4 Types of Patio Furniture Near Me

patio furniture near me

Your backyard can become an inviting haven with the right outdoor patio furniture. From simple table and chair sets to fully furnished outdoor living rooms, we offer patio furniture that meets all of your needs.

For the newest styles and models, March or April is best when stores begin unveiling summer season collections; however, great bargains can often be found during fall sales.


Teak patio furniture adds classic, refined beauty and luxury to outdoor spaces. Over time, its vibrant golden color fades to become weathered silver-gray; maintenance requirements are minimal because its natural rubber and oil content keeps moisture at bay and prevents pests from invading it. Teak wood furniture stands the test of time by standing the test of moisture exposure as well as pest infestation.

Teak outdoor furniture is an ideal choice for environments exposed to water, such as near pools or hot tubs, and climates with damp or rainy conditions, since its moisture and rot resistant qualities. Teak closeouts offer high-quality teak tables and chairs that enable you to create curated landscapes in your backyard, garden or deck – starting with main sofa that you can personalize by adding chaise lounges, corner pieces and tables that suit your seating arrangement; or select an elegant bench that looks elegant on its own or paired with side tables!

Add wooden outdoor dining chairs that coordinate with your table, or choose a set of matching chairs that lets you design an aesthetically pleasing dining room. For extra comfort, pair teak chairs with seat cushions in colors you love; for added relaxation pair them with teak bar tables and barstool so you can host casual al fresco meals or parties in this area.

Beyond classic teak patio furniture, our outdoor wooden patio furniture near Cotati, CA and Sonoma County also includes Ipe and Roble wood by Jensen Leisure sourced from sustainable forests that meet Forest Stewardship Council international standards for responsible forestry. Both materials are exceptionally durable and can withstand even extreme climate conditions ranging from scorching summer sun to cold wintry nights with ease.

Cast Aluminum

Aluminum outdoor furniture is the perfect solution for homeowners seeking attractive yet low-maintenance patio sets. The powder coating that covers aluminum resists rust and is easy to keep looking brand new – simply spray down with water from a garden hose or wipe down with damp cloth – keeping the furniture looking as good as new! Aluminum furniture also stands up well against rain, UV rays and other environmental conditions which could otherwise break down other materials – if a scratch appears it can easily be touched up using matching paint just like on a car!

Cast aluminum patio furniture sets provide a refined, classic aesthetic that works well in nearly any type of outdoor setting, whether that’s brick patio, enclosed porch, or any other. Choose from various frame designs to achieve the ideal patio look and keep costs down while protecting architectural features of your home – as they’re less expensive than wrought iron and more sturdy than tubular frame aluminum furniture!

Cast aluminum allows for intricate frame designs with more decorative details, adding elegance to your patio decor. Furthermore, its solid form enables more intricate etching details that make these pieces heavier than their hollow aluminum counterparts and will withstand windy conditions better than usual.

Apart from its aesthetic qualities, aluminum patio furniture is also easy to care for and long-lasting. Not susceptible to rusting and withstanding temperature fluctuations more effectively than steel furniture does it can even be used without cushions, though cushions would offer greater comfort.

If you decide to use cushions with your aluminum patio furniture, it is a wise idea to protect the fabric from direct sunlight by covering it with a protective cover or positioning it in an area receiving indirect light. This will extend its life and prevent it from fading or becoming moldy over time. Furthermore, keep all aluminum furniture covered when not being used so as to safeguard it against elements.

Wrought Iron

For centuries, wrought iron has been utilized in designs that combine endurance and beauty. As it is highly malleable and strong enough to form intricate patterns to add visual interest to outdoor furniture, wrought iron patio furniture has long been one of the premier choices when it comes to durability. When made properly it can last a lifetime even under heavy use conditions and severe weather. Furthermore, quality wrought iron patio furniture near me features an appealing style suitable for use anywhere – be it Central Park terrace seating overlooking lapping waves at the beach or nestled into parterre gardens in France!

Wrought iron patio furniture, like aluminum, is resistant to corrosion and rust; however, its weight makes it less popular among other materials used to construct patio sets. Wrought iron’s weight also gives it a sturdy construction that won’t easily blow over in high winds; plush cushions add an element of comfort.

When shopping for wrought iron patio furniture, look for pieces that have been hand-formed to ensure the highest quality and comfort. Full-circumference welds should then be ground and sanded to allow a smooth transition between various components of the furniture. Furthermore, quality pieces should have a powder coating which protects it against moisture damage as well as oxidation.

When purchasing wrought iron furniture, be sure to inquire about its warranty from its manufacturer. A high-quality manufacturer typically provides five or seven year guarantees on their pieces as proof that they stand behind their products.

If your existing wrought iron furniture is showing signs of wear, a fresh coat of paint could make a world of difference to its appearance. Our electrostatic powder paint process offers more durability than spray or wet coat paints; plus we offer weekly pick up/delivery across the Mid-Atlantic to get it refinished quickly!


Cushions add comfort and style to patio furniture and enhance the style of any outdoor space. Cushions also help guests stay cozy in both summer heat or the chillier temperatures of winter weather – the best cushions designed specifically for patio furniture are built to withstand all four seasons, handling rain, snow and UV rays with ease while being resistant to mold, mildew and fading for lasting durability.

If you want a comfortable outdoor chair cushion that stands up against elements and weather, polyurethane foam might be just what’s needed. Its water-repellent cover makes cleaning simple; and fabric can cover or you could opt for one with an open cell foam core which breathes quickly for faster drying times.

Consider both color and design when selecting cushion fabric. A solid hue can work seamlessly with existing decor while floral or stripe designs add visual interest. Some fabrics also boast fade, stain, and mildew resistance making maintenance much simpler.

Another way to extend the lifespan of your cushion is storing it indoors during heavy rain or snowfall, which will protect its foam from becoming saturated with moisture, shortening its lifespan. If this is not an option for you, laying them flat out in dry area will allow the moisture to drain off quicker and speed up drying times.

Your choice of fabric will also impact how long your cushion lasts. Polyester is a popular choice for outdoor cushions due to its affordability, lightweightness and resistance to fading, staining and mildew growth. Polypropylene offers style with moisture-wicking capabilities; perfect for both seat and back cushions.

If your current outdoor cushions have become worn and damaged, or you want to add new decor pieces, new sets can easily be purchased online. Many retailers provide various cushion sizes and colors; some even allow customers to personalize the pillows by adding text or logos of their own choice for an added personalised touch.