All Weather Wicker Patio Furniture

all weather wicker patio furniture

Wicker patio furniture comes in many different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of all environments, such as all weather wicker. Sets often include modular pieces to customize your layout if required.

Wicker furniture may appear natural, but it is actually made of resin that can withstand many elements – rain and humidity included – but to maintain its aesthetic value properly it must be taken care of accordingly.

Resin Wicker

Resin wicker patio furniture features a sturdy design that stands up well to outdoor elements and repeated use. Unlike natural wicker, which can crack or splinter easily, resin patio furniture features durable polyethylene fibers woven together into an impermeable framework, resist moisture buildup and won’t collect mold or mildew – ideal for hot climates due to resistance from UV rays of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Resin furniture is also easy to keep clean, making it a great choice for homeowners who prioritize low maintenance costs while still wanting beautiful results. Dust and dirt can be easily removed with a brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner; other debris such as leaves can be washed away quickly with garden hose. If stains or discolorations persists, mild soap should be used on a sponge for stain treatment.

Resin wicker furniture’s lightweight nature makes it easier to move or rearrange it should your outdoor space need to change, making it suitable for families with young children or pets who may use the pieces frequently. Furthermore, this feature makes resin wicker an excellent choice when decorating outdoor spaces like terraces.

All-weather wicker furniture comes in various styles and colors to fit into your outdoor decor seamlessly. Choose from modern geometric designs for contemporary spaces or more rounded pieces for traditional or beachy themes, along with patio sets in different sizes to suit your home perfectly.

All-weather wicker furniture can make for great outdoor seating options, but extreme heat could shorten its lifespan over time. To protect it from this effect, consider covering it when not in use and moving it indoors during rainy weather conditions.


All weather wicker furniture is lightweight and simple to maintain, unlike wooden outdoor furniture which tends to get heavier over time and bend out of shape when exposed to humidity like metal patio chairs and benches can. As such, all weather wicker makes moving around your patio space at different times throughout the day or year easier and reconfiguring its layout quicker.

All-weather wicker furniture is highly durable. As it doesn’t absorb moisture from rain or pooling water like other materials do, all-weather wicker can prevent swelling or uneven drying that leads to cracking. Furthermore, you can simply hose it down to remove dirt and debris quickly for convenient cleaning.

When shopping for all-weather wicker furniture, look for pieces crafted with high-grade synthetic resin. PVC synthetic wicker may unravel over time and become fragile if exposed to rain; opt for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) wicker instead, for optimal longevity and durability. Cushions should feature fade-resistant colors as well as long-term comfort; Sunbrella fabric cushions offer durable fade resistance with superior fade protection.

All-weather wicker offers numerous environmental advantages due to its eco-friendly production. Manufacturers use recycled plastic resin, which is an eco-friendly material. Once its lifecycle ends, its components may be reused as compostable material or even repurposed at another site. Metal frames must also be protected with rust-proof coating in order to withstand moisture and the elements without incurring further damage.

All-weather wicker furniture makes an elegant statement in any outdoor space, blending beautifully into both traditional and contemporary decor styles alike. Its timeless beauty complements both traditional and contemporary styles of decor while its light texture pairs well with wood accents, metal furnishings, and crisp linen cushions. Choose a color or pattern that works in harmony with your patio space for optimal all-weather comfort and style with a comfortable wicker chair, sofa, or sectional from a manufacturer such as this.

Easy to Maintain

Wicker furniture can be durable and easy to care for, whether made of natural elements like rattan or processed resins. In fact, most types only need basic cleaning once every season or so to stay looking its best – to remove dirt and dust that builds up in its crevices, which could eventually cause it to breakdown over time (via Wicker Living). To do this effectively use your vacuum’s brush attachment regularly (once per month at least) in order to reach any hard-to-reach places (via Wicker Living).

One simple way to keep your wicker looking good is giving it an occasional cleaning with mild soap and water, using a solution of 1/4 cup of soap per 2 cups of warm water (via Bob Vila). After cleaning, make sure you rinse out any residual soap using either a garden hose or bucket of water so as to completely rinse away.

Wicker furniture can withstand a wide range of weather conditions, making it a suitable option for any part of your yard exposed to the elements such as extreme heat or cold, humidity, rain or even snow. Resin wicker is particularly resilient as it will continue to endure these elements over time.

At times of poor weather, wicker furniture should be kept indoors to protect it from rain and sun damage that could cause its paint to fade and its slats to split down over time. A quality patio furniture cover will help safeguard it against these factors as well as from rust or sun damage that could occur from being exposed outside for too long.


Wicker furniture is one of the most flexible choices available when it comes to outdoor furnishings. Ranging from traditional and transitional styles, wicker patio furniture comes in all sorts of styles that you can pair with different fabric cushions for maximum versatility. When purchasing wicker patio furniture, look for pieces constructed from durable materials with sturdy frames – such as teak-accented wicker with aluminum or stainless steel accents from different manufacturers online if possible!

Wicker furniture stands up well against corrosion over time and requires minimal upkeep compared to wood or metal furniture, such as being wiped down with damp cloth to remove dust or pollen, while you can also rinse its frame and rust-proof stainless steel legs with garden hose water for quick rinsing. Furthermore, its weather resistance means no additional chemicals need be applied such as wood preservatives.

Though wicker furniture is quite resilient, it’s essential that it be regularly checked for damage. If its weave begins to loosen or sag, wood glue can help repair it according to Woman’s Day. Furthermore, protecting it from sun and rain by covering with tarpaulins or placing under covered porches may also prove helpful in keeping its condition at optimum.

For an easy-to-maintain wicker patio set, search for sectionals crafted with durable resin materials and featuring quality Sunbrella seat and back cushions – an excellent option for families with kids and pets who love spending time outside. Also look for dining tables or coffee tables featuring intricate woven designs to complement other decor elements – explore Sonoma Backyard’s selection of wicker furniture to find something suitable for your outdoor space!


There is an array of all weather wicker patio furniture sets available today, each designed to look classic or resort-inspired. Additionally, modern pieces may fit well into contemporary outdoor decor and serve as focal points. Some popular pieces of wicker furniture include dining sets and lounge chairs that come with tables that seat two to four people as well as chairs that provide relaxation and comfort.

Many wicker furniture sets feature different weaving styles. You’ll likely come across herringbone weaves, cord seat weavings, lattice weaves and basket weaves among many others. Furthermore, there are sets with an assortment of colors that offer plenty of choices to fit into any decorating scheme – natural brown hues to vibrantly hued options can all be found within these sets.

All-weather wicker is not only ideal for redecorating their home’s exterior but it is also an excellent choice when upgrading their backyard. Due to its low maintenance requirements and durable, stylish qualities, all weather wicker makes an ideal material choice when creating an outdoor oasis in their own backyard.

Notably, all-weather wicker furniture should still be given proper attention despite being composed of synthetic materials. You should keep it covered when not being used and regularly clean it to avoid mildew or staining from developing. Inclement weather should be brought indoors for protection from water or wind damage as well. Finally, once furniture has become wetted it must dry completely before being reused again.