Alternative to Vinyl Straps on Patio Furniture

alternative to vinyl straps on patio furniture

Outdoor use can leave patio furniture vulnerable to nicks and scratches, vinyl straps fade or loosen over time, and mesh slings tear easily. Replacing these can restore a chair or chaise lounge’s look – but replacing these items won’t always be simple!

A measuring tape must be used to establish the route for replacement straps, which must then be heated in near-boiling water to make them tight. As with all measurements, a test strap should first be made sure its accuracy.


If the aluminum or PVC frames on your patio furniture are looking worn-down and the plastic strapping has worn away, webbing or flat strapping replacement can help rejuvenate them. There are video tutorials available as well as pictures and testimonials of successful makeovers to guide this decision-making process.

Vinyl straps are the go-to material for outdoor seating, as they’re affordable, attractive, comfortable, rust proof and easy to maintain – not forgetting their light weight that makes them easy to move and store! However, vinyl straps do have some drawbacks. Heat absorption could lead to skin sticking onto furniture pieces; also susceptible to moisture contamination such as salt air or pool chemicals may present challenges that make cleaning them tricky.

Metals like aluminum and steel don’t absorb as much heat but are much heavier to manage, are vulnerable to oxidation, and often develop mold growth compared to vinyl straps which require much less maintenance for upkeep.

An increasingly popular alternative to vinyl straps for outdoor furniture is sling outdoor furniture. Slings allow air circulation through their seating material, making it cooler on hot summer days while simultaneously being easier to repair if something tears or stretches. Unfortunately, tear or stretch repairs are more likely with slings than vinyl straps, thus complicating repairs further.

No matter if you’re replacing vinyl straps or refurbishing aluminum patio furniture, an accurate way of measuring their route and installation must be employed for optimal results. A tape measure that accurately measures from hole-to-hole circumference should do just fine – double wrapped straps require special consideration, including measuring partial wraps of each double strap individually as part of this process.

Once you have measured and cut to length the replacement straps needed for your furniture, it’s time to prepare them for installation. Heating them briefly in near-boiling water can soften them so they can be stretched over the frame and attached – but prior to cutting all new replacement straps it’s advisable to do a test strap or two so you are using the appropriate size and method for your project.


Material selection for strap patio furniture can be a significant deciding factor for homeowners. Vinyl has become one of the more popular choices due to its bright colors, low maintenance costs and reasonable prices; additionally it resists water and mold/rust development unlike aluminum/steel products which do. Other comparable options may include wrought iron, recycled plastics and wood; however these often cost significantly more and are harder to repair should they get scratched than vinyl options.

Strap patio furniture not only adds aesthetic and comfort benefits, but is a durable alternative to metal furniture as well. It can withstand weight without sagging or becoming deformed over time; therefore it is crucial to accurately measure width, depth, and height dimensions before selecting covers that will fit correctly on a chair frame – this will prevent their cover sagging over time while keeping patio furniture protected and safe.

Homeowners looking to re-strap their outdoor patio furniture themselves should use a flexible tape measure and track where existing straps run around from hole to hole before subtracting 10% to 12% for each chair based on that measurement. A pair of golf gloves may help avoid finger burn when handling hot replacement strapping material.

Before replacing straps on patio furniture frames, they should be thoroughly cleaned to remove rust, corrosion or paint deterioration and ensure taut and in-shape slings when sewn to them. A home sewing machine can be used but special 92 weight polyester thread is recommended for more resilient performance and less stress-related breakage.

If the furniture is metal, its holes where straps attach will need to be drilled or punched in order to accommodate new clips. PatioLiving carries various types of strap clips such as E-clips, 20 Gauge Strap Ties (LSTA12), Heavy Duty Strapping Clips (LSTA10) that will transfer tension loads between pieces of wood by being fastened using power nailers.


If you own an old metal patio chair with worn vinyl straps, restoring its powder coat paint finish is possible by replacing existing straps and restoring its frame’s powder coat paint finish. To accomplish this task, sanding down existing painted surface, removing old powder coat layers before sanding again until smooth surface is reached; finally repaint in matching or complementary color options such as brown and white which complement any decorating scheme perfectly.

If the paint finish on your frame is in good condition, touch-up any trouble spots with automotive paste wax. However, if they appear dull and the powder coating has begun to chip off, having them sandblasted and repainted with an enamel or powder coat finish might be required instead.

Vinyl straps are usually secured by plastic pins which penetrate through the vinyl and attach it to the frame of a chair, which are difficult to replace once discolored by sun tan lotion, acid rain and pool chemicals. But there is an alternative – leather straps.

Leather straps may cost more than vinyl alternatives, but they offer many advantages over their vinyl counterparts for multiple reasons – durability, strength, comfort, easy care with damp cloth cleaning or mild detergent and durability are just three such advantages.

Replacing tubular plastic strapping on aluminum lawn chairs with flat vinyl strapping is a straightforward DIY project, which only requires accurate measuring and precise cutting of replacement straps. After heating them in near-boiling water for 15 minutes to soften them up sufficiently so they stretch over the frame of the chair, golf gloves may help protect fingers from burning when handling hot straps; additionally, before cutting all replacement straps for attachment, an initial test strap must first be cut to ensure accurate measurements were made.


Repair and refurbishing patio furniture involve several crucial steps. These steps include taking steps such as removing old vinyl straps, repainting and re-strapping to give it that brand new appearance. With these techniques you can upgrade your outdoor furniture to its former glory!

One of the main reasons to replace vinyl straps on patio furniture is because they become discolored over time due to sun tan lotion, acid rain or pool chemicals – in some cases even sun exposure! They may also begin cracking over time.

Fabric patio furniture can provide an alternative to vinyl straps. When considering this option, be sure to choose fabric specifically designed for outdoor furniture – one which allows airflow so your guests are kept cool on hot days and which handles stress better than webbing or vinyl straps; additionally it can withstand weather elements.

Fabric has many advantages that make it perfect for outdoor decor, from its range of colors and styles, to being cheaper than metal furniture in terms of maintenance costs and upkeep. Furthermore, fabric furniture allows you to make a bolder statement than metal’s standard palette allows – not to mention being less likely to break!!

vinyl patio furniture remains the preferred choice; however, other materials like aluminum and wrought iron may offer viable alternatives that require less maintenance but weigh more and require additional upkeep than vinyl furniture. Furthermore, such materials do not last as long before needing replacement or repairs.

Sling chairs offer the ideal solution to vinyl straps on patio furniture, providing air circulation through their seating material and keeping users cool. Sling seats are comfortable, can support significant weight, are easy to maintain and won’t rust over time.

When re-strapping patio furniture, it’s essential that each strap be measured accurately so the replacement straps will fit properly and the necessary cuts made before cutting all replacement straps can help ensure an exact match in length and fit. A quick test strap before cutting all replacements may also prevent mistakes from making replacement straps too short or long.