Add Elegance to Your Outdoor Space With Bar Height Patio Furniture

Add an elegant touch to your outdoor space with beautiful patio bar tables. Pair them with bar height stools for casual entertaining.

Our selection of bar height table and chair sets offers an assortment of styles and finishes to meet the unique tastes and aesthetic of our customers. Use our Buying Guide to learn more about the features and benefits of these versatile pieces.


Outdoor bar height patio furniture comes in various styles, materials and seating types to make any backyard or poolside oasis. Be it for hosting cocktail hour, enjoying quick lunches on warm summer afternoons or just lazing around on crisp autumn nights, bar height patio tables can make versatile additions to any space.

Outdoor bar tables offer an ideal modern alternative to full-sized patio dining tables, and pair perfectly with patio bar chairs to complete a luxurious modern outdoor living space. In particular, bar tables make an ideal solution for small spaces like narrow balconies where an entire table might not fit, as well as patios and decks without enough room for full dining sets.

Pick from round or square models that can fit any space, as well as oblong and rectangular styles that provide additional seating or can host a cozy sofa. Many of these tables feature crossbars to rest feet on, slatted bases that drain rainwater away quickly instead of pooling on top, umbrella holes for umbrella support if desired, integrated footrest bars – as well as umbrella holes!

Functionality should always be top of mind when choosing patio furniture. For example, when hosting large groups for dinner or cocktails on your patio, arrange several smaller bar height tables so guests can move between them to socialize without feeling like they must circle around one large table all night long. Furthermore, pairing high top tables with bar stools allows guests to order drinks from the bar before moving to more relaxed spots to chat later.


Patio bar tables can make a versatile addition to any home or commercial space, especially when combined with matching outdoor bar chairs. Bar height tables offer more of an informal social atmosphere than dining tables which tend to sit closer to the ground; inviting guests to sit, socialise, and drink drinks more casually and comfortably.

Modern patio bar sets and furniture are constructed of resilient materials designed to withstand the elements and last through time. A range of colors, finishes and styles is available to match any outdoor decor scheme – including minimalist modern styles that create an elegantly refined ambiance; natural teak wood; wrought iron; aluminum for classic traditional looks or crossbars at the bottom of tables to rest feet as a great alternative to traditional dining chair legs.

Outdoor patio bar tables typically come in circular or square designs that are ideal for fitting into any space – even small balconies and other locations where a full-sized dining table wouldn’t fit comfortably. Many styles feature footrest bars or umbrella holes to provide shade options and some even feature adjustable swivel seats for extra comfort and functionality.

If you want to bring an air of sophistication and upscale appeal into your outdoor space, consider investing in a high-top patio table set made with metal or wrought iron frames. The natural beauty of these materials exudes elegance and refinement that is sure to wow guests and family alike. Metal patio bar sets also prove durable enough for daily use with only minor cleaning needed on a routine basis.

For an informal yet cozy setting, opt for a wood-topped patio bar table. Its natural finish complements any home design scheme while its versatility and durability makes it suitable for commercial settings as well. Sturdy construction of both table and chairs withstand frequent use while comfortable swivel seats encourage patrons to interact.


Make the patio the place for casual entertaining or relaxed relaxation with a bar height patio table that provides the ideal atmosphere. Choose from various styles, finishes and materials that suit your space to find one that creates the ideal setting for enjoying drinks and appetizers with family and friends on the deck.

Outdoor bar furniture offers guests with taller seating capacities more comfort, particularly over longer durations of use. Many tables come equipped with built-in footrest bars that add further support and comfort, and their sturdy construction ensures they stand up even against extreme weather.

Bar height patio sets can be an ideal way to combat extreme weather conditions in both your home or business. TreeTop outdoor bar chairs, made of recycled plastic that has been engineered for maximum durability, stand up against strong winds without blowing away or breaking, plus come covered with mold-resistant plastisol that resists stains while being easy to maintain and clean.

Trex and Hanamint offer sturdy bar tables and chairs suitable for restaurant and bar outdoor spaces, featuring Earth tones or neutral colors that will complement existing design elements on your patio.

Durability and convenience should always be top considerations when shopping for patio dining furniture, so opt for materials such as resin wicker or aluminum that require minimal upkeep – resin wicker outdoor furniture is known for its style, functionality and durability, while aluminum patio sets boast strength yet lightweight designs. Wood patio dining sets provide natural beauty alongside superior durability; although their maintenance requirements may be higher compared with aluminum or resin wicker pieces; wood furniture stands up well to rain and humidity!


Make it easier for guests to settle into their bar stool with ergonomic designs that prioritize comfort, such as outdoor bar stools with backs that offer extra support when relaxing into a reclined position. Some models also include footrests for additional stability during long sitting sessions while armless designs enable guests to focus their full attention on conversation or socialization without interruption from armrests or seating arrangements.

Enjoy the upscale appeal of classic patio bar sets that blend beautifully with multiple decor themes, from minimalist modern to traditional wrought iron styles. Our buying guide helps narrow your choices with detailed descriptions and photographs for each piece, so you can be certain of finding exactly the right design for your home.

Once you’ve selected a style of bar table, carefully consider its color and finish in order to match existing furniture or decor. Consider choosing neutral hues such as warm wood tones for a timeless aesthetic; two-tone designs may add visual interest as well. Slatted surfaces provide quick drainage of rainwater and debris for faster cleaning, while contoured seats ensure comfort even during extended sitting sessions. Combine your new patio table with matching bar height chairs for the complete look and create an intimate gathering spot in your backyard or on your covered porch. Bar height patio furniture‘s inviting comfort makes it a popular choice for casual dining, brunches with friends, or cozy evening cocktails.