American Patio Furniture

american patio furniture

No matter if it’s relaxing in a porch glider or hosting family events at your patio dining set, having the appropriate furniture makes all the difference. Begin by outlining your goals for this space.

Your lifestyle and climate will also play a part in selecting sets, structures and materials to meet these criteria.


Aluminum dining sets, chairs, and lounges are the perfect way to bring a contemporary vibe into any patio space. Available in an array of shapes, sizes and designs ranging from eclectic bistro sets to rustic Adirondack chair styles, you can find seating that complements any backyard space perfectly.

Aluminum patio furniture is an excellent way to bring modern elegance into the backyard, thanks to its lightweight metal composition and resistance to harsh weather conditions without being cumbersome and difficult to move around. Furthermore, unlike steel-framed pieces which may rust when exposed to moisture, aluminum furniture won’t rust and crumble like steel frames can. As such, homeowners looking for modern elegance are frequently drawn towards aluminum when updating their backyards with patio furnishings.

Aluminum patio furniture comes in two basic forms, cast and tubular. Cast aluminum is a malleable metal that can be formed into any desired form or design style – from traditional curvatures to contemporary swirling patterns – while tubular aluminum is formed into hollow cylindrical sections which can be connected together easily for durable yet comfortable patio seating solutions.

Aluminum comes in various shades and powder coating options offer even more color options to meet any decor need. You can easily personalize the color scheme of your new backyard furniture to meet any outdoor living space’s aesthetics or choose darker tones for greater privacy.

Though cast and tubular aluminum furniture pieces typically do not feature cushions, fabric upholstery can add additional comfort and style to any backyard retreat. While some may argue that adding soft textures around hard surfaces weakens these furniture pieces’ inherent strength and durability, adding soft textures creates a sense of warmth and coziness that cannot be achieved solely with metal frames alone.

Recycled plastic patio furniture is another choice available to Americans for outdoor furniture, making stylish yet comfortable seating, tables and chairs with ease. Recycled plastic is great for backyard use as it doesn’t absorb moisture and can easily be cleaned with water from a garden hose or damp cloth – plus its eco-friendliness makes recycled plastic an appealing option when searching for stylish yet budget friendly outdoor pieces.


Teak outdoor furniture is one of the most durable options available and an excellent investment for any backyard. Made of dense, water-resistant wood that naturally resists termites and other pests naturally. Furthermore, its aesthetic qualities make teak an elegant addition to any stylish patio space – making it a top pick among designers as well as homeowners alike!

As when purchasing any furniture, when selecting teak furniture it’s wise to remember the rule “form follows function.” Consider what purpose the furniture serves before making your selection – such as investing in an excellent dining table that can easily hold multiple plates and utensils or an easy-to-clean lounge chair designed for multiple people to relax comfortably in.

Teak furniture may be more costly than other options, but its durability means it will outlive other solutions and can last generations without needing replacement. Furthermore, eco-friendly and sustainable teak has multiple uses without harming the environment or necessitating replacement. However, you should remember not all teak wood is created equal – for maximum longevity and best quality purchase furniture made of premium grade kiln dried teak harvested directly from the tree heart and purchased through sustainable methods in order to avoid fungus, insect infestation, and weather damage.

When purchasing premium teak patio furniture, look for pieces that have been kiln dried and assembled using mortise and tenon joints for maximum strength. Also select sets with warranties covering material quality as well as craftsmanship – and consider investing in sets with pre-stained wood to protect it and ensure its long-term performance.

If real teak wood is out of reach for you, there are numerous manufacturers who provide lookalike products at more competitive prices. Be wary when purchasing from these vendors who may have perfected the art of marketing their merchandise and may look similar but may require more frequent maintenance than its genuine counterpart.


Cushions are used to increase comfort by softening the hardness or angularity of seats like lounge chairs, as well as add decorative flair in any given space. There is an endless variety of cushions from throw pillows that purely decorate to India style bolster pillows which support both head and shoulders.

Foam cushions are among the most widely-used forms of cushions, available in various densities to meet various levels of firmness and softness. Furthermore, this versatile material comes in various colors and patterns to fit with various decors; natural alternatives to foam such as coconut fiber or soy are sometimes preferred by those concerned about chemicals being absorbed into their bodies.

Another popular type of cushion is one filled with down and feathers. These pillows typically consist of a 1.8 density foam core surrounded by crown padding and then covered in down-proof ticking; their down filling is kept in chambers to reduce migration across the cushion, creating a more uniform look. However, this type of cushion requires additional maintenance since its loft and shape need regular fluffing in order to remain lofty and shapely.

A cushion constructed with a 1.8 density foam core and crown padding, as well as water and weather resistant polyester fiber wrapping is one of the most durable types available, suitable for extended sitting without constant fluffing or maintenance needs. Such cushions make life simpler.


Not only should you have outdoor furniture that meets your needs, but you must also keep it clean and in good condition. According to research conducted, dirt can reduce outdoor furniture’s lifespan by 50 per cent! A regular cleaning regimen with mild soap solution and dusting should help mitigate this problem and extend its life span.

Aluminum patio furniture can be easily cleaned and dusted using a non-abrasive solution of dish soap and water, or commercial outdoor furniture cleaner such as 303 Patio Furniture Cleaner to remove stubborn build-up. Be sure to read and follow all label instructions, and test any new cleaners in an inconspicuous area prior to applying to your furniture. Avoid chlorine bleach, pine oil and any abrasive materials which could potentially damage its surface and leave unsightly scratches behind.

Wicker and rattan patio furniture can be cleaned easily using a mixture of mild soap and water, or by brushing over an especially dirty piece with a toothbrush to reach into grooves and crevices. Once complete, allow pieces to dry thoroughly before storing or using again – alternatively, try setting up an annual cleaning regimen using metal polish or cleaner tailored specifically for their type of furniture.

When selecting fabric for outdoor furniture upholstery, the type of material chosen will ultimately dictate how easy or difficult spot cleaning will be. When searching for performance fabric suitable for outdoor use such as performance fabric woven with pigment-infused fibers which resist sun damage, moisture, mildew and mildew growth; you can test if your fabric is printed piece dyed solution dyed by immersing one corner in white vinegar – if it does not fade or bleed then most likely this fabric belongs in its category of solution dyed solution dyed fabric!

Teak furniture should be cleaned using a mild wood cleaner in order to restore its natural look and prevent mildew growth. Furthermore, it is advisable that it is refinished annually in order to protect it against weather elements and extend its life.