Amish Patio Furniture

amish patio furniture

Amish crafted poly wood outdoor furniture adds comfort to your patio or deck by withstanding the elements better than furniture made with traditional materials.

Amish furniture makers carefully inspect new poly lumber to ensure its aesthetic quality and construct their lawn furniture more securely than most chairs sold at box stores. This is one of the many reasons their lawn furniture stands apart from its counterparts sold elsewhere.

Solid Construction

Solid construction furniture is the hallmark of quality. Made from wood or other durable materials, solid construction pieces are constructed to withstand rain, snow, wind and ice without suffering damage over time. Amish outdoor furniture manufacturers and Lancaster County furniture shops are known for making long-lasting patio, deck and porch pieces made to endure for many years to come.

Add an Amish Poly Libby Game Table featuring Jumbo Chess and Checker Pieces to your home or office for entertaining guests, challenging family and friends, or simply passing time comfortably and stylishly! This table will create the ideal setting to do all three!


Amish furniture isn’t only stylish; it is also constructed to stand the test of time. Crafted by Amish artisans using generation-old building techniques to craft durable outdoor pieces. Handmade Amish pieces feature materials designed specifically to withstand harsh outdoor conditions without cracking and breaking under pressure from harsh climate changes.

Amish outdoor furniture is constructed of recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Also referred to as poly lumber, HDPE is the only plastic specifically engineered to withstand weather conditions that would send other forms of outdoor plastic furniture directly into landfills. Sturdy enough for outdoor conditions without bending or splintering under pressure and treated with UV protection to ward off sunlight fading, Amish outdoor furniture provides long-term comfort under any umbrella of weather conditions.

Amish poly outdoor furniture’s long-term durability means you won’t need to invest a significant amount of money in its upkeep; saving both on initial purchase and long term costs of new paint, sealers, or stains to maintain it. Amish outdoor furniture makes an excellent investment choice for your home!

Amish poly outdoor furniture offers an assortment of colors and styles, so that you can find furniture to meet both your personal taste and that of your backyard’s aesthetic. Two-tone combinations may also be an option. Another advantage that Amish poly outdoor furniture provides over wood furniture: its colors won’t fade in harsh outdoor elements.

One of the best features of Amish patio furniture is that it’s made in America, something many consumers value as they like supporting local businesses when purchasing items. Furthermore, this environmentally-friendly furniture utilizes no trees in its production and no chemicals from stains and sealers are leached into the soil during its manufacturing. This bodes well both for your peace of mind and for our planet!


Amish furniture conjures up images of wooden tables, chairs and benches expertly hand-crafted with skill and precision by Amish artisans for centuries. However, modern composite materials have also allowed Amish manufacturers to dazzle us with beautiful creations made by Amish manufacturers; poly outdoor furniture made of recycled high density plastic (HDPE) boasting vibrant hues is just such an example; four-step quality control process ensures consistent durability of material source to produce furniture which will withstand even the harshest of weather conditions for decades of lasting beauty and great looks no matter when used outdoors!

Amish furniture makers utilize this durable material to craft timeless designs synonymous with front porch furniture. Adirondack and English Garden collections are among the most beloved examples, while you will also find numerous types of gliders, swings, and stationery chairs designed by these Amish makers – but all types can be found ranging from gliders to swings to stationery chairs – in various sizes to satisfy every aesthetic while remaining strong enough for even harsh conditions. Among its strengths are welded aluminum frames under table tops and heat bent components that ensure its strength – extensive testing ensures its strength against these unique Amish craftsmen furniture can endure even the harshest environments with no problems or discomfort!

Amish furniture stands apart from its counterparts sold at big box stores because Amish woodworkers meticulously inspect new poly lumber before assembling any furniture pieces, manually inspecting each board to detect imperfections before turning down or discarding them if any arise. Only furniture of superior quality is sold.

Your local Amish lawn furniture store can help transform your lawn, garden or patio space into an inviting haven of tranquillity. Here, you can sit back and unwind as the fresh air wafts past while hosting friends in style. Additionally, garden ornaments, foot rests and stools, wind chimes or other unique designs may add the perfect touches that make a patio or porch space truly amazing.


Amish patio furniture may seem pricey at first, but you get value for your investment with every purchase made through them. Their artisans use centuries-old traditional woodworking techniques that ensure longevity of their pieces; additionally, these craftsmanship techniques also mean their furniture outlasts mass produced models from other manufacturers and won’t break or disassemble as easily.

Amish outdoor poly furniture also appears more natural than most furniture on the market, due to their use of mortise-and-tenon and dovetail joints, which are more resilient than nail and screw construction and thus more likely to endure weather extremes like rain, snow and wind without damage or warping.

Amish artisans utilize high-grade poly lumber, which is more durable and environmentally-friendly than regular plastic used in most cheap lawn furniture sets. Made from recycled milk jugs and other plastic waste, poly lumber has a natural wood-grain look for added appeal in your outdoor setting.

At an Amish furniture shop near you, you can easily find high-quality Amish patio furniture. No matter your taste – simple or elegant – there’s sure to be a table and chair combination suitable for you. Amish outdoor furniture will help turn your patio into an oasis of relaxation; select from their wide range of poly furniture offerings such as Adirondack chairs and porch swings for even further customization!

Berlin Gardens offers the Cove Round Amish Patio Table Set with 4 comfortable low-back chairs crafted from beautiful fade-resistant Amish poly with attractive solid or two-tone colors for easy care and maintenance. It is sure to complement any home, making maintenance simple as well.