5 Styles of Patio Furniture That Stand Up to the Elements

patio furniture

Furnishing your patio requires creating an aesthetic that stands up to the elements while fitting seamlessly with the rest of your landscape. Mixing furniture styles may be possible; the key lies in choosing an aesthetically pleasing color palette and using accessories like garden rugs to define each zone.

Patio seating options range from lounge chairs, sofas and loveseats to durable tables and dining sets for large gatherings, or intimate settings for two such as outdoor bistro sets.


Classic patio furniture brings timeless styles with a sophisticated edge into any outdoor living space, elevating its style while adding comfort. Wicker seating like that from the TK Classics River Brook collection adds elegance to your outdoor living area with two-tone walnut colored all weather wicker weaving, commercial grade aluminum frames for durability, and gently sloped backs and arms for optimal comfort.

Teak wood accents of the Summer Classics Coast collection create seaside elegance in any backyard. Premium wrought iron and powder coated finishes are ten times thicker than wet paint to withstand harsh weather conditions, making this durable material essential for those who seek long-term durability without incurring maintenance needs.

Berlin Gardens Poly Patio Furniture is handcrafted by Amish artisans in Holmes County, Ohio. Constructed from durable poly materials that are virtually splinter free and fade resistant, Berlin Gardens Poly Patio Furniture makes for eco-friendly living near seashore environments while coming complete with 5, 10, or 20 year manufacturer residential warranties for peace of mind.


Modern patio furniture allows you to enjoy your favorite activities outside in comfort and style, whether hosting backyard family summer BBQs or gathering round the fire pit on an evening chillier than usual. Or why not host happy hour for friends or collaborate on your open-air home office project.

Modern outdoor furnishings are constructed to last using durable materials such as metal, wood, and all-weather wicker – with metal often used as its core component – treated to resist rust, mildew and other forms of weathering; other modern pieces feature cutting edge technology which protects their frames and cushions against sun damage.

No matter your aesthetic preference – whether minimalist or statement-making – our vast selection of modern patio furniture has something for everyone. Choose from lounge chairs and reclining chaises designed to help you unwind all day long, multi-piece outdoor sectional sofas designed for entertaining large crowds, dining sets that accommodate multiple diners simultaneously and lounge sets perfect for relaxing between activities.

Choose a neutral palette for a sleek contemporary aesthetic or opt for vibrantly hued pieces to bring some life and character to your patio. Our outdoor decor items also add the finishing touch, such as decorative pillows, throw blankets, plants and vases – we carry everything!

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams offers modern patio furniture that fits perfectly into any lifestyle and setting, whether that means sitting, lounging, dining or fire pits. If you need help selecting pieces to meet your backyard aesthetics or creating the ultimate patio for yourself, contact one of their design experts for guidance and assistance. Furthermore, don’t forget to protect your new pieces with contemporary outdoor furniture covers designed to protect seating arrangements such as chairs and tables as well as fire pits from rainwater damage throughout the summer – keeping everything dry and ready to use all summer long.

Hotel Chic

Inspired by hotel patio furniture, this design style elevates a backyard by featuring sleek lines and angles that emphasize functionality. The result is an inviting ambiance for relaxing or entertaining in style – featuring modular pieces such as this poured concrete sectional that can be arranged in either circle or oval configuration to facilitate conversation and intimacy. An area rug provides additional color pop while lush plants give extra privacy against unwanted views.

Hotel chic takes on an even more luxurious air with luxury outdoor furniture from Italian brand Ethimo. Their designer patio collection exudes Mediterranean color that evokes distinction, serenity and glamour; combined with cutting-edge materials and manufacturing technologies for durable modern lounge sets that can withstand rigorous outdoor use.

Belgian company Skagerak follows this same approach when designing luxury patio furniture. Their motto is “Design for Generations,” and this philosophy infuses their weather-resistant woven patio collections, producing refined yet enduring designs. Their elegant teak framed patio sofas can be found adorning villa terraces and hotel poolsides across Abu Dhabi to Geneva.

Janus et Cie and Exteta also specialize in designing luxury outdoor patio furniture with environmental sustainability in mind. Both brands use eco-friendly natural woods such as FSC-certified teak, along with durable synthetic materials like reclaimed rattan or recycled milk carton plastic to produce stylish pieces that will remain fashionable for many years to come. Their sophisticated manufacturing technology and skilled designers ensure heirloom quality patio pieces which remain stylish through time.


Wrought iron furniture offers an enduring aesthetic that pairs beautifully with various outdoor and patio decor schemes. Renowned for its strength and stability, wrought iron can withstand windy areas better than lighter options due to its strength. Furthermore, when maintained through regular cleaning regimens or treatments like rust prevention or refinishing methods it remains corrosion resistant for long.

Wrought iron furniture offers many advantages for outdoor spaces; however, when selecting this type of furniture it is essential to take its weight and size into account when choosing this piece. Wrought iron furniture tends to be quite heavy which may present challenges when regularly moving or repositioning outdoor pieces or having limited storage space available. Furthermore, its large pieces may make finding suitable placement difficult in small areas or balconies with limited load-bearing capacities.

Aluminum patio furniture offers another long-term, resilient solution for your backyard or patio area. Although not as strong as wrought iron, aluminum still has excellent corrosion resistance when properly maintained through regular cleaning and treatment regimens such as rust prevention and refinishing treatments. Furthermore, lightweight aluminum is easy to move around or rearrange according to different use situations.

Palm Casual offers an extensive selection of wrought iron and aluminum furniture designed specifically for outdoor spaces, from dining tables to lounge chairs. Choose between contemporary or traditional styles. Additionally, there are multiple color and finish choices available that will add natural touches to your backyard decor scheme – including pieces featuring wood accents for added depth of character.


Consider both aesthetics and comfort when selecting patio furniture. Metal furniture can become hot in direct sunlight and be uncomfortable to sit on; adding weather-resistant fabric cushions could make these pieces much cozier.

Foam is an excellent material choice, as it supports weight without being too soft to touch. For an additional plushy effect, consider filling it with either shredded memory foam or duck and goose down feathers for additional plushiness.

A chaise lounge is an ideal way to unwind after a long day at work, providing ample relaxation time at the poolside. These long chairs have adjustable backrests so that you can find one that best supports your posture; pillows or cushions may further add coziness.

Wood patio furniture boasts a rustic charm that makes it the go-to option for those wanting to create an inviting ambiance on their porch. When sealed properly with waterproof sealant, traditional wood is durable and maintenance free; however resealing your wooden furniture might become necessary over time which could prove both time-consuming and costly.

Resin can provide a simpler style that’s easier to maintain, making it ideal for patio seating environments with limited maintenance needs. Resin is strong and weather-resistant while offering various colors and textures that match or complement patio decor. Furthermore, being lightweight reduces strain on joints when sitting outside for extended periods.