Add Elegance To Your Decor With The Uttermost Round Mirror

uttermost round mirror

Mirrors can make a powerful statement or be an essential addition to a wall decor scheme, and when shopping for them it is wise to start by identifying your personal design aesthetic.

Once that decision has been made, choose the shape that fits best into your space – there are numerous choices, such as those listed here:


Influenced by industrial style, this refined metal frame features layers of depth to complement its floating bevel mirror featuring an abundance of bevel (1 1/4″). Finished in platted brushed nickel.

Matter Brothers Furniture proudly offers Uttermost’s furniture in Fort Myers, Sarasota, Tarpon Springs, Naples and Pinellas Park FL areas from Uttermost for your shopping convenience.

The Sea Coral Round Mirror is shipped directly from its manufacturer and may require assembly upon arrival. Please reach out to our customer service group or your sales rep for further details on availability and shipping information; allow up to two weeks for delivery.


Round mirrors make an elegant and contemporary statement in classic or modern spaces alike, adding visual interest while keeping with linear furniture lines and minimalist spaces. Their circular format also works beautifully in transitional rooms combining clean lines with geometric designs.

The Uttermost Flare Elliptical Mirror is an example of how contemporary design elements can come together to produce classic design elements. Featuring an elongated silhouette highlighted by a brushed brass frame, its eye-catching appeal stands out. Plus, with its slim frame it is an ideal addition for modern or contemporary bathrooms alike!

An oval wall-mounted decorative mirror can provide a wider field of vision without taking up too much wall space. These types of mirrors are popularly found in doctors’ offices, compact reception areas and retail stores to deter theft or monitor entrances from one position. When mounted at eye level, observers will be able to see their reflection from both sides.

The Detective Oval wall-mounted convex mirror is an ideal solution for spaces with limited room for larger mirrors or CCTV systems, providing clear views from eye level for observers. Mounting it permanently in places like doctor’s offices or reception areas enables greater security, theft prevention and entrance monitoring with one central spot.


Arched mirrors add depth and dimension to modern rooms with their striking presence, offering eye-catching accents that bring depth into focus. From metal frames that boast clean-lined designs such as those found on Emerson to natural rattan wrapping on Flare mirrors – each piece strikes the right balance between form and function.

Round mirrors add sophistication to rustic spaces like cottage and farmhouse interiors, giving them a chic look that stands out. Uttermost offers several round mirrors featuring both modern and rustic elements; for instance an iron frame finished in antiqued metallic gold that complements raised solid fir wood panels in heavily distressed aged whitewash finish is one such mirror design feature.

Uttermost offers an expansive selection of oval and circle mirrors in both oval and circle formats, as well as arched frames designed to seamlessly integrate with both traditional and contemporary decor. Every Uttermost mirror is designed, engineered, packaged, and shipped to ensure one of the lowest damage rates in the industry – returns made within 60 days (90 days if you are an Insider Perks member) will receive full credit back!


Mirrors in round format are perfect for many environments, from bathrooms to offices. Their elegance and sophistication add a sense of refinement that can help make spaces appear larger or create depth illusions. Round mirrors pair nicely with other geometric elements like round table tops to complete the look of any room – you’ll even be able to find gold metal mirrors to complete the look!

The JIS-D-5705 standard for lateral-view mirrors stipulates that its shapes have a distortion factor of no more than 5% when compared with its original patterns. An expert must manually calculate this value using either a radial line or concentric circle pattern to capture an image of a reflected shape; once captured, this image is then analysed using an algorithm which determines distortion based on its position within an image and calculates it using an applicable mathematical model.

To carry out distortion analysis, reflected pattern is captured at 300 mm from the mirror surface and its gray-scale image processed to extract and determine radial lines’ positions. Distances between points within the reflected image and these radial lines are calculated, then average values obtained are used to calculate distortion values for shape distortion analysis.

Calculating with a flat mirror is straightforward, as the distance between an object and mirror coincides exactly with its radius of curvature. With curved mirrors however, calculations become more complex: for a sagitta – which measures the angle between its radius and length – can be found by applying geometry to formulas for radius of curvature and focal point of spherical mirrors/lenses.

Measurement is especially crucial in solar energy systems, where mirrors act as lenses to focus sunlight onto pipes containing fluid. Once captured by these lenses, its heat can then be harnessed by traditional steam cycles for electricity generation.