Alternative to Vinyl Straps on Patio Furniture

alternative to vinyl straps on patio furniture

Vinyl strap patio furniture can be comfortable and cost-effective, yet over time its condition deteriorates due to sun exposure. Oil from suntan lotion builds up and mildew stains emerge along with dirt.

Rocky Mountain Upholstery provides a restrapping service, replacing old straps on lawn chairs to give them a brand-new appearance. We carry over 50 colors of vinyl strapping as replacement strapping solutions.

1. Metal

Metal patio furniture is an ideal solution for anyone who seeks durable yet comfortable seating, thanks to its lightweight design and neutral hue. However, there may be some drawbacks associated with choosing metal furniture as it can get very hot under direct sunlight which may make sitting for extended periods difficult.

Metal can also be vulnerable to corrosion if exposed to water, making it an issue if you own a pool or live in an environment with high humidity levels. Luckily, there are various methods for preventing corrosion on metal furniture; one way is adding protective vinyl or plastic layers – while you could also apply an outdoor paint coat as another form of protection from surface damage.

Cushions on metal furniture may help shield its upholstery from moisture and heat damage, prolonging their lifespan while saving on replacement costs. While adding cushions increases the cost of your chairs, doing so may prove an economical way of increasing their lifespan and saving on replacement expenses.

Sling seating material on sling-style chairs allows air to circulate more easily through, making them more comfortable on hot summer days and less likely to discolor or sag than vinyl straps. Unfortunately, however, sling material is more delicate than vinyl and could tear with extreme stress or pressure.

Restrapping companies offer DIY kits designed to make replacing vinyl on patio chairs easy, such as measuring and cutting vinyl to size before drilling holes for attachment to chair frames. Unfortunately, however, this process can be long and time consuming and should only be attempted by homeowners with prior experience managing home improvement projects.

Professional restrapping services, like The Southern Company, possess the tools and know-how necessary to effectively repair and refinish vinyl furniture. Their experienced technicians ensure proper tension on vinyl fabric that will not loosen over time; furthermore they test their work under controlled environments to guarantee its quality and durability.

2. Wood

Sun, rain and frigid winter temperatures can wreak havoc on patio furniture, wearing away vinyl straps that become discolored, torn or faded while chair glides become nonfunctional. Like many outdoor patio owners, your furnishings likely get lots of use and require regular upkeep and care to remain functional.

There is an assortment of patio furniture materials on the market today ranging from metal, plastic and wood furniture, wicker slings and vinyl strapping available for your backyard oasis. Deciding on one may depend on factors including price, durability and aesthetics – with metal being considered most durable over its competitors, though plastic pieces tend to be lighter for easy transport but more susceptible to cracking during freezing weather while metal furniture offers greater rust-proof protection but could sag over time or corrosion over time.

Strap furniture crafted from aluminum or recycled plastics can be an economical option. Available at most major retail stores and at lower costs than higher-end metal furniture pieces, tubular frame pieces tend not to offer decorative details that can add character and warmth to a backyard oasis.

Another choice of patio furniture material is wrought iron furniture. Wrought iron is sturdy yet beautiful, with various finishes available to complement the decor of any outdoor area. Furthermore, heat and moisture resistance makes wrought iron an excellent choice in hot climates; however, please be aware that it requires more frequent maintenance than other materials used for patio seating.

Sling furniture offers a comfortable alternative to metal and vinyl strapping, as its lightweight construction makes it more breathable in warm climates than vinyl-strapped furniture. Plus, its use on decks or poolside areas won’t cause its straps to get wet from salt air damage!

Are you ready to give your patio furniture new life? Schedule our Spruce Up Service. We can replace worn or torn vinyl strapping, repair ripped slings and provide replacement chair glides – an investment in patio furniture can create memories that last a lifetime.

3. Wicker

Wicker can be an attractive alternative to vinyl straps, yet choosing between them and synthetic fibers can be daunting. Wicker traditionally derives from plant origins like willow, rattan and reed; but synthetic fiber production has made its presence known too. Wicker furniture is light yet sturdy making it suitable for furniture that must be moved frequently.

One of the key advantages of wicker furniture is that it feels cool against your skin, which makes it particularly welcome on hot summer days. Another is its lower maintenance needs than metal and wood alternatives – typically it should be lightly scrubbed down before being rinsed both at the beginning and end of each season to maintain its best appearance.

Brown Jordan offers the Roma collection of wicker furniture which includes tables and rockers as well as loveseats and loungers to complete any room or outdoor area.

Wicker offers many advantages, and one is its porous material which allows it to be customized easily with paint and designs to match any outdoor space. Furthermore, some varieties contain natural resins which makes wicker suitable for areas subjected to weather exposure and heavy use.

As with any patio furniture, taking a few simple steps to protect wicker from the elements is key to its lifespan. One effective solution is coating each chair and table leg with Earthquake Gel – originally developed to prevent glass from falling from furniture during earthquakes – available at most hardware stores and costing under $10 per gallon.

If the vinyl on your patio furniture has begun to discolor or its straps are becoming loose, restrapping is an affordable and straightforward DIY project that can be completed within hours. Once the old vinyl has been removed and cleaned thoroughly, use a flexible tape measure to determine its route between holes; cut new straps so they cover 87%-90% of its route; then fasten securely using E-clips.

4. Sling

Sling furniture features an open and airy fabric sling loosely attached to its frame. Ideal for poolside seating as the fabric allows water drainage, this style of patio furniture also offers comfort unlike stiff vinyl straps that may make sitting uncomfortable over time.

Sling furniture comes in many aesthetics and colors. Manufacturers of this outdoor furniture are highly creative in incorporating cutting-edge styles and materials into their designs; some sling chairs feature sophisticated frames made of aluminum or recycled plastics materials; modern color combinations; embossed straps add designer touches that give this traditional style of outdoor furniture an edge.

Sling furniture’s lightweight nature also makes it ideal for easy movement; unlike lawn chairs, this type of outdoor seating is much easier to move on windy days and from one part of your yard to the next. Unfortunately, however, its lack of support means it won’t provide as much support for heavier materials such as wrought iron or aluminum chairs.

Sling furniture may be comfortable to sit in, but high winds may render it impractical due to fabric being easily dislodged by gusts of air. Therefore, it would be wise to purchase or build a canopy to protect it from inclement weather conditions.

After prolonged exposure, all types of outdoor seating eventually wears down over time. Environmental elements like sun, rain, body oils and suntan lotions as well as salt air all take their toll on patio furniture; straps may rip or stretch, frames can rust or lose their powder coat finish and glides can even break.

Restrapping services provide professional restrapping solutions for patio furniture. These companies can create replacement slings for almost any brand and model of furniture found in your home, condo, or apartment complex. Their equipment and experience enable them to repair furniture pieces by replacing worn vinyl straps with brand new ones for a fresh new look; additionally they can assist you in selecting fabric choices if you wish to change up their appearance – some even provide do-it-yourself instructions so you can install your new slings yourself!