Better Homes and Gardens Patio Furniture Replacement Cushions

Patio furniture cushions add comfort and color to a patio set, providing seating comfort while adding flair. While they often come standard when purchasing one, occasionally replacement may become necessary; there are various solutions available if they have become damaged.

Selecting appropriate covers and cushions for your patio furniture is key to prolonging its longevity. Here are a few things to keep in mind before making your purchase decision:


Outdoor cushions wear out over time and become unsightly or uncomfortable. At that point, it is time to begin searching for and purchasing new cushions that both look good and feel great – an efficient and pleasurable shopping and buying experience begins by taking an inventory of what you currently own as well as your requirements.

An inventory is the key to accurately identifying what kinds of replacement cushions you require and will help ensure you purchase all that are required – not one more cushion than necessary is required! To take an inventory, start by listing all pieces of furniture you own before noting how many cushions each type requires for their function – for instance if two deep seating chairs exist, write that information down along with how many cushions are necessary – in this instance two cushions would suffice.

Once you have your list, take some measurements of the current cushions on your furniture to accurately gauge their size. This will enable you to order custom-made replacement cushions that perfectly complement your furniture style; or there are universal replacement cushions available that work with most furniture styles.


When purchasing replacement cushions for your Better Homes and Gardens patio furniture, size matters most. Just as it would be unwise to wear too small of rings or shoes, neither should your new cushions be too large. That is why it is crucial that before making your order, an inventory should be taken of both existing furniture as well as its existing cushions; make note of any shape changes from front to back or side to side; also note the width and depth measurements for each cushion.

Your options for cushions vary – either specifically designed to your set, or universal styles made to work with various furniture pieces and are an excellent solution if your item no longer available for production. Many universal replacement cushions feature fade and stain-resistant Sunbrella fabric to last through years of outdoor use.

Cushions come in an assortment of stylish designs, allowing you to match them with other pieces in your home for an cohesive aesthetic. Some available colors and patterns include solids, stripes, florals and geometrics; you could even mix and match different cushions together to create something truly original for your patio! If you need help determining your own personal style before making a decision it may be useful to visit fabric showrooms or order samples before making any final decisions.

Fabric selection for cushions is paramount in order to guarantee their comfort and durability. Modern pillows feature thick resilient foam which offers high levels of support, while remaining breathable and moisture wicking so as to stay cool and dry throughout their use.

Cushions for patio furniture sets made of classic wicker or teak are an easy and effective way to elevate the aesthetic and feel of any outdoor living space. Available in an assortment of colors and patterns, plus standard or plush thickness options – Sunbrella foam or down options can further customize your cushions!


Many patio furniture sets feature cushions as part of their collection, offering all your outdoor seating needs in one package. But these cushions can get lost during windy days or simply wear out over time due to extended outdoor use; in such instances, replacement cushions may be purchased to restore comfort and style to patio chairs or chaise lounges. Furthermore, existing ones that no longer fit properly could even be tailored specifically to work with existing furniture pieces.

Before purchasing replacement cushions, it’s essential to conduct an inventory of your existing furniture and cushions. Begin by noting the names and shapes of each piece on a list; also note the width and depth dimensions. With your list in hand, begin searching for options that match.

Viewing color swatches before purchasing can help you easily match colors to existing patio furniture and overall decor. Many vendors provide this service via phone or online; you will then have them sent right to your home to review.

If you want a cushion that will stand the test of time, consider investing in Sunbrella fabric. This high-tech solution dyed material provides superior shape retention than traditional fabrics and comes in an assortment of colors and patterns to match any decor while resisting water and mildew damage. Plus, Sunbrella covers are available to protect it further against weather elements while prolonging its lifespan!

Once you’ve selected the perfect replacement cushions for your patio furniture, you can begin enjoying time spent outside in your backyard with family and friends. Soft padding will allow for extended sitting without getting sore or stiff; replacing worn out cushions with brand new ones will keep them looking and feeling new for as long as you own your furniture.

PatioLiving provides an extensive selection of high-quality replacement cushions for NorthCape International wicker furniture. These luxurious cushions feature high-density foam with stylish designer fabric for an unforgettable seating experience, along with UV resistance that prevents fade and deterioration over time.


Comfort in outdoor furniture is of utmost importance, as you want to be able to relax for extended periods without feeling discomfort. A great way to achieve this goal is with better homes and gardens patio furniture replacement cushions; these provide additional padding on seats making them more comfortable than wooden or metal chairs while offering protection from UV rays of the sun.

Your choice of replacement cushions comes in an assortment of colors and patterns. Many fabrics designed specifically to resist fade are fade-resistant; meaning their color will last longer. Some waterproof options even enable use in rain.

Before placing your cushion order, take an inventory of all existing cushions and furniture pieces. This step will ensure you order the appropriate size and type of fabric. Furthermore, take note of additional attributes available, such as fabric weight density style; this will allow you to determine which fabric best matches the style and texture of your outdoor furniture.

Once this step has been taken, you are ready to place your cushion order. Take your time when doing this as doing it correctly will save a great deal of time later on. If unsure, reach out to the cushion maker as most would rather help avoid an error than deal with major complications later.

Replacement cushions are available for many different furniture sets, including wicker, steel and teak pieces. Many sets include table and chairs; others may even come equipped with chaise lounges to create the ultimate relaxing outdoor living space that you and your loved ones can share together. Replacement cushions make an excellent addition for creating relaxing and inviting outdoor living spaces that allow everyone to share together!