Better Homes and Gardens Patio Furniture Replacement Cushions

better homes and gardens patio furniture replacement cushions

Better Homes and Gardens patio furniture replacement cushions add comfort and color to your outdoor seating. You can find these cushions online retailers.

Before purchasing new cushions, take an inventory of what you already own and which sizes you require. Accurate measurements ensure your cushions fit and feel best.


When relaxing in your backyard, it’s essential that your furniture and cushions provide maximum comfort. Most Better Homes and Gardens patio sets feature upholstered seats and backs, making it simple to upgrade with new cushions without purchasing new furniture altogether. Plus, outdoor replacement cushions add an instant splash of color!

To select the ideal cushion size for your furniture, take measurements of existing cushions on patio furniture. Record these on paper so you can refer back to them later; take pictures with your cell phone so you can recall their exact shape and dimensions later. Incorrect replacement cushions could alter their aesthetic and comfort – make sure that when selecting replacement cushions that they fit seamlessly.

Once you’ve taken measurements for your current cushions, use them as a guide when ordering replacements. If you’re uncertain which fabric works best with your furniture, look for sites offering fabric swatches so you can order multiple samples – this will allow you to determine if the color and pattern suit your tastes while giving a feel for how different fabrics feel.

Patio furniture cushions come in an assortment of colors and patterns to match the decor on your deck or porch. Popular fabrics for this purpose include bright floral prints, geometric designs and stripes. If weather damage concerns are an issue for you, try selecting Olefin fabric as it resists fade better.

Consider how the fabric you choose for your patio furniture cushions responds to moisture. Polyester material tends to be water resistant and stain proof. Be wary when purchasing outdoor fabrics though as not all fabrics have equal material composition: some weave tightly while others allow more air through and onto your skin.


As with all furniture, cushions play an essential role in making sure it lasts as long as possible and provides comfort to you and your guests. However, eventually they may wear out or look unsightly – when this occurs it may be time to invest in new cushions online that look great, feel good, and will stand the test of time. In this article you can find help shopping and ordering replacement cushions online that look great and last a long time.

Start by conducting an inventory of your furniture and cushions. Write down each piece by name and number, noting all attributes such as size/type/style of seat cushion/back pillow etc. You should also take photos of both so you can refer back to them later when placing orders.

Step two in creating new Better Homes and Gardens patio furniture replacement cushions is to select fabric(s). While this may be challenging, selecting high quality materials that last will ensure they look great over time. Most online cushion sellers provide fabric swatches so you can see if a particular fabric works with your decor before committing.

When considering different fabrics, make sure you keep durability and washability in mind. Some fabrics may be more stain-resistant than others and possess antimicrobial properties which prevent bacteria growth; additionally, some have UV protection which will keep their cushions from fading over time.

Once you have selected fabric for your new cushions, it’s time to measure and write down their dimensions. Most seat and back cushions are rectangular in shape so it is essential that you note their width and depth measurements as this ensures your new cushions won’t be too big or small; no one likes ill-fitting footwear or rings which are too large!


Your patio cushions make a huge statement about the style and mood of your outdoor room. Many patio sets include cushions as standard equipment; however if they become damaged or worn out you can easily replace them with replacement cushions that match both your furniture and decor. Many vendors provide a variety of fabric colors so that you can find just the right match for your space; some even provide a swatch program so that you can call or order samples to review in your home environment before placing an order for new cushions.

Most patio cushions are rectangular in shape, with seat cushions boasting square corners and back cushions reversible ones. Some models even allow you to change up the look of your furniture simply by turning them over! If your existing cushions are in good condition, use them as a template when sizing and shaping replacement ones; otherwise measure their dimensions accurately then sketch a diagram to take shopping with you for replacements.

Once you’ve chosen the replacement cushions that best meet your needs, they can be quickly installed at home. Please read and follow all manufacturer’s instructions carefully – otherwise your cushions might not fit correctly or provide as much comfort than their predecessors did.

Better Homes and Gardens’ Ravenbrooke 4-piece conversation set features durable resin wicker with fade-, mold-, and mildew-resistant blue cushions for comfortable seating that includes one loveseat and two rocking chairs, as well as a coffee table – the ideal set for relaxing and entertaining in any outdoor space.


Better Homes and Gardens patio furniture replacement cushions offer excellent value for the money spent. From their vibrant hues and soft textures, to protection from rain, sun and wind – better homes and gardens patio replacement cushions come in various fabrics and sizes so it is easy to find a set that perfectly matches your patio set. They can even be purchased online!

Most outdoor sets include seat and back cushions that wear down over time, becoming unsightly or no longer comfortable to sit on. When this happens, it’s time to purchase new cushion covers – but before doing so, take measurements of both width and depth to help determine the appropriate size of a new cover.

An excellent way to ensure that the color of your new cushions matches those on existing furniture is to ask your vendor for a sample of fabric swatch. Most providers provide this service and can do an excellent job matching colors; just remember that colors may look different on screen than they do in person!

If your existing patio set could use some updating, Sunbrella fabric cushions could be just what it needs. Stain-, mold- and mildew-resistant Sunbrella cushions make cleaning much simpler. An example is Ravenbrooke 4-Piece Patio Conversation Set made of resin wicker with plush blue cushions secured in place using fabric ties as well as featuring a coffee table featuring hand-brushed wood-look top.