American Furniture Patio Furniture

american furniture patio furniture

American Furniture Warehouse patio furniture will make your backyard into a comfortable gathering place. Available at stores throughout Colorado, Arizona and Texas, AFW stores carry an expansive selection of outdoor pieces ranging from traditional to contemporary designs crafted locally. It values furniture made in America while offering styles such as wicker and aluminum patio sets from US manufacturers.

Choosing the Right Furniture

Your choice of furniture can have an immense effect on the style and design of your space, whether hosting friends or simply relaxing. Understanding your needs when selecting the ideal pieces will be key – take your time when making this important decision so you make the correct selections.

Furniture comes in many different types of materials to meet every taste and require different care regiments, making the selection process daunting at best and often ineffective. To select furniture suitable to your needs and enduring over time, the first step should be determining what kind of style works for your space and narrowing down options until finding pieces suitable to it.

Budget should also be an integral factor when purchasing new furniture, so it is wise to establish one before beginning shopping. Setting a realistic budget will prevent overspending and purchasing unnecessary items.


No matter if it’s sharing coffee with friends in the morning, relaxing by the pool on weekends, or sharing dinner and sunset cuddling moments with someone special – outdoor furniture helps make these moments even sweeter! Plus, investing in such pieces should last as you want your outdoor furniture investment to last as well!

Aluminum patio furniture is one of the most durable materials for patio use, thanks to its lightweight frames that can be bent into different forms without losing strength and stability. Furthermore, powder coating gives this material its own distinctive appearance that adds style and individuality to outdoor pieces.

Synthetic wicker is another highly durable material. While some may mistake high-quality synthetic resin wicker as inferior PVC alternatives, high-grade synthetic resin wicker stands up well over time and weather changes.

No other furniture material can match the durability of teak wood furniture. Its natural composition offers all-weather capability, strength and beautiful grained finish – plus, it even produces its own oil to protect itself against environmental elements, helping it resist scuff marks and surface damage. Because of these advantages, many people opt for teak over other wooden patio furniture options; although it might cost more up front but will prove well worth your investment with lasting beauty and functionality.


American Furniture Warehouse provides an expansive selection of furniture and accessories designed to suit almost every chic taste. Their stores in Colorado, Arizona and Texas sell pieces that meet stringent quality standards such as wrought iron or aluminum materials; approximately 70% of wicker and aluminum patio furniture produced is produced within American Furniture Warehouse’s own factories – while they also promote products made in the US online; Jabs notes that American Furniture Warehouse purchases from over 200 factories located worldwide to satisfy demand – but states that all furniture they sell remains of top-quality regardless of where it was manufactured!