All Weather Patio Furniture

all weather patio furniture

All weather patio furniture is essential to enjoying your backyard for months at a time, enduring sunlight, strong winds and rain without losing its look or quality.

The Biscayne Deep Seating Set adds classic class to any outdoor setting with hand woven all weather wicker covering a reinforced rust proof aluminum subframe and plush Sunbrella cushions for all-season seating comfort.

Low Maintenance

Your outdoor furniture should make your patio space more enjoyable, yet some pieces may prove challenging to maintain when the weather turns sour. Wind gusts, precipitation and direct sunlight can quickly transform a beautiful expensive patio set into a rusting mess if not cared for properly. To enjoy your backyard oasis without spending your weekends cleaning up after chairs or washing cushions consider selecting all-weather pieces of outdoor furniture.

Finding furniture that requires low maintenance requires selecting materials wisely. All-weather materials like aluminum, teak and wrought iron offer reliable yet attractive choices that can withstand the elements while still looking great over time. All-weather wicker pieces offer stylish maintenance free seating in any backyard patio space with modern or classic looks and feel that is easy to clean; select from an array of color and texture choices that suit your aesthetic preferences.

When shopping for all weather furniture, be sure to inspect its fabric and other features for cleaning instructions. Most fabrics contain Scotchgard or similar protections that help repel dirt and stains from becoming visible on surfaces like cushions; to clean these, remove cushion covers before using mild detergent or soap solution and make sure it dries completely to avoid water stains or soapy residue being left behind on furniture pieces.

If your plastic patio furniture is at risk from sun damage, consider applying a coat of UV protectant such as Star-Brite to it. There are also outdoor furniture sprays specifically tailored to help it withstand its damaging effects of direct sunlight.

If your furniture is susceptible to rusting, treating it can be done using prefabricated rust neutralizer or refinishing products from manufacturers. Be sure to test any such product on an inconspicuous area first and follow their directions. You should also regularly inspect it for damage or wear; touching up paint where necessary or tightening hardware if required; covering it when not in use to keep out raindrops, and storing indoors when possible so as to avoid mildew and rot formation.


When your patio furniture will be exposed to the elements for extended periods, it must be constructed of durable materials like rust-resistant metals and synthetic resins that can withstand wear and tear from weather exposure. All weather furniture offers this durability with sun damage resistance as well. An all weather solution is therefore an ideal option for outdoor areas.

When shopping for durable outdoor furniture, teak wood should be your top priority. Not only is this type of wood extremely strong and can withstand moisture and rain well, it is also easy to clean allowing it to maintain its beauty over time. Be mindful that not all teak products are equal so make sure you purchase quality pieces when shopping.

Another key element in the durability of outdoor furniture is its ability to withstand cold temperatures. If your outdoor furniture can’t withstand freezing and melting snow temperatures, over time it could succumb to cracking or splintering and lead to cracks or splits in its structure. Therefore, pieces made of resilient materials like poly lumber or resin wicker may be better equipped to withstand such environments.

All weather wicker furniture is another popular option for durable outdoor furnishings, often handwoven onto rustproof aluminum bases to create comfortable seating arrangements that complement any patio decor. Plus, with so many colors to choose from, it can fit seamlessly into your outdoor decor!

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Many all weather patio chairs are designed with comfort in mind. This can include cushiony seats and backs with ergonomic designs to provide optimal sitting comfort after long periods. Fabrics constructed of these chairs may also feature water repellant finishes to ward off mildew or mold growth; and UV-protective materials may help safeguard them against sun damage to upholstery materials.

All-weather furniture offers an endless variety of styles, colors and materials suited for any lifestyle and decor preference. Traditional chairs feature classic wicker construction while sleek wooden pieces provide more contemporary pieces with clean lines and minimalistic designs to complement modern outdoor decor. Some pieces even offer more upscale looks ideal for hosting guests outdoors.

An all weather dining set adds much-needed versatility to the backyard. From hosting summertime gatherings with friends to simply relaxing after meals with the family, having dining chairs that suit everyone can make every experience more pleasurable.

All-weather dining sets can be constructed of metal, teak or cedar–or a combination thereof. Each material offers different advantages and disadvantages; wood tables may last for decades with regular upkeep, stain treatment and regular oiling to maintain their appearance; metal furniture offers sleek modern looks while still remaining weather-resistant; however it must be durable enough to withstand corrosion to last over time.


Investment in all weather patio furniture adds great value and makes your backyard an enjoyable place for family activities and relaxation. Its durable design, low maintenance costs and year-round useability makes this an excellent addition to any outdoor living space.

All weather patio furniture exudes style as well as function, especially wicker furniture that stands out in any outdoor setting. Materials used for furniture also play a big part in its style and aluminum and teak are two popular choices; you also have plenty of weave patterns and colors available so your personal style can shine.

When purchasing all weather patio furniture, take into account its size, shape, color and style alongside your home and other outdoor furnishings. Coordinating it with the overall aesthetic of your yard as well as fitting within your budget are of utmost importance. Furthermore, think carefully about how many people need seating as larger seating sets require more room while smaller bistro sets may work better on smaller patios.

There is an extensive selection of all weather patio furniture to suit every style and budget, such as the Oconee Sectional Seating Collection from Oconee Outdoor Living that combines traditional comfort with contemporary flair. Its reinforced rust proof aluminum frame is covered in hand woven all weather wicker in Canola Seed hue, while plush Sunbrella cushions complete the ensemble.

Cast aluminum and polyrattan are also excellent materials to choose for high-quality furniture, both being easy to maintain with regular wipe-downs with mild soap and water for dirt build-up, stains, and mildew prevention. Cushions should also be stored indoors when not in use to keep them dry, while sealants or anti-rust treatments applied annually on wooden pieces will help to fend off corrosion.

No matter your taste or preferences, all-weather patio furniture will likely fit them. Make sure to shop around and compare prices before committing. Also remember to be realistic about maintenance requirements – even the hardest pieces require attention from time to time!