5 Types of Cool Patio Furniture

cool patio furniture

Patio furniture that stands the test of time includes high-quality materials with simple yet sophisticated designs to create an outdoor area ideal for entertaining. Look for pieces like pool lounge chairs and sectional sofas designed for relaxing, reading or sipping summery cocktails like the tropical mojito.

Teak wood stands up well against rain and sun without warping or fading with time, and is an excellent investment because of its durability, rot resistance and timeless beauty.

1. Teak

Teak wood is one of the strongest outdoor materials, naturally strong and weather resistant. Craftsmen have no trouble cutting, shaping, sanding and polishing this dense yet flexible tropical hardwood. Additionally, its natural oils repel moisture, mildew and pests. As a result, patio furniture constructed of teak will hold up well in virtually all climates year-round.

Teak furniture features a timeless style that adds classic appeal to any deck layout. Perfect for creating either modern or traditional looks, its furnishings blend in seamlessly with concrete surfaces as well as wooden surfaces for an inviting ambience in your backyard. Additionally, teak pairs well with wicker furniture, adding warmth and character.

Your teak furniture’s longevity depends on a number of factors, including its quality of wood and your maintenance methods. Sanding and sealing will help it keep its golden-brown hue while protecting it from UV rays from the sun’s UV rays; using cleaners, polishes and teak oils several times each year may also slow its aging process.

When purchasing teak furniture, it is crucial that your purchase comes from an ethical source. Demand for this wood has caused deforestation across South and Southeast Asia, disrupting ecosystems and exploiting local populations. A sustainable teak plantation is the best way to avoid this issue; Neighbor’s premium teak furniture features Grade A teak harvested responsibly from FSC-certified plantations plants; it will age to an elegant silver-gray over time.

2. Aluminum

Aluminum patio furniture offers stylish, comfortable, and functional outdoor seating solutions. Lightweight enough to easily move around, aluminum furniture is also durable enough for high winds or other weather conditions that might cause it to bend over time. Plus it tends to be more affordable than other forms of metal patio furniture!

Aluminum furniture is easy to care for, making it the ideal choice for those seeking low maintenance furnishings that won’t show signs of wear and tear quickly. A quick spray from a garden hose or wipe with damp cloth usually suffices in keeping aluminum patio furniture looking its best; plus it resists corrosion which makes it great choice in climates that can be harsh on metal furnishings.

Buyers who opt for aluminum patio furniture have plenty of choices when it comes to color and design options when selecting their style of aluminum furniture. Aluminum pieces come in both contemporary and traditional styles that can fit in with just about any decor or color scheme, though it is important to assess their outdoor living space’s needs for comfort, maintenance, climate conditions and climate adaptations when making their selection.

Some people choose to add cushions to their aluminum patio furniture for greater comfort and a touch of elegance, while others opt for leaving it uncovered for an industrial aesthetic that contrasts with its surroundings. No matter their choice, adding soft textures around hard surfaces creates warmth and coziness that’s often lacking from modern metal-only furniture designs.

3. Steel

Stainless steel outdoor furniture is heavy and strong. It withstands weather conditions like rain and wind better than materials such as wicker or resin that may experience increased wear-and-tear from these elements, thus making it one of the more long-lasting metal options available to consumers. Furthermore, its resilience makes it ideal for coastal regions where salt air may cause further corrosion to other patio furniture materials; additionally it doesn’t dent easily making it suitable for frequent usage without fear of damage to its finish or materials.

Looking for stylish stainless steel furniture options for your backyard? From bar sets and sectionals with powder-coated finishes to industrial flair in rustic or farmhouse patio settings, steel patio furniture provides plenty of choices that can bring industrial charm while still creating a contemporary appearance. It can even help create the perfect al fresco brunch spot on the balcony while entertaining large groups in style!

Aluminum furniture offers another durable yet modern option for patio seating, similar to steel. Aluminum’s robust nature can withstand various weather conditions while its combination with wood makes for an appealing aesthetic. Plus, being lighter makes moving and reconfiguring your patio easier whenever the mood strikes!

Aluminum may become susceptible to oxidation and rust over time. You can prevent this by applying weatherproof protective coatings regularly; however, bare aluminum can be hazardous on certain floors, and requires specific care in order to prevent verdigris formation.

4. IPE

Ipe, or Brazilian walnut, is an exotic hardwood widely considered one of the top choices for outdoor furniture. Naturally resistant to rot, warping and insect damage – Ipe has long been considered an exceptional material with regards to protection from weather elements – Ipe outperforms its competitors such as hickory and teak on Janka hardness scale by more than twofold and can easily be turned into beautiful patio furnishings.

IPE wood’s primary disadvantage lies in its price, which may be significantly more than other materials used for patio furniture. There are treatment options on the market which may help lower costs; it is best to seek sustainably-sourced wood certified by Forest Stewardship Council as this will be more eco-friendly.

Comparative to Ipe’s natural, untreated look, some people may prefer the color or appearance of treated teak. But many prefer Ipe for its unique natural beauty as well as how over time, it will develop subtle silver patina.

Maintain the beauty of Ipe furniture by regularly oiling it with either linseed oil or UV-resistant penetrating wood finishes, such as Jensen Outdoor’s FSC-certified Ipe, which provides an eco-friendly alternative to other wood species harvested from endangered rain forests.

Ipe wood is dense and difficult to move around, making it heavy and inconvenient for transporting patio furniture sets without wheels or casters. Extreme weather can also have an effect on this material, causing warping or cracking over time that is easily rectifiable by re-oiling its surface with oil.

5. Wicker

Wicker patio furniture is an exquisite way to express your personal aesthetic. Available in various styles and colors, you are sure to find a look to fit perfectly into your home and outdoor space. Additionally, its lightweight nature makes rearrangement easy; perfect if entertaining guests who appreciate a nice space for sitting back and enjoying fresh air!

When purchasing a wicker set, it is essential that it can withstand all weather conditions. While natural wicker furniture can be stunningly beautiful, its organic plant materials like willow, reed and rattan don’t last outdoors well enough. Instead, resin or PVC wicker is better as both types are made from recycled materials that can be woven into intricate patterns reminiscent of natural wickers without growing mold or mildew growth.

Consider purchasing a wicker set which requires minimal or no assembly when shopping, as this could indicate inferior quality. When the frame was manufactured from one piece instead of woven together at a factory. This may reduce durability by as much as half.

As important, it’s also necessary to protect wicker furniture from salt water and direct sunlight, both of which will shorten its lifespan and require you to store it indoors during inclement weather. Make sure the cushions can also be easily washed so they will continue looking their best for years.