5 Types of Outdoor Patio Dining Furniture

outdoor patio dining furniture

At any backyard celebration, an outdoor dining table is essential. Take your pick between wooden, wicker and metal models until you find one that perfectly satisfies your aesthetic needs.

Large outdoor dining tables can host large dinner parties and evening cocktails, while compact designs make more efficient use of limited spaces. When selecting an outdoor table to complement the furniture on your patio or balcony, choose something with complementary colors, forms and materials so the overall effect is seamless.


Teak wood has become one of the most coveted materials used in outdoor patio dining furniture due to its natural aesthetic and durability. Not only can it withstand moisture conditions, it is also resistant to pests, fungus and mildew; therefore enduring even harsh weather conditions for decades. Teak comes from trees belonging to the Tectona Grandis species; harvested wood features beautiful grain striations that complements various decor styles while it can be sealed to maintain its prized honey-brown hue without cracking or rot damage.

Or you can let it age naturally to develop an attractive silvery-grey patina over time. Many owners also opt to treat their teak furniture regularly with teak oil to maintain its condition and extend its lifespan.

If you prefer more contemporary decor, consider opting for a table and chair set constructed from reclaimed teak sourced from demolished buildings and bridges – no trees need be planted to produce this high-quality furniture! Each piece will add character to your backyard oasis.

Teak tables and chairs feature sturdy powder-coated aluminum frames designed for heavy usage, which are then covered with weather-resistant olefin fabric strapping woven around them, giving it an iconic mid-century aesthetic. When combined, all these elements combine into a dining set that is both aesthetically pleasing and extremely practical – we offer multiple configurations so that you can find something suitable for your patio area! Teak table and chair sets are stylish choices that fit seamlessly with almost any decor style, from contemporary to traditional decor styles.


Metal outdoor dining tables provide an elegant alternative to wooden and teak options. Crafted from aluminum or stainless steel with powder-coated finishes that withstand water and UV rays, metal outdoor tables have sleek designs that fit contemporary aesthetics while being versatile enough for transitional styles – some models even include matching chairs made of the same material! Durability comes in various forms including concrete which has weather resistance properties; for example the Bridgehampton collection offers coffee tables featuring hand applied matte finishes for both style and moisture resistance.

If you prefer more classic looks, wrought iron furniture might be just what’s needed. According to Marianne Lipanovich’s Houzz article “The Best Metal Patio Furniture,” this material adds historic graciousness and sturdy enough for use with cushions (though these might absorb some of its inherent heat). Plus it’s considerably less costly than other forms of metal patio furniture while requiring minimal upkeep; though wind gusts could potentially cause it to topple over.

Aluminum furniture can be an ideal solution for areas with windy conditions. Made of malleable metal, aluminum furniture can be formed into various designs to match traditional patio decor or be given an urban-inspired edge with straight lines and industrial features. Lighter than steel, aluminum is also an easy option when moving or rearrangement is desired; however it may not be appropriate in humid climates due to brittleness at colder temperatures or corrosion from moisture exposure.


Wicker outdoor patio dining furniture provides you with the ideal way to dine alfresco whether in a sunroom or enclosed back porch. While other materials, like metal, can rust quickly over time, wicker is protected by resin coating to stay protected against rainwater and intense sunlight.

Wicker furniture is easy to care for, with water from your garden hose being enough to clean it off. Plus, it comes in various weaving styles and color choices: go for rustic brown hued pieces for an aged feel or opt for modern white pieces for an updated contemporary aesthetic.

Wicker furniture is one of the great advantages of modern living. It can easily blend in with various design styles. For example, if you have a French country table in your backyard, adding some brown wicker rocking chairs and an ottoman to complete it would look stunning. Or try setting up a breezy seaside vibe by placing one near your pool complete with matching cushions and accent pillows in cool tones – or both!

If you want a luxurious outdoor dining experience, consider purchasing a wicker patio dining set featuring a tempered glass table and six dining chairs made of high-quality wicker material. It will upgrade your space without breaking the bank; just ensure it contains high-end outdoor furniture of quality (not PVC synthetic wickers as these quickly unravel in direct sunlight and become brittle over time), especially if you live in salt water areas where salt water corrosion can shorten its lifespan and diminish its condition over time. Reapply sealant every few years to preserve its condition and extend its lifespan and extend its lifespan!


Assembling your backyard dining area requires finding tables and chairs that fit seamlessly with your decor. For a modern patio setup, glass outdoor tables with smooth surfaces and designer rippled designs add a sleek appearance that complements any area – square, rectangular and round shapes are available to meet every layout or ambiance need. Combine these pieces with contemporary outdoor chairs made of synthetic wicker or powder-coated aluminum for the perfect ensemble!

Classic wooden outdoor tables add rustic charm, while metal outdoor tables bring an industrial feel perfect for any patio. Both materials are easy to maintain, making for effortless cleaning while withstanding harsh sunlight conditions. If you prefer monochromatic color schemes, go for an all-white or black outdoor dining table, adding complementary pieces of patio furniture and accessories to complete the look.

Finding an outdoor table requires considering your intended uses and space restrictions, while considering storage needs as well. Some tables offer additional convenience with built-in drawers or shelves for added utility and convenience. Finally, decide how many guests typically dine together at mealtime as well as any unexpected visitors for your dinner parties.

Once you’ve selected an outdoor table that meets your needs, it is essential to maintain it and keep it looking its best. Cover your new furniture from rain and pollen by using patio table covers; additionally use outdoor placemats to protect dining chairs from stains or scratches while drinkware helps prevent spills.


Add cushions to your outdoor dining furniture for an inviting and comfortable seating experience, as well as to protect its frame from dirt and other debris. Choose from an array of color and fabric choices that best complement your existing decor – for instance, brightly-hued fabrics like outdoor polyester and sunbrella can draw the eye away from an otherwise nondescript metal dining set that blends in with its surroundings; while neutral tones add sophistication.

Make outdoor patio dining furniture even more comfortable by selecting swivel chairs. These take up less space than standard dining chairs and allow guests to easily get up when leaving the table, plus some models even come equipped with rocking motion for added relaxation while enjoying their meal.

Before purchasing new chair cushions to replace worn ones, first measure their dimensions. They could have become misshapen with age or never fit correctly initially – if unsure how to take measurements for measuring purposes there are videos online which show the process of doing this.

For larger outdoor areas, consider investing in a seven-piece or larger garden seating set that can seat eight people comfortably. This gives you more freedom when hosting events like parties or gatherings – these sets usually feature a dining table, four chairs and one bench that can comfortably seat large groups. Select among various table sizes and shapes such as round, hexagonal and rectangular models; plus umbrella protection to stay out of the sun and rain!