5 Comfortable Outdoor Furniture Picks You Can Pick Up at West Elm

West Elm offers an impressive selection of durable outdoor furniture solutions, perfect for entertaining guests or creating an inviting retreat in your garden.

Choose from traditional, modern or rustic styles when shopping for patio seating – select lounge chairs, sofas and sectionals made of weather-resistant materials like wood or all-weather wicker for lasting patio comfort.

Sofas & Sectionals

An outdoor couch or lounge chair can turn your backyard into a relaxing sanctuary, whether that means creating a relaxing reading nook, hosting outdoor barbecues, or hosting friends and family for drinks and refreshments. NFM offers an impressive selection of outdoor sofas and sectionals to meet any style or space requirement.

For maximum comfort and versatility in your patio furniture purchase today, look for pieces such as sectionals that provide both armrests and back support, or select a reclining sofa to enjoy while watching movies. Many of these pieces can also be combined with outdoor coffee tables or side tables to form the ideal seating configuration for backyard getaways.

If you prefer more formal outdoor dining experiences, we provide outdoor patio furniture sets featuring durable table and chair combinations. Choose from metal, reclaimed wood and teak tables – some featuring cafe designs ideal for small spaces and others with an extension table for larger gatherings.

Outdoor rockers and chaise loungers are two popular forms of patio seating available to buy individually or as sets; both pieces typically feature comfortable bases with sling-style upholstery that’s easily wipe-cleanable, and some models even boast weatherproof properties for extra protection in inclement conditions.

Add an extra special touch to your patio decor by including a stylish fire pit in your backyard. A fire pit can serve as the center piece for outdoor entertainment areas or be placed beneath a pergola to create an intimate seating nook.

Enhance your patio furniture purchase today with essentials such as accent tables and outdoor umbrellas, available in an array of colors, patterns and designs to complete your outdoor patio furniture set. We also carry decorative pillows to help complete the design of your outdoor space.

Tables & Chairs

Do you wish to transform part of the deck into an inviting reading nook, or create an outdoor dining area on the patio? Look no further; our selection of chairs and tables has everything you need! Choose lounge chairs or sofas to complement the space and style preferences in your living area, then pair them with tables for convenient dining, drinking, or simply taking in the scenery. Our collection also offers side and coffee tables to bring visual balance to any arrangement. At our shop, we carry tables made from weather-resistant materials that come in designs to complement any aesthetic–sleek modern to rustic or traditional styles. If you want something truly luxurious for your patio furniture upgrade with Berkley Jensen pieces that offer premium materials and unparalleled comfort.

At our outdoor furniture showrooms, we provide patio seating of various styles – from comfortable reclining chairs and flexible sectional sofas with customizable layouts and features, to outdoor wicker rockers and hammocks that create relaxing retreats or fun spots for kids to play. In addition, we offer sets of chairs perfect for outfitting small balconies with bistro tables and two chairs or filling an expansive backyard with extension dining tables and several matching chairs.

Outdoor tables from Patio Culture come in all shapes, sizes and finishes to perfectly complement the style of any patio. Choose between contemporary options like metal pedestal bases with glass tops for a modern aesthetic, classic wood grain with hand-applied weathered finish or teak outdoor tables whose golden hue naturally turns grey over time for a truly natural finish.

When selecting patio furniture, your home’s color palette should play an integral part of your decision making. For instance, choosing neutral-colored patio furniture would ensure that its decor blends in smoothly with its interior; similarly if your interior features bold patterns and colors then selecting furniture with those shades will create an inviting space with dynamic flair.

Fire Pits

No matter the season or time of day you choose to enjoy your patio, a fire pit table is an inviting gathering space. Cozy up with a warm cup of coffee while sharing drinks around its flames; or make the most out of an evening spent outside by taking advantage of its built-in s’mores kits and making unforgettable memories together with family and friends!

Round, square and rectangular fire pit tables come in various styles to match your existing seating arrangement. Chat height options provide a comfortable spot for conversation or sipping wine with loved ones. Some fire pit sets even include matching chairs for added convenience or Adirondack-style ottomans to provide even greater comfort and style.

Fire pits produce heat at various levels depending on their square footage, size, fuel type and BTU rating; to maximize warmth choose one which can reach 55,000 BTUs an hour.

Some fire pits may be suitable for use in humid, rainy regions; however, their burners should always be covered to protect from moisture intrusion and they should be placed several feet from any structure that could potentially catch fire. To ensure the safety of both yourself and your family, always supervise any use of any fire pit*Note: wood-burning fire pits require at least two feet clearance between any structures which might catch fire and the pit itself.

Patio Heaters

Patio heaters extend your time outside and help you take full advantage of nature even on cool evenings. Use one to sit under the stars, grill dinner on your barbecue, or just spend quality time with family and friends. Some heaters are freestanding – designed for placement anywhere on flat surfaces – while others are hanging – designed to attach directly to tables, benches, etc. For those with young children or pets that tend to move about freely indoors a hanging heater is preferable as its out of their reach; many also come equipped with safety features that shuts it off should it accidentally tip over.

Lowe’s has you covered with both gas and propane patio heater options to keep you toasty during a night of outdoor entertainment. Our Patio Heater Buying Guide will be invaluable as well as our selection of covers that can protect your investment against the elements when not being used.