An Alternative to Vinyl Straps on Patio Furniture

alternative to vinyl straps on patio furniture

Metal frames of patio furniture often become scratched from use. Vinyl straps discolor over time and loosen, while mesh slings tear. Over time this wear and tear can make your furniture appear old and worn out.

To replace straps or slings, cut replacement pieces to size from a roll of vinyl strapping and soften in near-boiling water until it can stretch over your frame.


Vinyl strapping on chairs provides hardy protection, unlike cushioned patio furniture which can be easily dislodged by wind gusts. A quality vinyl strap resists mildew and heat, is resistant to mildew growth, is rustproof and offers long-term service when it comes to poolside or patio furniture.

Vinyl strap furniture typically incorporates either an aluminum or steel frame to ensure it can withstand the weight of people and elements, with double wrapped and plugged vinyl strapping that provides durability. Furthermore, you have various frame finishes and strap colors available so you can customize your furniture exactly how you like it.

Reinstalling vinyl straps on patio furniture is generally straightforward and can be completed in one day with the appropriate tools. First, remove the old straps using garden shears from your chair or chaise lounge frame before cleaning the piece thoroughly afterwards.

Once you know this measurement, the next step should be taking measurements of where each strap runs on your furniture using cloth measuring tape on its back; you should then find its exact length from one end of its frame to the other (or vice versa). After finding this out, cut a new vinyl replacement strap so it covers 87% to 90% of this path (the actual amount depends on how many straps need replacing; for instance a typical chaise lounge may need 35 straps replaced so would require 70′).

As soon as your vinyl straps are ready for installation, it is imperative that they are installed quickly in order to stretch easily without becoming more resistant over time. To help expedite this process, tongs or gloves are recommended when handling it and applying pressure when installing plastic rivets to ensure they will hold. Once this process has been completed on all holes of furniture and let dry fully before storing away for future use.


Vinyl strap patio furniture provides unparalleled comfort. While metal furniture may feel rigid and uncomfortable, vinyl straps are soft and flexible – offering customizable looks at poolside. Plus, their anti-fade properties mean they’ll continue to remain bright year after year!

Vinyl straps also provide superior ventilation compared to other forms of outdoor patio seating, making them an excellent choice in hot climates. Other chairs like webbing or vinyl lacing tend to trap heat and moisture that makes summer days uncomfortable; by contrast, sling furniture allows air to freely circulate around it for increased comfort and reduced sweating risk.

If your vinyl strap patio furniture is showing signs of wear and tear, restrapping may be the solution. Restrapping is an economical option that can restore it back to like-new condition – plus, it’s quicker and simpler than replacing an entire piece.

When purchasing replacement vinyl straps, it’s essential that only high-grade materials are utilized. Low-quality straps may stretch over time and become less effective at holding up furniture. Furthermore, such low-grade material may be more prone to tears and damage which reduces its longevity over time.

Tropitone’s Sherwood Green vinyl straps are an ideal solution for restrapping patio furniture made of vinyl straps, offering superior strength and longevity compared to other types of vinyl straps. Plus, their thicker material boasts UV inhibitors and mildew preventatives to resist fading over time.

Brown Jordan offers another solution for restrapping vinyl strap patio chairs: their Roma line features basket weave-patterned strap furniture that can be found on armchairs, rockers, loveseats and loungers alike. In addition, there are glass top tables to complete your set!

Commercial vinyl strap pool furniture has become the go-to choice for hoteliers, resort operators and homeowners. Its durability, low maintenance requirements, comfort options and style options cannot be rivaled by other materials.


Vinyl straps add an attractive, stylish upgrade to patio furniture. Available in an array of colors and patterns to meet your personal aesthetic preferences, vinyl straps make a fantastic statement piece or can even match existing furniture perfectly! Available in various widths and thicknesses so you’re sure to find one to complement the style of your outdoor space furniture perfectly.

If your sling chairs are beginning to show signs of wear, now may be an opportune time to re-strap them. While DIY projects might tempt you, hiring professionals such as Leisure Furniture would likely result in better aesthetics and functionality results than going it alone.

Re-strapping furniture can be an intensive task that requires special tools and equipment, not to mention being messy and hazardous if mishandled. A quality re-strapping job may take several hours and requires patience as you allow the vinyl straps to cure fully before using your furniture again. Measure the frame carefully to ensure you have enough vinyl strap to cover its entire length – as an approximate rule, take its length from one end of each rivet hole then subtract 15%; this should provide enough material for cutting straps.

Hiring professionals also brings advantages in terms of attention to detail. A professional will make sure each strap is perfectly aligned, tightened, and fastened onto the furniture frame for an aesthetically pleasing finish and uniform appearance. Furthermore, they use durable vinyl straps which are designed to withstand outdoor conditions like UV rays, moisture, and temperature fluctuations.

Choose pre-cut vinyl straps to speed up and simplify your re-strapping project, as these straps have already been cut to the appropriate length and are ready for installation. If you’re nervous about DIY techniques or risk cutting the wrong size straps yourself, investing in a 200ft vinyl strap roll may be worth your while.


Chairs featuring vinyl straps can quickly become filthy when used as pool or patio furniture, leading to unsightly dirt and grime build-up. Thankfully, cleaning this type of furniture is relatively straightforward: simply scrub with mild soap using a brush before rinsing under running water before leaving to dry completely before lubricating any metal parts with spray or paste wax to prevent further corrosion and prolong its life span. Choosing an effective cleaner will extend its useful life further still!

Vinyl furniture can become stained by body oils, suntan lotions and chlorine; over time this will lead to mildew growth as well. Therefore, regular vinyl cleaning should be undertaken. An easy way of doing so is applying vinyl protectant once every three or four months directly onto chair straps – this product seals the pores of vinyl to stop oil or chemicals seeping through and damaging it over time.

To reduce the likelihood of mildew growth on your vinyl strap chair, we advise using a towel when wearing bathing suits and sitting on it while wearing bathing suits. This will keep the pores free from contaminants while making cleaning easier – plus providing protection from UV rays from sunlight!

Replacing vinyl straps or slings on outdoor furniture requires precise measuring and heavy clamp pressure to secure them to their frames. As part of your planning process, consider cutting one or two test straps so you can gauge their length and ensure they fit snuggly around your frame.

Golf gloves will offer additional protection from finger burn when stretching and installing heated straps over and onto a frame. When stretching vinyl stretches tightly when heated; when stretching a hot strap be aware that it may slip when being stretched onto its frame.