Backyard Patio Furniture – Comfort and Function in One

No matter the occasion, backyard patio furniture provides comfort and function outdoors. Select pieces to build your ideal retreat that reflects your personal taste.

An essential piece for any combination of couches and lounge chairs, a large coffee table provides the ideal place for appetizers, main dishes, drinks, snacks and any random rocks or sticks your nephew brings out for inspection.


Patio furniture makes outdoor lounging enjoyable for long periods of time, especially if chosen carefully to offer your guests soft cushions or well-padded chaise seating. The best quality pieces should be constructed of weather-resistant materials that won’t deteriorate under direct sun and wind; aluminum is sturdy yet lightweight enough for rainstorms while still being resistant to rusting; wood on the other hand offers organic durability with easy refinishing or repainting should the finish start to wear off – this way your backyard furniture stays looking brand new for longer!

Some furniture types, like wrought iron and teak, look beautiful with any decor style, making it easy to incorporate them into a backyard themed with modern or mid-century influences. Others, like wicker or bamboo pieces, provide natural aesthetics with distinctive weaved textures; chairs made of this material in particular can give your backyard space an intimate cottage vibe.

No matter which style of backyard patio furniture you opt for, make sure it provides plenty of seating for guests and family members alike. Reclining chairs and sofas provide places for people to unwind, while bistro tables allow your guests to enjoy beverages and meals al fresco. A bar cart can make entertaining at home even easier!

Those living in climates with frequent rainfall should add outdoor furniture covers to their shopping list, as these covers can protect tables and chairs from snow, rain, sleet, hail as well as maintain clean, bug-free furniture between uses. They’re an affordable way to extend the lifespan of backyard furniture!

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Maintaining backyard patio furniture is crucial to its durability. Routine cleaning, inspections and fixing any recurring issues will help preserve its elegant appearance for many seasons ahead. Proper storage can also go a long way toward prolonging its life span.

Outdoor furniture made of metal is among the most durable choices for your backyard, yet even this durable choice requires regular upkeep to remove dirt, grime, mold, mildew and debris build-up. Regular cleaning should take place at least twice annually or more frequently as needed; similarly wrought iron patio furniture requires waxing on an ongoing basis to ward off harsh weather conditions while keeping its aesthetic appeal.

Wood patio furniture provides an inviting, natural aesthetic in any outdoor living space, yet is susceptible to the same issues as any wood piece: insects burrowing through, rotting away and chipping off. Therefore, taking time and care when maintaining this type of piece by sanding, oiling or painting as required to protect its longevity and prevent future damages is necessary for optimal results.

Wicker patio furniture, however, can provide your backyard with years of reliable use. Wicker’s durability comes from its construction; typically woven from bamboo reeds or cane for durability in all climates; resin wicker is even more robust when properly cared for and can last even longer when provided a proper home environment.

When it comes to fabric patio furniture, quality fabrics are key. When selecting cushions and pillows made with outdoor-grade fabric designed to withstand sun damage, stains, moisture build-up and mildew growth, select polyester for its breathability which won’t allow moisture build-up within cushions that could eventually cause their shape to change over time. Finally, always store your furniture in an organized shed or garage when not in use.


Your choice of backyard patio furniture can have an enormous effect on how often you use the space outdoors. A set that is sleek and well proportioned can help maximize the use of a tight backyard, for instance using small table and chairs that fit seamlessly onto a deck can provide ample seating when friends drop by for dinner or drinks on the patio.

If your backyard patio features classic or traditional designs, wooden furniture crafted from teak, cedar or rattan can create a warm and natural aesthetic that blends in well with other garden features and decorations. Stone dining furniture adds elegance while various color cushions on back and seat cushions allow your dining furniture to perfectly coordinate with traditional backyard designs.

Modern elements are ideal for backyard designs that place emphasis on entertaining and socializing, such as contemporary-style backyard patio furniture with sleek silhouettes, neutral or bold color palettes, metal accents that add an industrial or modern aesthetic and glass tabletops for clean surfaces. Wicker patio furniture made of bamboo reed or cane boasts its signature woven texture to complete the look.

For an inviting poolside atmosphere, select loungers with soft upholstered seats or cushioned chaises with multiple recline positions for the ultimate relaxing poolside experience. Patio chairs and chaises like these also make great options when used for evening relaxation by an outdoor fireplace or fire pit in your backyard.

Sheepskin throw pillows and rugs add a cosy atmosphere to any outdoor patio furniture arrangement, be it modern sectional sofas or classic lounge chairs. Outdoor rugs help keep dirt at bay and provide an effortless transition from indoors to outdoors.

Add an element of style to your backyard patio with bar stools that serve as extra seating or places for guests or drinks. Some designs of these stools feature tree trunk-inspired bases or an octagonal top, so you’re sure to find one that complements the overall design of your backyard patio furniture set.


When buying backyard patio furniture, durability should always be top of mind. The good news is that durable options can easily be found at an affordable price point; simply be aware of which factors affect its cost so as to save money when possible.

Material choices play a key role in the price of patio furniture. While plastic and aluminum may be less costly than wood or wrought iron, they tend to wear out faster. Teak wood on the other hand has proven durable over time with proper care.

One factor influencing the price of patio furniture sets is how many pieces there are in them. Larger pieces, such as sofas and sectionals, tend to cost more than smaller sets like chairs due to having multiple seats and accessories that can be used together or separately.

Also, some outdoor furniture sets require additional features like fire tables or ottomans that add to their cost. Finally, your location can have an effect on the cost of patio furniture as weather can greatly impact its durability and lifespan.

Although initial investment for quality backyard patio furniture might be more substantial, the extra money can often pay off over time. Not only will you have somewhere relaxing to unwind in your yard, but you’ll also be able to use it for special events with family and friends.

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