Black and White Striped Patio Furniture

Add a modern flair to traditional outdoor furniture by mixing black and white stripes with seaside charm through powder blue or navy hued cushions or umbrellas, while neutral black and white colors work best in backyard settings.

Capture the Cape Cod aesthetic in your garden with furniture featuring stripes that complement its natural colors. This water-front patio includes a concrete fire pit, brown wicker sofa and chairs topped with green greek key pillows, slate herringbone pavers surrounded by them all under an eye-catching umbrella with stripes.


Add instant visual interest and contrast to any seating area with black and white striped cushions for easy patio furniture redesign. Their crisp contrasting color palette will pop against your backyard garden’s natural background and instantly bring visual interest. Contemporary and classic patterns like Sunbrella Shara Ikat Black and White fabric textures offer interlocking geometric lines; traditional ticking texture outdoor pillows may be more suitable as well.

Black and white striped patio furniture brings the beach directly into your backyard for easy outdoor relaxation. Powder blue hues with nautical motifs add charm to wicker furniture, natural wood tables, and beige area rugs, creating a rustic yet alluring rustic getaway perfect for sipping Aperol spritzers while looking out over idyllic sandy shores. Earthy browns and green hues pair nicely with this style for a unique treetop retreat feel in the form of backyard relaxation!

Black elements provide the foundation of outdoor decor schemes, but can become overpowering if overdone. To keep your backyard retreat light and airy, pair striped black-and-white furniture with more neutral outdoor pillows – like those featured on these cream sling chaise lounges – for example striped black-and-white sofas and chairs are paired with these cream sling chaise lounges to maintain balance. Lighter tints of gray add subtlety that soften the overall effect for added appeal on patio furniture sets.

Utilizing a minimal color palette enhances modern backyard retreats for an effortlessly cool and welcoming atmosphere. Black and white striped outdoor furniture adds the perfect finishing touch to a contemporary patio design, seamlessly blending in with accent chairs, sofas and tables. Pair black-and-white striped outdoor pillows with sleek rattan sectionals or metal accent chairs to further unify the decor design in your backyard retreat.


Black and white striped patio furniture adds an eye-catching element to coastal decor themes, with powder blue and navy hues evoking beach vibes in your backyard while classic cottage tones add timeless cottage charm. Pair these colors with wicker dining sets, natural wood tables, beige area rugs and beige area rugs to create an outdoor oasis perfect for sipping Aperol spritzers while gazing upon idyllic sandy shore views.

Modernize a classic black and white outdoor furniture set by adding removable cabana stripe cushions made of performance fabric that resists fade. These vibrant outdoor cushions create a lively pool deck space, pairing beautifully with rattan chairs, black umbrellas and tan wicker dining furniture. For further modernizing a backyard patio use natural stone pavers or patterned slate tiles as flooring and adding chrome or nickel accents for an updated look.

Take pleasure in this breezy-feeling coastal outdoor seating set featuring a striped umbrella! Sea blue or green hues coordinate perfectly with coastal decor themes, while complementing tan tones found in wicker dining seat cushions and beige area rugs. Combine these accessories into neutral outdoor color schemes for an eye-catching contemporary aesthetic, or choose bolder hues like blue or orange accent pillows to give it eye-catching flair!


Black and white hues add an eye-catching aesthetic to wicker patio furniture for a modern backyard design. Combine striped cushions on brown outdoor sectionals with modern metal accent chairs to create an eye-catching retreat that blends beautifully with nature. Use Sunbrella Pavilion Solid Black stripes or Fischer Graphite stripes for maximum impact in your designs!

Coastal-inspired backyard designs that use powder blue and navy stripes create a relaxing ambiance, perfect for backyard retreats. Pair these hues with rattan black-and-white striped patio furniture and natural wood tables to highlight your beachfront views and natural wood tables to complete the look. Add an outdoor concrete fire pit and slate herringbone pavers for additional impact!

White and black striped patio furniture creates an idyllic setting for poolside relaxation. Decorate your backyard oasis with matching wicker outdoor sofas and chairs decorated with green greek key pillows adorned with matching green greek key pillows, as well as umbrellas with the same stripes to complete the look.

To create an elegant coastal black and white deck, place black-and-white striped cushions on traditional wicker patio furniture. Select performance fabric options designed to resist fade and moisture to maintain an aesthetically pleasing backyard design. Villa Cabana Hothouse Cloud White pillows make an eye-catching statement while Robert Allen Shara Ikat Black and White or Gazebo Onyx designs offer subtle interlocking geometric fabric textures for more understated patio pillow choices.


Black and white outdoor furniture makes an eye-catching contrast against the natural backdrop of a backyard garden, making for an eye-catching contrast against nature. Choose striped fabric colors that complement the scenery. Geometric patterns like those seen in Robert Allen’s Shara Ikat Black and White fabric or Waldorf Onyx fabric provide modern looks easily integrated with traditional patio chairs or sectionals. Add matching black-and-white outdoor pillows in complementary patterns for an integrated aesthetic, along with modern metal end tables for entertaining guests and serving cocktails during an evening outdoors!

Black elements create a dramatic look when combined with light shades of white. Bright whites anchor the color scheme without making it monotone. Add two woven black-and-white striped chaise lounge cushions atop sleek ivory pillow bolsters for an updated aesthetic.

Powder blue and navy hues bring beachy vibes into a backyard setting with black-and-white striped patio furniture, which adds beachy charm. Add energy to waterfront decks with concrete firepit surrounded by slate herringbone pavers featuring stripes. Brown wicker sofas and chairs topped with green greek key pillows complete the theme for patio decor.

Add black and white striped furniture to any outdoor living area for an eye-catching contrast between outdoor living areas. Pair striped chat sets with matching outdoor pillows, an accent table and planters in order to achieve a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic against your backyard landscaping. Make sure that all fabrics used resist fade and moisture so that your patio furniture lasts season after season.