide dirt better. Coordination chairs and tables complete your look for seamless design!

If you prefer modern furnishings, choose a patio sectional with clean lines and simple wooden or metal legs, featuring accent pillows in blue and white for an eye-catching pop of color. For a cozy and welcoming ambience, include an accent chair upholstered with plush fabric upholstery in blue or white to complete the look; alternatively you could consider teak lounge chairs featuring tufted backs for classic seating solutions.

Patio sectionals are an excellent solution for larger porches and decks, offering seating for five or more. Most can be configured in either an L-shape or U-shape layout with some featuring recliner features for ultimate relaxation after an exhausting day at work. An oversized sectional sofa may also fit more people but these options are less often found.

Although sofa and loveseat sets work in most arrangements, patio sectionals may be preferable when hosting large gatherings with multiple guests. Plus, patio sectionals feature more armrests than standard loveseats – perfect for family get-togethers and movie night viewing!

No matter whether you’re creating an outdoor seating area with casual beach-inspired decor or formal urban terrace design in mind, a patio sectional should serve as the centerpiece. Consider choosing wooden sectionals if you prefer natural elements in the space or opt for tropical designs by opting for woven options instead.

Build an eye-catching seating arrangement using your blue and white sectional, matching chairs, tables, a coffee table as an anchor in the middle of your patio and accent tables and chairs all around it – complete the space by including an umbrella to provide protection from rain showers or sunbathing days!

Dining Sets

Blue and white patio furniture sets offer a versatile color combination, perfect for both informal and formal outdoor settings, which make an easy way to breathe life into any outdoor space. Create an easy seating arrangement using cream-colored sofas paired with blue dining chairs from Bernie & Phyl’s or add modern flare with navy or sky-blue tables featuring matching chair cushions in your backyard retreat. Whether your aesthetic leans toward sleek modernity or relaxed classic seating arrangements, you will find everything needed here at Bernie & Phyl’s.

Traditional patio dining sets are among the most sought-after patio furniture items, often consisting of a table and seating for four or more. Available in various styles to meet individual preferences and ideal for casual dinner parties to festive holiday gatherings, they come in an assortment of sizes and can be tailored to suit every setting imaginable – be it intimate gatherings for just two guests, or large get-togethers requiring several tables with bench seats and additional chairs. When selecting such sets it’s important to consider size of room in which it will reside; when selecting such an item if hosting large get-togethers larger sets with bench seats may be better suited.

Bistro-style dining sets are another fantastic option for your outdoor dining setup, featuring two chairs. Ideal for smaller balconies, sunny back decks, or cozy screened-in porches. For something a bit more refined try choosing a bar-style patio dining set instead – featuring counter height tables with bar-style seats; perfect for enjoying relaxing happy hours on your patio!

White and blue accessories can add the perfect finishing touches to your blue and white patio furniture, providing an ideal way to combine colors in an appealing manner. Throw pillows with blue-and-white designs add style to any seating area, complementing both blue-and-white dining chairs as well as other types of patio furniture. Blue vases may also look beautiful, while fire glass in shades of blue can help complete the look of any outdoor fire pit area.


Blue and white patio furniture create a striking centerpiece for outdoor relaxation or hosting an event, making a stylish focal point that energises both relaxation and festivities alike. This color pairing can range from elegant and upscale to fun and festive – making it suitable for both formal and casual designs alike. Use throw pillows or cushions in both blue and white for seamless seating layout, or pair a navy blue sofa with white chaise lounges for a cohesive design scheme.

Setup a casual dining setup by pairing two light gray wicker chairs with a wooden accent table and blue stripe outdoor rug, plus an umbrella to create an inviting space where guests can dine al fresco. Or if your backyard patio already exists, use it to transform it into an eating nook by positioning chairs and table beneath a shade tree or on a trellis overlooking your garden – create the ultimate casual dining space!

If you’re creating a more elegant space, pair your blue sectional with stylish yet comfortable rattan dining chairs that combine natural colors with weatherproof cushions for added durability and weatherproof seating. Ottomans provide additional support while still enjoying the comfort and style of wicker seats – ideal for keeping feet off of the ground and enjoying both comfort and style simultaneously!

Roomy blue or white sectional seating arrangements are an excellent solution for families or larger groups of guests, providing plenty of spacious seating to comfortably accommodate everyone. To add visual interest and additional seating options, add cerulean or pearl white accent chairs into your layout as a visual adornment and for additional seating options.

Choose either light or dark wood finishes for your chair frames depending on the overall aesthetic of your backyard. Darker colors like teak and mahogany offer timeless sophistication while lighter wood finishes create more of a contemporary aesthetic, fitting seamlessly with modern landscaping designs and traditional front porch designs alike. To add natural beauty to your blue and white patio seating arrangement, hang shimmering glass solar lanterns from the rafters of your gazebo or pergola so they provide soft illumination over your seating arrangement.