5 Types of Restaurant Patio Furniture

restaurant patio furniture

No matter where your restaurant resides – on a beach or bustling city street – having a properly designed patio can add seating and help increase profitability. When combined with commercial outdoor furniture that distinguishes your establishment from others and makes customers feel welcome.

Table bases that protect against rust are essential for restaurants that wish to maintain an uncluttered aesthetic, and you should also consider investing in stackable chairs for easy storage and accommodating large parties efficiently.


Restaurant patio furniture choices can make an impactful statement about the overall aesthetic and feel of your business space. Your choice should be comfortable, visually appealing and meet all of your restaurant’s needs – Amko offers a selection of dining chairs, bar stools, outdoor furniture and table tops that can help create that ideal look in no time at all – with financing options to help upgrade to modern styles and finishes with ease!

Amko offers an effortless shopping experience through their dedication to customer service. Their online catalog is easy to browse and features detailed product specifications and descriptions; plus you can create an account to track orders and check their status. Furthermore, Amko also boasts physical stores where their products can be seen and tested personally.

Quality craftsmanship defines their entire selection of commercial patio furniture. By working with trusted suppliers and skilled craftsmen to craft durable pieces made to withstand weather elements and easy upkeep requirements, they ensure your outdoor space will continue to provide customers with a welcoming and inviting environment for years to come.

Amko Furniture stands for sustainability as well as high-quality furniture. Their manufacturing processes prioritize energy efficiency and waste reduction to help mitigate their environmental footprint, with pieces made of recycled materials produced locally for maximum local support and business sustainability. Amko makes an ideal partner for restaurant owners who value supporting local communities while creating profitable enterprises.

Oak St is an established restaurant seating manufacturer and importer, producing and importing chairs, bar stools, booths, tables, table bases, hostess stations, outdoor benches and trash receptacles since 1995. Their wide variety of furniture comes in various colors, materials and designs – many made right here in America with quality aluminum-framed wicker furniture or rattan furniture – providing their customers with excellent value in the industry.


Teak wood furniture is one of the most stunning and resilient outdoor options. Perfect for restaurant patio seating, teak is highly resistant to moisture, insects, rot, and decay – an attractive feature when coupled with easy maintenance requirements and great aesthetic qualities. Additionally, teak’s versatility means it can be painted, stained or waxed as desired for additional finishing touches, providing many different opportunities when crafting furniture pieces of any kind.

When purchasing Teak for patio furniture, be sure to purchase it from a reputable dealer. Real teak comes from trees in Java and Southeast Asia; any price too low indicates it may not be genuine teak.

Value should always be evaluated in relation to durability and longevity when purchasing premium outdoor teak furniture, so that any money spent doesn’t only last a season or two before needing replacement. Many have found that teak furniture can outlive many expectations without needing replacement anytime soon.

Teak stands apart from most woods due to the natural oils and rubber packed into its tightly-grained structure, protecting it against moisture damage while making it naturally weatherproof. Furthermore, teak furniture is easy to care for due to taking stains well and accepting screws and nails easily – plus boasts superior machining properties, producing hard yet smooth results!

As your teak furniture ages, its surface will gradually take on a silvery gray hue. While this process is natural, to maintain the original hue you can treat the wood periodically with teak oil or sealer to help extend its original hue and prevent moisture damage to the furniture.

To clean your teak furniture, begin by sweeping away any dirt or debris. Next, scrub its surface using a mild soap-and-water solution before rinsing with clean water to rinse away any remaining soap residue or debris. For tough stains like grease spots on wood furniture surfaces, teak cleaner can gently lift them from its surface for easier removal – leaving your furniture looking new again once the stains have been lifted from its surface.

Stacking chairs

Stacking chairs make an excellent addition to restaurant patio furniture, offering extra seating capacity while being easily stored when not required. There is an impressive variety of stacking chair styles and materials, from wood, aluminum and resin all the way through to weatherproof resin; many come with weatherproof covers to help weatherproof them in all kinds of climates and can even match benches, tables or other restaurant patio furniture for a cohesive look.

Flexible seating arrangements are key for restaurants that host various events. From being unprotected against inclement weather or needing to clear an area for private functions, stackable restaurant chairs can save your business money and help ensure a successful event. Furthermore, these chairs come in different sizes to allow more guests to dine outdoors comfortably.

Restaurant owners often struggle with finding suitable patio furniture for their businesses. Your outdoor furniture should not only be comfortable and sturdy, but should also match the design style of your establishment. When making this selection, keep space considerations in mind; for example if limited storage space exists it would be wiser to opt for lightweight chairs which can be quickly stacked away for storage purposes.

An essential factor when choosing restaurant patio furniture is price. Certain manufacturers provide price breaks when you buy in bulk, so be sure to look out for these discounts. Also important when making this decision is how much time and care will be put into maintenance and cleaning tasks; certain pieces may require more upkeep than others.

Patio chairs come in all sorts of styles, from basic plastic designs to high-end metal ones. Petite and large sizes are both available; some even feature armrests for maximum relaxation during meals. Popular restaurant patio furniture choices are made of wrought iron or cast aluminum which can withstand even extreme weather conditions.

Beer garden sets

Beer garden sets are perfect for restaurants looking to create a cozy outdoor dining experience. Chairs and tables can be arranged in various ways to suit the atmosphere of your restaurant, and even tents may be added over tables for additional shade and privacy. Furniture made of wood (spruce) features a lacquer finish to protect it from the elements, is lightweight and portable for easy transport and storage, and comes complete with genuine German Oktoberfest table and bench sets in various colors and sizes that come complete with the TioeV stamp indicating rigorous testing for design quality and design. You’ll find them both perfect for home and business use alike!

An attractive beer garden set will stand the test of time, while still looking its best with regular maintenance such as applying linseed oil and turpentine to its surface to avoid splinters while simultaneously clearing away dirt and moisture from underneath it. Re-treat your furniture every six months; however if it will be used frequently more frequent treatments may be required.

A beer garden is the ideal setting to host parties and relax with friends and family. Serve a variety of food and drinks while providing live music as the backdrop to create an enjoyable atmosphere. Just ensure there’s enough seating available and enough room to move about comfortably.

Apart from providing customers with a relaxing patio space, your bar will also require other furniture. A functional countertop that matches your restaurant’s aesthetic should also be part of this furniture. A dark color may help conceal spills while making cleaning simpler; choose an immovable material like granite as its longevity will not deteriorate quickly.