A Guide to Uttermost Art

uttermost art

Uttermost is an American manufacturer established by Bob and Belle Cooper in 1975 and since has grown into two factories located in Rocky Mount, Virginia and an advanced West Coast distribution center. Their goal is to offer great home accessories at reasonable prices.

Browse our collection of uttermost art to find the ideal addition for your room. Our carefully curated selection showcases 2023 home design trends.

Abstract Landscape

Landscape photography typically captures an expansive view of land and sky to form a full image, while abstractionism takes this idea and applies it at a more micro scale. A stunning sky can become the ideal setting for an intricate shot of tree trunk, while surface textures like sandy beaches make a fascinating subject matter for abstract landscape portraiture.

Photographers often utilize color as a key component in their shots. A stormy sky, for example, can add visual interest by juxtaposing with the land. Or sunlight reflecting off grass blades can add an abstract quality that adds dimension. Some photographers even employ mono-color schemes in order to emphasize light and shadow in their images.

Photographers can take inspiration for abstract landscape photography from nature’s own ice, snow and rain. A photographer could capture stunning reflections in water or an iceberg’s surface or the way light shines through frost prisms; there are no rules when it comes to abstract landscape photography – so the possibilities are virtually limitless!

Artists looking for a more artistic approach to this genre may paint or collage works that combine abstract and landscape elements, giving the artist more freedom in expressing emotions and ideas without being limited by physical scenes. Some abstract landscape paintings use an unrealistic color palette to convey energy or excitement while others focus on texture and details that mimic a landscape’s fluid movement.

The Uttermost Drifting Abstract Landscape Art, S/2 is a stunning example of how an abstract landscape painting can add visual interest and beauty to any room in your home. Brightening up dark corners or providing artistic flair – this piece will surely please everyone who sees it!

Mid-Century Modern

After WWII’s devastating events, architects were inspired to redesign the way we lived after World War II. They wanted to reinvent how we eat, sleep and play while creating homes that were both beautiful and accessible – creating what has come to be known as mid-century modern design.

This aesthetic is defined by sleek silhouettes, clean lines, and geometric proportion. Many pieces from this period feature bold or unusual forms – like Eames’ iconic Shell Chair or Arne Jacobson’s Egg Chair from Arne Jacobson – as well as strong influences such as atomic science themes as well as abstract modernist art like Jackson Pollock’s splatter paintings or Mark Rothko’s color field paintings.

Mid-century modern wall art can fit easily with a range of decor styles, from minimalism and Scandinavian to boho and bohemian design styles. No matter which room style you have in mind for it, mid-century modern artwork will blend effortlessly. Furthermore, you could pair mid-century modern wall art pieces with more traditional elements, such as dark wood frames or floral canvases to add visual interest and balance out its look.

When purchasing mid-century modern art, take into account both its condition and history. A painting that has been treated carefully and preserved in its original state may gain in value over time. You should also keep an eye on market trends and prices of similar works to determine how much your piece might be worth.

At the same time as considering condition, it’s also essential that you choose wall art that complements the size and layout of your space. Avoid large artworks as these can overwhelm small rooms; small and undersized artworks should also be avoided as these could easily get lost among your other pieces.

Uttermost is the place to go when searching for mid-century modern wall art – their commitment to providing their customers with top quality products and exceptional service ensures this. They carry an assortment of home furnishings including decorative wall art as well as offering customer support when necessary. They have everything from wall clocks to lampshades so you’ll be sure to find just what you’re after here!

Feminine Sophistication

Feminine sophistication is something most women do without realizing it. It shows itself in how she carries herself, dresses and makes her hair. There’s also the subliminal aura of seduction surrounding her that adds an air of intrigue; all this combined makes up the unique feminine essence which transcends mere decoration.

Clothing, jewelry, makeup or furniture that a woman chooses sends a signal about her attitude toward life, the world and herself. That’s why there are so many delightful idioms with “woman” in them (‘easy virtue’ or ‘hard to find”) which continue to be used even after they become outdated.

Uttermost’s Feminized Pop Art Poster captures this sense of sophistication through a profile portrait of a young woman and the juxtaposition of colors, shapes and textures to produce a masterpiece that elevates any room and adds feminine decor in your home. Due to being handcrafted artworks each piece may contain minor variances compared to others.


Contemporary art is an ever-evolving blend of materials, concepts and topics that continues to push back against boundaries established during previous artistic periods. Many contemporary artworks address topics relevant to modern society like technology and digital world; identity politics; body; globalisation/migration processes and time/memory issues.

Contemporary art is defined by its avant-garde approach, including experimentation and exploration. This practice continues the pioneering modernist movements established during the 20th century such as Cubism, Futurism, and Surrealism. Additionally, contemporary artists often draw from past art periods for subject matter or form inspiration – something John Baldessari achieved by appropriating an image from Albrecht Durer’s 1505 painting depicting a stag beetle to combine it with an actual steel pin that he placed inside one of his works.

Other contemporary artists use sculpture as an artistic medium to craft pieces with greater meaning than mere objectification. Ai Weiwei famously used this medium to shatter an urn from Han Dynasty as part of his installation art piece “The Only Way Out Is Through.” This act of destruction was meant to demonstrate both China’s cultural history and fragility in relation to history.

Contrasting with modern art’s focus on itself and creating self-referential pieces, contemporary artists create artworks with more of an emphasis on viewer experience – this is particularly evident with installation art pieces which allow audiences to be fully immersed into its subject matter.

Contemporary artists utilize new media to radically change our experience with art while exploring issues and ideas pertinent to today. This represents an enormous departure from the Eurocentric perspective that was commonly found before 1980.

Philip Maltman is an abstract painter renowned for using large paintings with gestural brushwork to revitalize traditional landscape paintings, while contemporary artist Aida Muluneh explores postcolonial Africa and identity through her 99 Series portraits through photography.