Best Time to Buy Patio Furniture

Patio furniture can transform any outdoor space, whether that means hosting barbecues, enjoying mimosas by the pool, or just lounging around your backyard. However, making such an investment requires proper timing.

Shopping sales is an effective way to score exceptional bargains. Keep an eye out for spring and summer sales, end-of-season clearance events, holiday promotions and off-season discounts as opportunities for finding incredible savings can often present themselves.

Spring and Summer

As summer nears, patio furniture prices skyrocket as demand surges and sellers seek to clear inventory for summer sales. But if you are patient enough and shop strategically during springtime, great bargains may await you if you shop strategically – most people want their outdoor spaces ready in time and many retailers want to clear out inventory quickly ahead of the summer rush.

As the season advances, you can anticipate prices to increase and availability decrease; to find the best value patio furniture purchase opportunities, consider shopping in early spring or late fall when retailers typically begin end-of-season sales that provide incredible bargains.

Holidays such as Christmas and Easter provide another excellent opportunity to buy patio furniture, as retailers leverage these shopping events with special holiday offers that lure customers into their stores or websites. Furthermore, this time can provide excellent opportunities to take advantage of any clearance items left from previous seasons’ sales.

When it comes to selecting the ideal time and place to purchase patio furniture, each individual will have different goals and needs. Some might prioritize price over quality; knowing the optimal time can help you make informed choices for your home.

Keep in mind that seasonal trends can sometimes be misleading when it comes to patio furniture pricing, so keeping tabs on pricing throughout the year will allow you to take advantage of any bargains and transform your outdoor space while spending as little money as possible. By doing this, you’ll enjoy your new furniture for many years ahead! Happy Shopping!


If you’re shopping for patio furniture sets, it is essential that you know when is the optimal time to purchase. Finding an appropriate date may depend on factors like your budget and lifestyle; when it comes to outdoor purchases the perfect timing may depend on deals on specific pieces which could create stunning outdoor living areas.

If your budget allows it, late summer can be an excellent time to purchase wicker chairs or wooden porch swings. Retailers offer significant discounts to clear out remaining summer inventory before shifting over to fall merchandise; plus holiday sales like President’s Day, Memorial Day and 4th of July often feature patio furniture promotional campaigns offering your outdoor seating at significantly discounted rates.

Once it starts turning cooler, patio furniture sales become more active as stores look to clear out existing stock before winter comes knocking. You could see savings of up to 70% during this period; making it the ideal time for you to pick up that rattan chair and table you have been eyeing up for less than its full price!

Purchase patio furniture late fall can have one drawback – only having a few months left of enjoyment before it becomes too cold to sit outdoors. Therefore, it pays to research all available options early and shop around before committing.

Keep an ear out for retailers offering early season sales before temperatures cool off, too. If the warm temperatures stick around longer than anticipated, retailers may delay cutting prices until it is too late. In such instances, sign up for online newsletters and regularly check back in order to stay aware of current promotions and sales.


When shopping for patio sets, fall is one of the best seasons to do it. Retailers tend to offer discounts and sales promotions because demand for outdoor furniture drops when temperatures begin to change; therefore they’re eager to move existing inventory off their shelves so they can make room for winter items.

As Thanksgiving and Black Friday are often associated with clearance promotions, it makes these holidays the ideal time for shopping patio furniture if you’re on a tight budget or searching for specific pieces or deals. Plus, many retailers will allow price adjustments should your recipient change their mind about color or style preferences!

For those willing to wait a little bit longer, the end of summer and autumn seasons offer another ideal time for purchasing outdoor furniture. Sales and discount offers should start appearing in August as summer winds down and stores start clearing their inventory ahead of wintertime sales.

Search patiently and diligently for your ideal patio set and you should find some amazing deals that will last well into next spring. When making your purchase decision, keep quality at the forefront. Don’t settle for less simply to save some money; invest instead in quality that will bring years of comfort. To upgrade your outdoor space with style and function contact Pelican today; our wide range of stunning and functional furniture comes in various finishes that fit seamlessly into any space – contact us to learn more and arrange your free design consultation consultation session today.


Finding the ideal time and place to purchase patio furniture depends entirely on your goals and preferences. Perhaps you want to refresh your outdoor area for entertaining guests or simply relaxing in your own backyard; whatever the case, planning ahead allows you to take advantage of special offers or sales that might arise.

Though spring and summer are the peak shopping times for patio furniture purchases, fall and winter offer fantastic opportunities. As summer fades and cooler weather arrives, retailers will start clearing out inventory – giving you the chance to save big when buying outdoor sectionals, dining sets or lounge chairs during this period.

Additionally, many holiday sales offer additional discounts and incentives, including President’s Day and Memorial Day as good days to purchase patio furniture sales or deals. Fourth of July is another popular day when retailers often run promotions to clear existing inventory from stores’ shelves.

Fall is the ideal time of year for shopping patio furniture during its off-season – particularly between August and October – as these are prime months to find amazing discounts of up to 70% off regular prices! Furthermore, retailers will continue reducing prices as you move farther through the season; just make sure you have somewhere suitable to store it until warmer weather returns.